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Best Clothing Color Choices To Protect You From The Sun

Best clothing color choices to protect you from the sun gives you a guide to manage building your sun protection wardrove, The deeper colors of the color wheel show you what to look for as the content gives you ideas on what fabrics are better.

The best clothing color choices to protect you from the sun help build better sun protection for your skin. If you are shopping from your closet, not a UPF store, color can make your garment choice even more important.

Color wheel to help you find the best clothing colors to protect you from the sun.

Looking at the outside color blocks of the wheel above, you will see the best colors. Dark, deep shades of all the colors. The best single color is navy blue, according to a study in Spain 20 or so years ago.

If shopping from a UPF store, the fabric is less important. All UPF has a level of ability to block the sun within the production process.

However, if the fabric is less sun protecting, navy blue will not be the best color. Getting all factors working in your favor is important in sun protection.

You can do a better job of choosing the clothing that will protect you from the sun if you consider color. However, color is not as important as the fabric when making these choices.

If relying on items from your closet, color can play an important part of increasing the protection from your clothing.

We will use the words ‘sun blocking shirt’ often as shirts cover a large portion of the trunk of your body. When you get sun exposure, and your upper body is bare or covered with a shirt fabric that allows the sun through the weave holes in the fabric, sunburn and skin damage will often follow.

Let’s look at a quick review of fabric to to increase your awareness of how to better protect your skin from the sun with clothing.

What Makes Material Block UV Rays?

Color can be a strong ally when protecting your skin from sun damage. However, a material choice can also make a huge difference.

The weave of the material is very important. When the weave is ‘tight’ and there are no pin holes when looking at the sun, the sun can’t get through to you. Think about how tight denim is woven. Unless the fabric is beginning to wear, and have weak spots the sun can’t get through.

The yarn used in weaving the fabric matters too. Cotton is good when it isn’t bleached to make it accept color. At that point, color becomes important. Navy blue dye can go into unbleached cotton and make the cotton even more sun safe.

Some of the treatments to get the more popular look, can cause weak spots in the fabric, will not give as much protection.

Cotton is better when added to a man-made yarn like polyester. Man made yarns are usually good for sun blocking unless woven too loosely. If you have a sweater that is cotton and polyester, but is loosely woven, you will not be as protected. A tighter woven material will protect better.

Your old favorite often washed white tee shirt will not protect you like a newer shirt in a deeper color. However, any protection is better than no protection. Look at the labels to find out what fabrics you have in your closet. Make better decisions.

Color chart to help visualize best colors for blocking the sun

Basics Of Your Sun Blocking Tool Box

Above all, cover your skin from the sun. Remember to cover your head. Sun hats are an important part of your skin protection summer and winter. Start building your sun blocking tool box.

Too often we overlook the importance of sunglasses and sun hats. They are the basics of skin protection. Think about it, the sun hits your head and face and neck first! And sadly, this is where skin cancer most often occurs.

Your sunglasses and sun hat should be at the top of your list. Darker colors will absorb the UV rays and make you warmer. This is true for sun hats or sun shirts. So a lighter color hat will be cooler to wear, but not protect as well as a darker color.

How do you work with what you have if it isn’t the best choice? You are going to have to compensate with sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen can help the rays a lighter color may allow to bounce around,

It may be cooler to wear the lighter color hat, but won’t it be hotter when you start adding the sunscreen? These are choices you have to make for yourself.

Remember the weave for fabric, this holds true for hat fabric as well. Straw tightly woven can do a good job of sun protection. Pay attention to the fabric, color and brim of your sun hat. Those are the features that are important for skin protection.

Again, any color sun hat is better than no sun hat! Unprotected skin in the sun is not a safe way to spend the day. Ball caps are not as safe as sun hats with a brim. However, they are better than nothing. Be sure to remember sunscreen when wearing a ball cap.

darker colors are the best clothing color choices to protect from the sun

Color Can Help Clothes Block The Suns Rays

Yes, color can help clothes block the suns rays. If you haven’t invested in a UPF wardrobe to protect you from the sun, this suggestions will make your skin safer in the sun.

If you have high risk of skin cancer, as I do, it is time to get a bit aggressive for protecting your skin. You have probably lived a lifetime of being careless with your skin and sun exposure.

UPF clothing comes with a protection rate that will help you keep your skin safe from the sun. A 30 to 50 is recommended by my dermatologist. However, I have found the UPF clothing expensive for me, and what I am comfortable spending for everyday around the house

So, I have spent time finding out how to improve what I have for skin protection. I am in the sun more in my everyday life than in the special going somewhere times. You probably have a different lifestyle. Take a few minutes and consider when you will need sun protection.

Then make decisions on clothing with what is important for you in mind.

Using the knowledge of the advantage deep darker colors offer, I have built a decent closet of items to protect my skin. Shirts that are tightly woven, loose-fitting, and easy to care for. My sun hat and sunglasses are always at the ready. Even in the fall and winter, central Texas has some tuff sun days.

If I win the lottery and sail off to some island in the sun, maybe then I can have a full UPF closet. Until them using information about the fabric and the color will be my go-to.

How the best clothing color choices to protect you from the sun can help keep your skin safe from sun damage

Sami’s Tale On “Best Clothing Color Choices To Protect Me From The Sun”

As I have a high risk for skin cancer, protection from the sun has become a necessity for me to find out about.

I have had skin cancers removed. Am I skin cancer free? Maybe for right now I am. Will I be able to stay that way? Only time will tell.

It will all depend on how careful I am in avoiding too much sun exposure. How much is too much for me? Over 15 to 20 minutes in the fall and winter, 10 to 15 in the spring and summer. This gives my body time to make a little vitiman d, without being in the skin cancer danger zone.

Have you found your risk level? Skin cancer usually starts with a sunburn.

Use your color awareness to add to a better fabric choice for your time in the sun. Keep yourself covered and safe from the sun.

Do you have some hints to share with us on this journey to protect our skin from the sun? Please share in the comment section below.

Thanks, Sami

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