Skin Cancer Prevention

Sunburn: What Is It?

Is skin cancer prevention causing you to change your family outdoor times?

The global warming, the results of manmade factors has been accelerating in recent years. A group of leading scientists, including Dr James Hansen, widely considered the first person to raisse awareness on climate change, have issued a warning. This warning states that the effects of global warming could come quicker and at a far bigger impact than originally thought. 

The more I study and research this business of skin cancer prevention the more I am aware that climate change is affecting how we are going to have to take care of our skin in the future. All aspects of our life will feel some of the change, but caring for your skin is going to become very different.

We will need to change our thinking. Move to a place where we realize that we will need to consider protecting our skin as a necessary part of our overall health program.

Different Mindset Needed

To change from the mindset that “skin cancer prevention is just a big push to make us, the buying public consider a way to keep our skin from ageing.”

“This protecting my skin is really not important to me! I will always be young and carefree. My cousin is older than me and has not had any problems from getting sunburned.”

Yes, you will be young and carefree for a few years. However, the past does have a way of catching up with you. If you have reached the time in your life when your past is catching up, pay attention. It is time to get your skin cancer prevention started. We all must do this.

Age Slower

We will have to protect our skin, using sunscreens and sun blocking clothing to be able to safely enjoy outside time. This is quickly becoming a safety issue.

We have considered protecting ourselves from sunburn as something we know we should do for so long, and getting by with not doing anything while we are younger.

It can be hard to change to considering skin protection something we have to do. At least it will be a tough change for a short while. The care is more of a mindset than an actual difficult event. You just have to form some better for your skin habits. Better habits will result in skin protection from the sun. Healthy skin will help you live a healthier life.

If your body is covered in skin cancers you will be subject to more infection of your skin. Unhealthy skin can no longer protect you as it was designed to do.

What Your Skin Can Do

Your skin is a stable but flexible outer covering that acts as a barrier. It works as a body bag for living your life safely. For protecting your body from harmful things in the outside world.

Yes, that is also part of your skin’s assignment. Your skin protects you from all excess moisture. From the cold. UV sun rays. Add to that is how your skin protects you from germs and toxic substances. You need your skin to remain healthy so you can live and be healthy.

So as you think of the necessity for your skin to have more attention to its care and protection, don’t panic. Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be alarming. Unless, of course, you choose to ignore it.

Awareness will go along way towards allowing you to get your act together and get a good skincare program in place. The awareness will go a long way with your changes to take better care of your skin. As you learn to work with your skin and keep it protected and healthy.

Where To Start

Sun blocking clothing is where you start in building overall awareness for protecting your skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Remember, repeated sunburn is the major cause of skin cancer.

A hat with a wide brim. Your sunglasses. A long-sleeved shirt. Pants. The basics we all have in our closet. Spending hours in our swimsuits laying on the beach in the sun or playing on the beach are not safe. Please hear me, these are not safe ways for your to spend your time. Don’t allow your children to spend long hours in the sun without protective clothing.

Yes, you will need to add a sunscreen that contains only zinc oxide to your skin. It needs to happen every day that you will be walking from your house to your car. Driving to work. Riding to work. Your skin on your face, neck, and ears must be protected. Your arms, your hands. Any exposed skin to sunlight of any kind. Indirect can also damage your skin in the world that we are living in as the climate changes occur.

Super Awareness

You will need to stay aware of how long you have been in the sun. If your lifestyle has shown you that you tend to forget about your skin in the sun limits. (by leaving you with sunburned skin) You can use your smartwatch or phone to set the timer so that you know when it has been two hours. It is time to reapply your sunscreen and reset device.

Keep up with how long you or your children have been in the sun. Keep hats, shirts and pants on over swimsuits. When you get out of the water, give yourself a 10-minute air-dry time and put on your sun blocking clothing. This is the new normal. Do it. We have to make some changes in our mindset.

Your sunscreen must be a Broad Spectrum and have an SPF of 30 to 50. Anything less than 30 has little protection. The SPF 50 is as high as protection is possible to have. To buy one that has more than a 50 SPF is a wasted effort. The 50 SPF means the sun is completely blocked, assuming you have used the product correctly.

Zinc Oxide

At 50 SPF surmising you have used enough product to cover your skin well, you are blocking all the sun. Sometimes the products marked with a higher SPF may think they have developed a better product. Maybe one formula will last on you longer than others.


  • Broad Spectrum
  • SPF of 30 -Use a Zink Oxide product to avoid cancer-causing additives.
  • Reapply every 2 hours or after being in the water or sweating a lot
  • Read “use by” guidelines. This is considered a medication and has expiration dates as over the counter medications do.

