Do You Wear Sunscreen Under UPF Clothing?

To protect our skin from sun burn
Sun Blocking Clothing Before SPF

Do you wear sunscreen under UPF Clothing?  This question came to mind as I was thinking about protecting our skin from the sun.   We all want the benefit of protecting our bodies from too much sun. With new technology and research findings, what is the best way we can protect ourselves?

So if wearing the UPF clothing will offer this protection, and let me just concentrate on sunscreen for my face?  This is what makes a quality UPF long-sleeved shirt so worth the cost. No more reapplying through the day!

Using sunscreen by itself and having to reapply all through the day leaves your skin venerable unless you are very conscious of time passing and how to properly apply your sunscreen. Staying on your toes, reapplying often seems easy enough, but in reality, rarely happens for us. 

The customer service people with Coolibar tell me that not having to deal with sunscreen is just one of the reasons people keep buying their products.  I for one would love to skip that step throughout the day.  I am not diligent about applying once a day, but all day long?  Give me a break.

And apparently, that is exactly what the Coolibar manufacturing process has done for its customers. 

Will We Continue To Expose Our Skin To The Sun?

Have you begun to make that mental shift that we all must make about time in the sun?  About tanned skin? Wanting to allow our skin to darken as it tries to protect itself from the harmful rays?  Remember how hard it is to stop the slight time in the sun before the sunburn begins to show up? 

Will you take control of the health of your skin?  Or will you allow sunscreen companies with their extremely tanned models to be our guide for how we want our skin to look? 

The whole concept of a healthy tan may still be what is in your mental picture of the whole tanning idea.  This link to the now grown-up who did the modelling as a toddler for the Coppertone Baby ad and the sales pitch is interesting.  It shows her all grown up and makes you know it is an outdated idea for taking care of our skin. Update of Coppertone Baby

What You Can Expect From UPF Clothing

When you see the UPF rating when shopping for clothing, you should expect a quality product that will protect your skin from the sun.  However, as in most things that promise a lot, you do have to do your research. 

I am checking the Coolibar website almost daily. This Alustrailain company has established an excellent reputation for its Logo and  UPF fabrics.  (I am not an affiliate for Coolibar).  I do think the company is working hare to stand behind its products and bring reliability to the UPF garment market.

The company is getting a great rating from me for helping me understand their products and company policies. I want to share what I learn.  It takes a while to dig through their information, so want to save you that time.

I want you to feel comfortable getting your family ready for fun in the sun. When you think about being able to keep extra products off your child’s arms and bodies, how easy would a UPF long sleeve shirt and long pants be?  

Remember how the sand stuck to your kids’ arms and legs with sunscreen? I like the idea of our little ones having the benefit of sun protection by slipping on a long sleeve shirt. I am glad to see new Moms are being warned about the dangers of too much sun for themselves and their families.

I will continue to roam the websites of other UPF manufacturers and share the information to give you a wider platform to purchase garments to protect your family.

Sun Protection For Everyday Life

When you see pictures or advertisements of UPF or sun blocking clothing it is usually around the beach and vacation time.  In our life we need sun blocking clothing every day;  

Yes, we have shade, but it takes the sun for the garden to grow. To tend the garden, you are in the sun.  Hot direct sun even early in the morning when you live in central Texas.  Our days are also humid.  So having clothing that protects your head, the trunk of your body, your arms.  Fabric that can wick away moisture from your skin surface is more comfortable.

Yes, we know that tightly woven fabrics will do a better job of protecting our skin than the tank top that seems so much cooler. Think denim and khaki shirts, oversized to allow airflow through.  This dilemma is one we face every day, and sometimes choices are not the best.  Even though you remember the sunscreen, it is so sticky.  

The idea of a sun blocking shirt seems so much better.  Keeping the sun off your body is so important.  The shirts that have long sleeves and wick the moisture away should help.  The shirts that keep the sun off and keep you comfortable will make gardening time more enjoyable.

Hours In The Car

The hours most people who live in Central Texas spend in their vehicles is always a surprise.  We who choose to live in this part of the world also choose longer drive times.  We know this going into the game will be an hours drive somewhere, and could be longer. 

An hour in the car with a hot direct sun overhead.  Protecting yourself in your vehicle is a must.  Yes, we do have tinted windows, and that helps.  However, with the size of windows in our vehicles, again remembering the way the Ozone layer is going away, we are exposed to the sun.  

Yes, I know that in the late forties and fifties, when women were first driving so much is what historians consider the times that hats disappeared from the daily wardrobe.  

The driving times have caused our skin to be exposed to the Ultraviolet rays of the sun and age more. I haven’t been putting on sunscreen before getting in the car.  Have you?  Another of the small changes women can make to protect their skin.

Another reason to develop the habit of applying sunscreen in the morning whether you plan to be out or not.  Habits that help you protect yourself.  Those are the ones I want to add to my daily list.  Have I?  Not yet, but it still isn’t too late. 

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