Sunburn And Climate Change

Do you have sunburn and climate change on your radar? Not on mine either. It seems we sunburn quicker now than when I was young, or when my kids were young.

I had not realized that our Ozone layer was disappearing! To be honest I had forgotten what the ozone layer did!

Now you have your reasons for helping increase awareness about the global warming that is occurring. I know that we should all be more aware of our lifestyles and what we can do to help with this ongoing effort.

As I researched and find out more about how this global warming is sneaking up on us, I am aware of changes we must make.

Your Fun Day In The Sun

Regardless of where your fun day in the sun is spent, you should take extra precautions. Our thinning Ozone layer isn’t able to protect us as it did just a few years ago. This protective layer we

once had and didn’t appreciate is disappearing. The first bit we lost wasn’t missed. We didn’t even know we needed it.

NASA claims that global temperatures have risen more than 1 degree Fahrenheit in just 2015. Before that, it had taken a year to increase by 1.4 degrees from 1880 to 2014. That is 134 years.

One plus degree in just one year! That is a huge rise. If this heating continues a bit year by year causing the Ozone layer to dissolve and no longer be able to protect us.

This will leave us risking sunburn on our skin and the resulting skin cancer from repeated exposures. You have to stop taking it for granted that you can get out one more time without any lasting problems You can’t. Don’t risk one more sunburn. Sunburn and climate change will require changing some habits.

Careless Lifestyles

Our careless habits are leading to the depletion of the protective layer in the stratosphere known as the Ozone that has been our magic umbrella. Helping to shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays that the sun produces.

What about this layer, the one we know as the Ozone layer? This means that the time you can be in the direct sun before suffering from sunburn will be reduced. You must improve your skin’s sun protection.

You need good sunscreen use habits. Automate Skin Protection Then make yourself aware of how well a layer of clothing between you and the sun will help to protect your skin.

To Sum Up This Information

As this depletion of the ozone layer continues, we are losing the protective layer in the stratosphere. The one that offered us some protection. The Ozone absorbed and deflected a good bit of the radiation produced by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

This leaves us humans living on the earth without this important part of the protection package. There are more harmful rays reaching the earth’s surface.

You can no longer forget to apply sunscreens. Nor can you forget to grab your wide-brimmed hat or the long sleeves.

That extra layer that has been there so long is gone. When you were a kid it protected you. It isn’t there like it was. You are on your own.

Do you have questions about sunburn or climate changes

Adding Insult To Injury

Now with the Ozone layer disappearing the earth is getting hotter. We are acting like humans. The world is warmer, so we are dressing differently.

Adapting our way of dressing to the increased heat seems reasonable. We are wearing fewer layers. Those collars on our shirts or having long sleeves are not so important either. We wear shorter pants.

Summertime activities take place outside in the sun. Near the water if possible. With changing work patterns, you are depending on other forms of exercise to meet your health and fitness goals.

The trend is to marathons, cross-country events, or anything outdoors. So many new kinds of fun outdoor activities. Our families find that the activities that interest us are most often outside, regardless of the season and outside temperature.

Just because it is cold outside, that doesn’t give you a pass on skin sun protection. If the sun is shining, it can produce ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn.

Political Statements

Spokesmen for our government leaders claim that our contribution to the problems of the disappearing Ozone layer decreased.

Developing 3rd world felt they needed to do what they were doing to improve their economies. They were not as interested in slowing what they see as develping because of the Ozone.

So much of the world depends on the US to lead the way in taking care of our climate. This is what makes agreements like the Paris Agreement so important.

Without the presence of the United States to help prevent the warming of the earth, more people will disregard this important part of a better life moving forward. We will be faced with changing how we protect our skin sooner than I realized.

When I see what has happened in the skin cancer world, I realize we have little choice as we are moving forward We must protect our skin.

How Sunburn And Climate Change Equals Skin Damage

Now that you understand that the Ozone layer is disappearing, let’s think a bit about what you can do for yourself and your family. Do you plan to stay indoors all the time?

I didn’t think so, me either. I know that learning about sun blocking clothing was a bit intimidating at first. Like all good quality clothing, it is often more expensive, for starters.

There are some choices in a more moderate price range, but I was concerned about trying to get all our little kids into sun blocking clothing too. We are learning about how to find what we need for our younger kids.

Aloe Vera leaf sliced across to show the area get the gel from for skin sunburned in loss of ozone

How Should You Treat Your Sunburn?

Your sunburns usually won’t last forever. The peeling of your skin. The pain and redness that happens with sunburn are usually healed in a week or maybe in worse cases, it will take 2 weeks.

Usually, your skin will be a bit tanner when the pain is gone and you heal. However, sunburns can cause some serious damage to your skin that will set you up for skin cancer.

Unfortunately, getting another sunburn or the kind of sunburn that makes the blisters can increase your chances of skin cancer even more.

Did I know this when I developed blisters? No, I didn’t. I don’t remember it happening often. But one time is one too many.

Research supports that more than 90% of all skin cancers are found on the parts of your body that are most exposed to the sun. That means usually your face, neck, ears, arms, and hands.

Then we have the damage that causes premature skin aging. Those lovely lines in your skin that make the skin sag.

The sun will destroy healthy DNA in your skin. This is the skin cancer-causing ultraviolet B rays that cause sunburn. Ultraviolet A causes premature aging.

Caution Should Be Used

Young athletes are at risk in this disappearing Ozone. They are at risk as this natural protection is weakening. Sunburn is common when our youngsters are involved in organized sports outdoors.

Whether it is football, baseball, soccer, or golf. Lots of others as well like biking and water sports. The sun is a constant.

The danger for youngsters is repeated exposure. This results in long hours in the sun. Remember to watch for the heat generated as well. That is also dangerous for kids.

When you reach the blister kind of sunburn, you should take care to avoid infection in blister areas when the blisters pop. These blisters can be itchy and painful. When this happens, you know that you have received 2nd-degree burns in that area.

Results Of Sunburn

Unfortunately, you can’t undo a sunburn. Once done it is permanent. You may not experience a real noticeable change with the new skin that you will have, but it is less sun-resistant with every sunburn or long sun exposure. You have weakened your skin.

Make your skin feel better, and make the area affected look healthier by using products that are formulated for sunburned skin. They will help you heal with more comfort.

Important To Heal

It is important to help your skin heal. You will need to apply topical products to help.

Avoid products with alcohol as they will irritate and cause the damaged area to feel it is burning. These can cause discomfort and slow healing.

Don’t use petroleum or oil-based products as they could trap the heat and irritate your skin.

Make sure you use a product for burns. These products are usually a cream formula. Alvera jell squeezed from the leaf is well known in our part of the world. Probably not all that common for others.

However, there are many products specially formulated for your sunburn. One of these would make a good first aid basic for your home.

Sunburn or Climate change

Sami’s Take on Sunburn or Climate Change

Drink lots of fluids. Keep yourself hydrated for quicker healing. This really is a serious injury. Help yourself heal.

At this point, you can’t actually remove all risks of skin cancer from the sunburned area. You can help your skin heal. There are products made for healing the skin after sunburn.

Take care of yourself. Don’t ignore or invite a sunburn. Protect yourself with sunscreens and sun blocking clothing. Seek the shade. How will sunburn and climate change be for you going forward?

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