Our suggestion is to start now. Began to make some changes so that you are already ahead of the curve on skin cancer prevention

For One Year and Under- Babies

For your babies less than a year old- 15 minutes of sun is more than enough. Get them back in or under a shade. Watch and make sure they are not out long enough to sunburn.  

Some dermatologists think that no sun is better. It is hard to limit exposure. Keep your baby covered with sun blocking clothing. Under a shade of some kind.

A child under 1-year-old is still developing their skin. They do not need direct sun. There will be enough indirect sun for them to stay healthy. Keep sunscreen off your child’s skin until they are one year old, then only use zinc oxide on their skin Why We Need Sunscreen

Sunscreen Chemical Buildup In Your Body This article will give you some facts about the danger of sunscreen use and which products to look for.

As Your Kids Grow

As your kids grow up, they soon began to come in and out of the house on their own more. They are in and out of the sun quite often. These kids do need to use sunscreen daily. Help them use only a zinc oxide product.

I know that this kind of watch over your children seems excessive, after all, your folks didn’t do all this!

I know, however, remember that you had more of the ozone layer protection than kids have now. Next year there will be even less. Even with the thicker ozone layer, you still managed to sunburn more than one time. Now there will be more sunburn, and it will be happening quicker.

You will need to set some good examples for your kids to follow. It will be better for your skin and set good habits for them.

  • Sunscreen: At the beach, zinc oxide-only sun protection is much more important than SPF numbers. An SPF 15 to 20 applied every two-three hours is fine. For everyday wear, apply once a day.
  • Anti-oxidants: You may also brew a green tea spray to spritz them with as they race by. The polyphenols in green tea provide excellent sun protection. Pour 1-quart boiling water over 3-4 green tea bags, let steep, then refrigerate. Pour into a spray bottle before using.
  • Sun Blocking Clothing: Hats, clothing, shade, parasols, umbrellas at the beach.
Basics To Start With For Males

Are you surprised that the ADA reports show that men between the ages of 13 to 39 are more than twice as likely to die of melanoma? That is 2 times more likely when compared to their female peers.

The reason that dermatologists suspect causes the males to have twice as many cases of skin cancer as females? A reluctance to wear sunscreen is part of the problem.

So, men, please get used to wearing sunscreen. This is important; the sunscreen formula for everyone should be a zinc oxide product. We all should use a zinc oxide sunscreen, every single day.

The Rest Of The Story About Sunscreen

Sunscreen! Of course, there is always “the rest of the story.” A 15-year study done in Denmark of 5,000 Danish men with an average age of 19 revealed that only 25% had a healthy sperm count.

As this was a bit of a surprise to the research team. The one common factor was sunscreen use. Probably due to the young age and the fact that the Danish are not exposed to as much sun as the counterparts in a country with more hours of direct sunlight in a typical day. They are more faithful about sunscreen use.

As a result of this study, one of the major researchers in this study suggested not using sunscreen.

Professor Jorgensen, one of the researchers, goes so far as to tell men not to wear sunscreen. He is referring to the chemical sunscreens. The sunscreens with ingredients like oxybenzone that disrupt hormones. I am sure even he wouldn’t object to a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. More studies in other countries and age groups would give a more complete picture.

The article Sunscreen Chemical Buildup In Your Body will give you information about other studies. Read your sunscreen labels. Replace with the zinc oxide product. Be proactive with your skin cancer prevention.

Ageing skin

Are you a bit older? Or is your skin beginning to show the sun exposure? All that fun you have had in the sun?

These are your main lines of protecting your skin.

  • Sunscreen
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. These common-sense measures will get you started in taking care of your skin and protecting it from skin cancer. The hot sun between 10 AM and 4 PM is relentless. Don’t fall victim.
  1. Zinc oxide is your sunscreen.
  2. Remember the measurement for the suns rays to protect against skin cancer
  3. UVB~burning. blistering
  4. UVA ~ ageing. The very long wavelength of the UVA rays, in particular, are associated with ageing changes to your skin such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.
  5. This is the range where zinc oxide comes through with its protective abilities. For best protection wear every day. Full Spectrum with an SPF of 30-50 according to how light your skin is.
Just A Bit More Information

I know how long we have been allowing the sun to destroy our skin from overexposure. I also know that it is time to stand up and be counted. Get you family on a better road to protection.

Make yourself aware of what you can do. Then set the example of doing the best you can to take care of yourself. Help your family as they build their habits for skin cancer prevention.

Sami’s Take On Skin Cancer Prevention

We have long been neglegent about taking care of our skin. We must do a better job for ourselves and our families. With losing our Ozone layer, the sun gets to our skin sooner when we are outside. At one time the Ozone filtered out most of the dangerous sun’s rays, but no longer.

Make awareness your new motto. Help your family stay safe.

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