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Which Are The Best Sun Blocking Clothing Colors

intense or deep color range that is important for absorbing the suns’ rays and keeping them from you skin. Blue and black are considered the most protective colors

Have you wondered which are the best sun blocking clothing colors? Does it really matter what color the clothes are that I wear to keep from sunburning?

Color chart from the early 1900's showing colors to remind us of the different tones and hues color can be found in to chose the safer ones for our sun blocking clothing.

These colors on this chart show the intense or deep color range that is important for absorbing the suns’ rays and keeping them from you skin. Blue and black are considered the most protective colors

The yellow is the only color that would be considered iffy for sun protection. On this chart it was needed to show the color formulas. However, it is a deep yellow, and would offer a good bit of protection, more than pale yellow or white.

The deeper colors absorb the suns’ rays and hold them to keep them from your skin. The suns’ rays are energy, and when absorbed will creat heat while they are absorbed and the energy expended. This is the energy that will cause sunburn.

This is why your sun blocking clothing should be loose fitting. The heated air produced but absorbing the suns’ rays need to be able to get away from your body. Loose fit allows the heat to escape. Tight fitting keeps the heat near your body, making you sweat and get too warm to be comfortable.

How Deep Colors Protect Your Skin

Remmber, the suns’ rays are full of Ultra Violet energy. This energy will absorb into your skin when your skin is exposed. Your skin can handle only a small bit of the total energy from the rays. The extra will case sunburn and skin damage.

This is what we are protecting ourselves from. The damage from the suns’ rays.

Of course a loosely woven fabric would let the sun through so would not be safe in any color.

The fabric is more important than the color. However, it is easier to appreciate the color than a tightly woven fabric. The color is most often the most appreciated factor when shopping for a new garment for your closet.

If you don’t want to wear black all the time, your skin can be protected when wearing a deep red shirt or a deep green shirt. The deeper the color the better it protects when making choices that are from regular clothing stores.

When shopping in UPF stores, you have the choice in lighter colors. In fact when you get tired of wearing dark denim to protect your skin from sunburn, the UPF rated fabric is the best choice.

Sun blocking clothing with all the special methods of weaving and blends of fabrics, rated with UPF will give you a wider choice of clothing that may be easier to wear in the hotter times of the year. Convience and comfort is worth a lot when it is hot and humid.

Denim, protects you well from the sun as long as it is kind of new and does not have worn spots and is still dark, not faded so much. Even the lighter colors of denim work well because the denim fabric is to tightly woven. However, at the warmer time of year, denim can get miserably warm.

Now what are the least protecting colors?

Use of umbrellas will help protect you from the sun

What Colors Block Ultraviolet Rays?

The colors work with the fabric chosen to keep your skin safe. Together, they can do a good job of keeping out the Ultra Violet Rays. Using an umbrella is a new thing for me, at last for the sun. We have always called them rain umbrellas, and used the when raining. Now, I know better.

Umbrellas have been added to my sun blocking tool box.

In my world I am more focused on the everyday events that make up my lifestyle. By making a few adjustments in my daily living, I can avoid getting too much sun.

You may be in a different spot in your life. Do you work outside? Are you an avid runner? Or golfer? If so you are outside a lot more than I am. You will need to keep your lifestyle in mind when deciding on how much sun protection you need.

If you have been using sunscreen and not paying attention to UPF or sun blocking clothing? Are you happy with the protection sunscreen has been giving your skin? Or do you want to get away from the need to stop several times a day and reapplying sunscreen all over your body?

Clothing is so much easier to stay protected with. Adding a little sunscreen to your face along because of the reflections of the suns’ rays is easier than having to apply from your face on down.

Is it your habit to dress to be cool, and ignore the sun you get and think a tan is cool? Ignoring your skin will soon catch up with you. A life style that involves too much sun on your skin can make you look older than you should.

Sun Blocking Clothing Colors

Making a few adjustments in your lifestyle can pay many dividends for your skin health. Paying attention to the suggestions of keeping your body covered when in the sun is a small adjustment. Chooseing the less sun intense time of the day, from 10 AM to 4 PM, to be out in the direct sun.

Wearing a sun hat is not just a fun thing to do, it is important to your skin safety.

Remember your sunglasses when leaving the house. You sun hat and sunglasses are the 2 most important parts of your efforts to protect your skin from the sun. They require very little effort.

Wear your sun blocking shirt. Now with sunglasses, sun hat and sun blocking shirt, your are ready to take better care of your skin.

How the best clothing color choices to protect you from the sun can help keep your skin safe from sun damage

Sami’s Take On “Which Are The Best Sun Blocking Clothes Colors?”

Finding all those wrinkles and freckles in the mirror is a shock. While I am old enough to have some wrinkles, what I see in the mirror is defiantly more than normal aging.

A life time of living in a sunny climate, loving being outdoors, and not protecting my skin have caught up with me. I would like to save you that reality. Help you keep the healthy skin you started with.

Pay attention to the colors you are wearing in the sun. Do they reflect the rays back to your face? Even UPF rated clothing will reflect the suns’ rays. Are you riding in the car with light-colored shirts on during the direct sun times of day? Change to a looser fitting deeper colored shirt.

If you are going to insist on wearing the light colors, make sure your sunscreen is in place and reapplied often. The fabric may not allow the sun to penetrate toyour skin, but the color will reflect the suns rays to your face, and neck.

I get it, you are used to wearing lighter colors in the summer. If you don’t want to change the colors you are wearing, add sunscreen with frequent reapplication and you should be protected. Are you sure you are applying enough sunscreen?

Your decisions will tell the story as time passes for how your skin is being protected from skin cancer.

Do you have any secrets you can share for keep our skin safe? Please add in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my journey for a healthier skin,


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