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How Rit SunGuard Protective Laundry Aid Works

Let Rit SunGuard work with the clothing in your closet to protect you from the sun.

Sun Guard Laundry Protective Sun Guard

Do you know how Rit SunGuard protective laundry aid works to offer enhanced UV protection?

Sun Guard adds an extra layer of defense against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. This is particularly crucial for families. Children all the way to senior citizens are vernable to too much sun.

This extra protection comes from the reflectors the product leaves in the threads of the fabric. This process softens and plumps the fabric to make it more resistant to the sun.

Take your old work favorite long-sleeve loosely-fitting shirt with a collar, and add Rit SunGuard to the laundry process and you will have better sun protection for about 20 trips to the laundry. The product will wash away, slowly, but offers better protection for your skin.

Children and senior citizens are more sensitive and susceptible to sunburns and skin damage, according to

By wearing Sun Guard-treated clothing, they can reduce the risk of sunburns and long-term skin issues caused by UV exposure.

Now that we know that this product offers protection for all ages, let’s find out how to put SunGuard to work for us.

Convient and Easy To Use

One of the best things about Rit SunGuard is its convenience and ease of use.
Sun Guard works by adding an additional layer of ultraviolet (UV) protection to the fabric. This enhances its ability to block and absorb harmful UV rays from the sun.

This process helps increase the fabric’s Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), which is a measure of how effectively the fabric shields the skin from UV radiation.

Now let’s peel the layers apart and understand how this product works with the fabric to improve your UV protection.

Bright sun calls for Rit SunGuard Protective Laundry aid to improve your clothings UPF

UV Absorbing Properties

Sun Guard contains UV-absorbing agents that are designed to penetrate the fibers of the fabric.

These agents are specifically formulated to absorb and neutralize a portion of the incoming UV radiation before it reaches the skin.

When the fabric is laundered in Sun Guard the UV-absorbing agents chemically bond with the fibers.

This bonding process ensures that the UV protection remains effective even after multiple washes.

When sunlight-containing UV rays interact with the treated fabric, the UV-absorbing agents in Sun Guard absorb a significant portion of the UV radiation.

This absorption prevents a large portion of UV rays from passing through the fabric and reaching the wearer’s skin.

In addition to absorbing UV radiation, Sun Guard-treated fabric can also scatter and reflect some of the incoming UV rays away from the body.

This scattering and reflecting action further contributes to reducing UV exposure. This combination of factors increases the UPF of the garment.

Combination of Actions Increases UPF

By absorbing, scattering, and reflecting UV radiation, Sun Guard effectively increases the fabric’s UPF.

UPF indicates the fabric’s ability to block both UVA and UVB rays, providing a higher level of protection than untreated fabrics.

The UV protection provided by Sun Guard is durable and remains effective even after repeated washes. This is due to the chemical bonding of the UV-absorbing agents to the fabric.

This bonding action ensures the enhanced UPF remains over time.

Treating clothing with Sun Guard is a simple and efficient way to provide UV protection.

Families and senior citizens can easily integrate this into their daily routines.

This easy treatment ensures that our loved ones are shielded from the sun’s harmful rays without having to rely solely on sunscreen application.

This brings to mind the fact that just because you have sun blocking clothing on, you can forget sunscreen. You will still need to protect your skin that is not covered with clothing. Your face, even with a sun blocking wide brim hat. Sunscreen slows the aging that happens with too much sun.

Skies like there call for Rit Sun Guard protective Laundry Aid to turn you norml clothing into UpF clothing.

Long-Lasting Protection

Sun Guard-treated clothing retains its UV protection properties even after multiple washes. Your children’s clothes, even normal clothing will do a better job of protecting their skin.

This is beneficial for families, as parents can trust that their children’s clothing will maintain its effectiveness and keep their skin safe during outdoor activities.

For senior citizens, this means they can enjoy extended protection without frequent reapplication. As seniors don’t outgrow their clothing like children, Sun Guard offers those favorite shirts a longer life of protection.

Using clothing and covering your skin can help prevent sunburn, which is one of the things that is recommended by SkinCancer.Org as an important marker for skin cancer.

SunGuard Can Be Applied To A Variety Of Clothing

As this product is so versatile and such a simple application, Sun Guard can be applied to a variety of clothing items. This provides sun blocking clothing for families and senior citizens.

Being able to enjoy UV protection for all our activities keeps our skin safer. Avoiding sunburn should be our first priority with skin protection.

Whether it’s for daily outdoor errands, leisurely walks, gardening, or more formal occasions, Sun Guard-treated clothing offers flexibility and coverage for various activities.

From your favorite teeshirt to your woven fabric clothing, adding the boost of SunGuard gives extra protection for those days of fun in the sun.

Added Comfort

Sun Guard-treated clothing is designed to provide UV protection while remaining lightweight and breathable.

This ensures that all family members can enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

As sun blocking clothing is usually more expensive due to the extra steps required to make the fabric block the sun, it is more economical to use the clothing you already have, for general use.

Save the purchasing of special clothing for vacations or other times we like to treat ourselves. Everyone likes something new along. The styling and fabric choices of readymade sun protective clothing are usually top quality.

So, while SunGuard is cost-effective, we should also plan some purchases to get a sun blocking wardrobe started for our family members.

Even here in sunny central Texas, our skin needs protection from the sun year-round. Remembering to use sunscreen on our faces and covering the rest of us will give us a better chance of avoiding skin cancer.

Using Rit SunGuard will allow you to protect your skin for less cost than a new wardrobe of all sun blocking clothing.

Preventive Health Measure

For senior citizens, with a higher risk of skin-related health issues, using Sun Guard-treated clothing acts as a proactive step in maintaining your overall skin safety.

Often seniors have had previous sun exposure, and just the fact that they are older puts them at higher risk for sun-damaged skin.

Preventing sunburns and skin damage contributes to better skin health and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

We can have peace of mind knowing that we are taking proactive measures.

This reassurance allows us to enjoy outdoor activities and quality time together without unnecessary worry.

Sami’s take on How Rit SunGuard Protective Laundry Aid Works

Using Sun Guard-treated clothing offers everyone who loves being outdoors a practical, long-lasting, and convenient way to safeguard their skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

It promotes outdoor enjoyment while prioritizing health and well-being.
When using Sun Guard to help add UPF to your clothing, how does SunGuard work with the fabric to increase the fabric?

Even with sun blocking clothing, common sense in protecting your skin from the sun is important. Spending too many hours in the sun will increase your body’s risk for heat stroke and sunburn.

Even with sunscreen and sun-protective clothing avoid the sun between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM during the more dangerous times of the year. Plan to get out early in the mornings, or later in the afternoons for safer fun in the sun.

Remember to apply sunscreen daily to help slow down aging.

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