What Is The “Worst Color” To Wear In Direct Sun?

So, What is the “Worst Color” To Wear In Direct Sun?

White shirts and sun protection

With summer on the way What Is The “Worst Color” To Wear In The Sun?

It is always fun to change seasonal wardrobes. Even those of us who live here in the sunny part of central Texas want a change of some kind.

I do get kind of bored with the denim that makes up the most of my wardrobe. Adding another color for the season can offer a bit of refresh. Then, some summertime whites that I enjoy.

Remember back in the early years of my learning to keep house and manage a family, we still loved startched white shirts! That makes me shudder now, I am sorry to say. Our fabrics are more friendly now.

So when I pull out my summer tops and shirts I know that the white shirt will get some wear.

Our social life tends to include casual get together with family and friends. I know that we aren’t going to be out in the hotter hours of the day to have lunch. By then we are hunting shade and cool.

So wearing something that attracts heat is really not what I want to do. Avoiding my favorite deeper colors is a better option unless I have my sun blocking clothing. Then I can have a darker shirt or top.

That has been a motivating factor for me. The sheer discomfort of the heat. The heat can kill the fun for many of us.

Too much time in the heat and sun can make you feel exhausted. With the extra sweat, the heat can also make you feel exhausted. All reasons we want to wear cooler colors.

Should I Wear Black In The Sun?

Let’s think about this wearing black in the summer for a minute. Why is it not amount the recommended colors? Black does make me look thinner!

There is pretty common knowledge from experience that wearing black in the summer is a bad idea. Even so, I do find myself reaching for the black tees or tops when getting ready to attend social events. Habit? Self-torture?

The fact is that wearing black during the summertime is guaranteed to make you feel run down and hot!

This happens because our black clothing is known to absorb more heat. This is a scientific fact that black absorbs more heat just because it is black.

If you’re absorbing that heat, you’re going to feel sweaty, sluggish, and overall just not as good as you would like. This will put a damper on your day or night out.

If you decide to wear black in the summer can increase the chances of problems like heatstroke! So if you’re out in the sun and heat for too long you could be asking for problems. (Mayo Clinic reports) 

Black Is A Bad Color For Summer Hats?

Black is only bad if you are outside in the direct sun. Like sitting watching my grandson’s ball games.

You will not feel cool and fresh dressed in black sun hats, shirts and tops. Remember the sun will shine on your torose first, well after it reaches your head. You might be able to make black jeans or darker jeans work alright.

Wearing lighter colors is a much better idea.

However, there is another simple trick to being comfortable in the summer. You also want to avoid colors that are too light.

Gray is known to be the “least forgiving” color to wear during the summer.

And the reason for the issues with gray? Light or dark gray shirts or even dresses show the most sweat stains during the summertime months.

No one wants to be out with family or friends taking pictures and get tagged in a photo with huge, wet sweat stains on your shirt! 

So Here We Are With White!

The best color for the summer? White. This light and breezy shade doesn’t showcase sweat or cause you to overheat Win!

You know now that black attracts and holds heat. So not a great choice for summer times wear.

Grey, even light grey has that nasty little secret of creating ugly sweat marks where fabric turns damp when you sweat.

Even with other favorite colors when your armpits sweat, it will likely show. White is the best at keeping your sweating secrets. Since you’re going to be hot anyway, you might as well hide what you can!

Sweat! Really?

Your body uses sweat to regulate your body’s internal temperature.

Sweat is a way for your body to regulate its internal temperature. I read one time that another way to say “You Sweat?”:

“This is a way for your body to get rid of surplus heat. By releasing these water molecules through your skin, and then their evaporation?

This allows the excess heat energy you have acquired to leave your skin.

The more you sweat, the more of your surplus heat energy you will dispose of.

As a result, sweating followed by instantaneous evaporation of these water molecules results in you feeling cooler.

Think about why we see tribes in the deserts from all over the world wearing those black robes. They will sweat more, allowing heat energy that will be absorbed very quickly by the environment.

Remember we are talking about desert countries. It may have seemed counterintuitive at first. However, all this comes down to is simple thermodynamics!

So White Is Perferred?

White has been a summer favorite forever! It does reflect the sunlight. That means less to make you hot.

Finding a white that is thick enough or tightly woven enough to prevent the sun from shining through? The fabric was so thick and stiff it was not soft and cool.

Man-made fabrics are usually sunproof. They aren’t cool either! As so many advances are being made in the sun blocking fabric the manufacturers are making things easier.

The specially treated fabrics that now makeup so many garments to keep your skin safe in the sun are also cooler to wear.

With the ability to have comfortable white or light color hews you can feel cool and comfortable in your whites, knowing that they are easy care to care for as well.

You can also find deeply colored garments that are cooler due to how they are made with vents under the arms, down the back, and netting inserts to allow the air to flow better. Lots of specialty techniques for your comfort.

However, remember, you will stay cooler in lighter colors. They just don’t have to be white. Moisture-wicking fabrics will help you stay cool, and dry the sweat quicker.

Is UPF Marked Clothing Worth The Cost?

As I consider the comfort factor, I am changing my mind about the cost of the garments that do protect you from the sun. They are a specialty garment and having a couple or three in my wardrobe makes sense.

It is time for me to begin to build a skin-protecting wardrobe. I have already pushed the limits for what is safe for my skin.

I think you will be surprised as you began to build a sun blocking wardrobe. The quality and feel of the fabrics used will help protect your skin while keeping your skin safe.

We can’t expect sunscreen to always be protecting your skin. Help out with some trendy well made skin-protecting items. They are available online and in many stores. Brouse by and see what you think.

After your sun hat and a good pair of sunglasses, a loose-fitting long sleeve shirt is the next important item. Protect yourself.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin

Sami’s Take On What Is The “Worst Color” To Wear In The Sun?

So the worst color? Darker deeper colors. The darker the color, the hotter the garment. Blacks, navy, browns, all deep shades of any color are hotter in the sun.

Then that color with the ugly secret? Greys! Light and dark grey. They show sweaty spots because the wet sweaty spot will show up darker! Besides being hot, you will have sweaty armpits!

If selfies are a part of your life-forget greys.

Think about starting your sun blocking wardrobe. Keeping your skin safe is worth it.

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