Why Do My Kids Need Sun Block Clothes For School

Do My Kids Need Sun Block Clothes For School?

Why do my kids need sun block clothes for school? With the school year starting, have you been wondering if your kids should have sun blocking clothes for school?

Protect your skin from sunburn

I agree there is a reason to be concerned. Let’s look at what we know.

Sun Block Clothing For School Days?

Sun damage is accumulative. If there a time that is longer than 20 minutes of playtime outside between 10 AM and 4 PM, yes your kids need their sun block hats, as well as their sunglasses.

Teachers have become aware of the importance of sun safety for their student’s skin. They may be more receptive to helping kids keep up with sun hats and sunglasses. Why Children Need Sunglasses

However, have you ever tried to help more than one child keep up with this kind of thing? Maybe a suggestion from you will be accepted to have 2 shorter breaks for the younger kids, instead of a 1 longer one.

That may be a better choice than having hats and sunglasses in the schoolroom and on the playground.

Sunscreen For School? What Do You Think?

Sunscreen is recommended to be used every day.

However, you have to reapply often to keep your skin safe. So until your kids can handle this for themselves, the application that you do in the morning before school will be gone, by 10 AM.

If they have playtime before 10 AM, they should be OK for one playtime, unless of course the playtime is extended over after 10 AM. So this causes me to question how much sunscreen helps on school days.

Do your kids get an extra long playtime while at school? Each school has its own guidelines for recess or playtime.

Sun Block Clothes

Sun block clothes will offer extra protection for their skin when your child is in the sun.

And here I go again, questioning all those people who think sunscreen is good for kids in the classroom, but-.

Normal clothing does a fair job of blocking the sun from your skin unless you are in the sun for longer periods of time. If there is a field trip that will have your child in the sun most of the day, a sun block shirt will be a good extra layer of sun protection for your child.

So maybe in this situation, a long sleeve lightweight hoody might be a good investment. The trick here is if your child will wear it. With our grandkids, I notice that when they get hot, off come the layers.

Even with all my research about how to protect our skin, and our families skin, I still have questions. I am sure you do. You really have a dilemma if you have realized that your kids’ risk is higher for serious sunburn.

Suggestions For Parents And School

A meeting of the minds for kids in school and the amount of sun exposure that they get would be an important step. 10 or 15 minutes outside break can be healthy, even for the kids with a high sun risk.

However, 20 or 30 minutes can be dangerous for these same kids. The sun exposure in school will add up just as the exposure by the pool or at the beach. Just because the exposure occurred at school, it is not always safe exposure.

There has been little regard through the years for taking care of kids’ skin from the school officials. Often they are overwhelmed and need the reminder of you a concerned parent. This is not a throw-away subject. It needs to be paid attention to.

Few schools in Texas offer shade. This is important and needs to be addressed. You as a parent have more influence than me, a grandmother. Consider the Parent Teacher organizations. They are always raising monies for playground equipment. Raising funds for planting trees, and the shades that are available for playgrounds is important.

Think about what you can do. It is your child’s skin. Help protect them from skin cancer.

Whew, Do I Need To Change The School System?

I do agree that this seems a bit more than you wanted when looking at protecting your child’s skin from the sun. It does seem a bit much, but you can start with some requests for improvements in what there is to work with.

Just ask about how long outside playtimes are and the supervision. When your child or any child in the school’s care begins to show the flushed face of too much sun, intervention is important to keep that little one safe. You know how much sun your child can handle, but often others don’t.

We have had unconcerned mindsets about young children and time outside. Those attitudes are full of faults, and we as parents and responsible adults must become aware of how much sun our younger children are exposed to. We are the ones who must raise the level of awareness of the sun and its dangers for our children.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On Why Do My Kids Need Sun Block Clothes For School?

I think that sun block clothes are a part of what our kids need for school. There are occasions when they will be exposed to more sun than usual. And more than is healthy for their skin. Skin Cancer Prevention

But for most days the normal shirts they wear will keep their skin healthy. I don’t think that the girls should wear sun tops. That puts their shoulders and chest front and necks at risk should the playtime last longer.

So for little girls, they need full tee shirt coverage. Not for extreme modesty’s sake, but for skin protection from the sun. No tanks for boys or girls;

A “special” sun block shirt for events that will have your children outside could help. When there is a higher risk of longer exposure times to the sun, a “special” shirt might help.

Wearing a sun hat is important as well when there is a chance of a longer time for fun in the sun.

A sturdy fabric hat is a better choice for school.

Something that can be washed and worn. In a schoolyard setting a brightly colored straw sun block hat will draw attention to the fact that your child has the hat.

I can see it being tossed and pulled about now. An army green would be less eye catching and not call out to the students who are not wearing one. As plain a hat as possible will have your child’s teachers helping your youngster keep up with the hat.

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