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Why Children Need Sunglasses

Babies need sunglasses to protect their eyes

The reasons Why Children Need Sunglasses are really very simple.  However, many parents think that protective sunglasses are not that important for kids.  They think about the fact that they probably didn’t wear them when they were young.  “It was good enough for me, it is good enough for my kids.”    Here are 5 reasons to make you think about changing some ideas.

Ignoring our kid’s eyes is like many health practices we grew up with.  They just don’t hold true to what science shows. There are many reasons to make sure your kids are protecting their eyes.  And this protection should start at a very young age if you take your children out, even in the car.

Your young children’s eyes allow 70% more of the direct sun’s rays through than adults will.  These kids eyes are still developing.  The eyes of young children need time to be ready to do a better job of self-protection.

This list will help make you more aware.  Helping you become aware of the danger too much sun can bring is the goal of this writer, and hopefully, you will be more aware after reading this article.

Reason # 1 Less Natural Protection

In my mind, these reasons are common sense, not actual big news items.  As my awareness of how much damage the sun can do and how quickly it can happen grows, I know that I really was not on top of my protection game for my young kids.  This leaves me no choice but to be the first to admit to a lack of awareness while my kids were young.  

When kids are young their eyes are not fully developed and don’t have the blinking self-protective reaction when the sun shines in their eyes.  You must help them to have time to fully develop their eyes and allow them to mature without too much sun exposure. Make sure you have some kind of sun protection to deflect direct rays from your little one’s eyes.  

With Babies, there are soft stretchy cords to help hold the sunglasses in place.  Your young kids benefit from this protection during any exposure to the sun.  They are still developing their eye tissues and have so little natural protection that it is important to stay alert. 

Don’t forget the part that a thinner Ozone layer plays in all of this.  Sunglasses for babies is not a statement saying you are a fashion-conscious parent or over possessed with buying cute things for your child.  You are protecting their eyes.  If your child wears sunglasses when they are young, it will be easier for them to continue to wear them as they get older.  When they are out in the sun more.

Reason # 2 Eye Cells Do Not Reproduce Themselves

The cells of the lens of your eye are never replaced.  Unlike other parts of the body, you get one chance with your eyes. 

The proteins of the lens in our eyes are never replenished. Your lens can’t repair itself.   The damage that accumulates over your lifetime is what you live with.  Kids who wear sunglasses when they are younger will have less damage to their eyes.  This adds up to less damage for later on in life.

Getting the sunglasses habit going early in life is important in the world we raise kids in today.  Your maturing Children Need Sunglasses and the protection for their eyes.

Reason #3 More Danger For Kids Under10

There is so little natural protection for kids under 10, you as a parent have to be the one who is there to help protect their eyes.  They will be growing and developing more of their natural protection as the years pass, but until they are 10 or so years old their eyes are not considered mature.  

Whey they are younger, your children are outdoors much more than adults. The results of this fact alone makes it more likely that over 1/2 of their lifetime exposure to the sun will happen before they turn 20.  During this time of being outdoors, our kids look up much more than adults do. It is just a reactive part of their play and their interest in the world around them.     

In our part of the world, very bright sunlight that is reflected off sand, snow, water or the pavement can cause immediate damage to your kid’s cornea.  This only builds more each time you are exposed.  Your kids need to learn early to be aware of sun danger. The danger during the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM grows in the spring, summer, and fall.  

There is little to warn you that their eyes are so vulnerable.   As we didn’t have the extra concern when we were youSun danger in the winter

Parents in colder parts of the world and those who spend time out in the winter should review this link information


This is a situation I want to help with. I want to help you become aware of how you can protect you and your family from the sun.   To help you be aware of the dangers for your eyes that show up when there is little or no protection.

As your child sees you being careful and showing concern for his eyes as he is growing up, he will know how important it is to take care of himself.  Young kids are more interested in having fun.   They don’t know how important their eyes are. You have to help them protect their eyesight.  Make yourself aware.

Reason #4 Kids Are Not Aware

You as the parent have a big responsibility to help your kids become aware of the dangers of the sun.  Awareness should include a special emphasis on eye protection.  Your children need sunglasses.  The sun can do a great deal of damage to a child’s eyes and skin. 

Right now we are talking about eyes.  I was unaware of the dangers to my child’s eyes.  Did you know? That is why 

Just as we guide them in the wearing of seatbelts, not touching hot stoves, washing their hands, we must help them to understand.  Children can be taught about wearing sunglasses. Which means they will need sunglasses.

If your child’s eyes get too much sun, unless it is severe, they won’t feel the pain as they do when the skin gets sunburned. The warning signs are not so obvious.  Awareness is your help here. Help your child and your family become aware.  Sun Protective Clothing For Bab

Reason # 5 Sun Damage Is Cumulative

The long-term effect of sunburn on our eyes is cumulative.   Your eye damage is not completely reversible.   Cataracts and macular degeneration, and melanomas in your old age probably start in your childhood. 

Hats only protect from the overhead sun.  They do little when your exposure is to reflection of UV rays from water, sand or even concrete.   Think about the area around the tennis courts.   

However, wide brimmed hats, sun blocking shirts and sunglasses remain the basic neccessities to add to your sunscreen.  Protection from above is better than no protection.  Your awareness will serve you well.

With the ozone depletion occurring as much as 12 per cent per year in parts of the world, your children are at greater risk of UV damage.  That risk was not there when we were growing up.  With much greater risks, you must protect your children’s eyes just as you protect your own.  With some awareness of Why Children Need Sunglasses will become a part of your family’s sun protection.  

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