Can UPF Clothing Make My Nasal Spray Melatonin Tan Last?

Can UPF clothing make my nasal spray melatonin tan last longer? If you are still determined to tan, do you know how to make the tan last? How to keep your skin healthy?

Showing off your tan on the beach should be done safely . Sun Blocking clothing can help make your Nasal spray  melanotomim tan last

Can UPF Clothing Make My Melatonin Nasal Spray Tan Last?

I know, you love that tan. There is little in the world more important than your appearance when you are young.

As a Grandmother, I find it difficult to understand. When I was young, it made perfect sense.

So when I noticed an ad for a nasal spray that would give you a tan, I had to check it out. Needless to say, the surprise is a very inadequate word to describe how I feel about the idea of a nasal spray that will tan without being in the sun?

How can that be? So this story caused me to have more questions. After some research into the FDA and knowing how far behind the department is on research, I felt less comfortable with the whole idea. So I will not be doing any trials of this product on my own.

However, if you are using this or any other kind of fake tan process, sun blocking clothing should be your first go-to for protecting your skin from the real sun, just like someone with no tan.

Fake tans will not protect you from the sun.

Your skin must be protected after using these different forms of tan just as you should be careful of untanned skin in the sun. Your skin will still sunburn if overexposed to the sun. If you are using nasal spray for your tan protecting your tanned skin is very important.

Do You Know About Your Risks?

This is risky business, using fake tans or allowing your skin to tan in the sun. The biggest risk is that people feel they that as they are tan already, the do not have to protect their skin. A tan is not protection against the suns dangers. You can sunburn, even with a tan!

Using sun blocking clothing can help you keep your tan longer so that you do not have to use the products so often. When you sunburn, your tan will not only be unattractive, it will peel away quicker! You will be miserable as well. Protect your skin .

Keeping your skin safe is the first thing to consider when you want your tan to last.

Sun blocking clothing will help you stay safer if out in the sun a bit longer than you realized.

Risks From Using A Nasal Spray Tan

Most dermatologists say that people should stay away from nasal tanning sprays as there has not been a thorough rigorous safety testing.

As well, there are some huge red flags with how some product directions are faulty. Some of the brands encourage the user to use tanning booths or actual out in the sun exposure to tan faster.

“Encouraging deliberate sun exposure, or tanning bed use is a big ‘no’ response from my dermatologist!”

UV rays from a tanning bed or the natural UV from the sun increase the risk of skin cancer. This kind of exposure to the sun will also promote faster aging of your skin. No one wants that! Do you want your skin to look older faster?

Also, the misconception that a ‘base tan’ can protect you from getting burned? That is not true. Even those with a deep tan can sunburn if exposed to too much sun.

It doesn’t matter if you use a nasal spray or tan in the sun. Either one can be a sign of DNA damage. DNA damage can increase your risk of skin cancer, as well as premature aging in a very few short years.

What Is A “Nasal Spray” Tan?

Dr. Whitney Bowe (ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROFESSOR | Dermatology Mount Siani, NY) had a report about tanning with a nasal spray:

 “Unfortunately, nasal sprays that promote tanning ‘from within’ simply don’t have enough science demonstrating safety for me to get behind them,” she says.

“When you stimulate melanin production, you are basically tickling and stimulating your melanin-producing cells, called melanocytes, to pump out pigment.”

Theoretically, you could actually overstimulate one of those cells in such a way that it actually encourages a tumor to form, such as melanoma.”

These melanocytes are the same cells that produce tumors for melanoma.

The big risk with nasal tanning sprays? Right now we simply don’t know a lot about them. This makes using tanning sprays potentially harmful.

Yes, they have been shown to help some people get a more natural-looking tan. However, it can be argued that we do have safer alternatives for people to use.

Dr. Bowe also brings to my attention some concerns about how the nasal tanning mist formula is administered:

“The mucous membranes in your nose allow the formula to absorb into the bloodstream and puts you at risk for systemic side effects.”

Is Nasal Tanning Spray Bad For You?

The products to make the fake spray-on or rub on tans do contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

The tan is produced because the formula reacts with the top layer of your skin to change its color.

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (UK) found that fake tan products containing DHA have not been identified as a health risk. However, they will continue monitoring the evidence.

As the nasal tan products appeal to younger customers, the true damage has not had time to materialzie.

Side-effects from using the nasal tanning mist can include darkened skin, increased moles and freckles. Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, flushing of the face, involuntary stretching, and yawning are also side effects for some.

Causing your skin to develop darker freckles and moles is a risk as moles are often the first awareness of new tumor growth.

There have also been many cases of really dark skin discolorations reported as well. While these may not be dangerous side-effects. These discolorations can become unsightly with the continuing use of a tanning mist.

This discoloration is your body reacting to artificial stimulation of skin cell production. The effects can’t be controlled.

The other issue is the unwarranted confidence that you won’t sunburn because you have a tan. This faulty rummer continues to put people in danger in the sun. Just because you have a tan does not mean you won’t sunburn.

Protecting your skin is still important.

According to the sources I have found:

In the US, nasal sprays are illigal. Illigal to buy and sell. However, in the UK, your can’t sell them but can buy them.

This leads to the question of how much you trust the manufacter to use quality products, and maintain standards of production. Not having a regulation to help guide and regulate a product leaves lots of questions for me.

With unregulated products, it is difficult to give a true result with each batch ordered.

If the product is manufactured out of the US, I would really be unaware of the true ingredients I am “sniffing into my system.”

This is something that we need to be aware of when purchasing products from other countries. Be sure you are unaware of the standards of the manufactoring country.

Tanning is an addiction. We are all learning how dangerous this addiction can be. We need to protect and shield our bodies from the sun, not try to be browner.

For very fair-skinned people getting a tan is often a difficult thing to realize. That dream of being tan seems impossible to have. So if you get a tan, how long will it last?

How Long Does A Tan Last?

The life of a tan depends on many things. What are your natural skin tones? Do you tan easily? Or is it difficult for you to get a tan?

Did your have your skin exfoliated well before starting to tan? Starting to tan on well exfoliated skin is important. Keeping your skin healthy and the dead skin cells from collecting helps your skin look good. With a tan, it is very important.

Is your tan a natural tan or is it a fake tan? If your tan is a natural healthy tan from days of careful timing and moisturizing and sunscreening, you will probably get a bit longer.

Consider that your skin normally sheds and regenerates millions of cells every day. This leaves the average time you can expect from a tan is only around 7-10 days.

Should you continue to add to the tan by tanning every other day or so all summer, of course you will have tan all the time, and the tan may be deeper.

You will have all new skin by the end of summer anyhow. So even if you stay tan by repeating the exposure often, you will slowly loose it in the winter. You will loose it once you quit working on maintaining the tan.

A tan isn’t permanent.

“Our skin is very intelligent,” says Millward. “If it has been burnt it will start to repair the damage by creating new cells as fast as possible and shedding the damaged ones before they can turn cancerous. This is when the skin peels and you actually lose your tan faster.”

So can UPF Clothing make my nasal spray melantoin tan last?

Building A Better Sun Blocking Lifestyle

Learning to take better care of my skin has been difficult. It seems I have a certain level of protection I will try for. Then I just get lazy. Sliding backwards in protection and prearing for safer in the sun time.

Wearing my sun blocking hats outdoors has been a basic step for me. Now that I am doing it more often, it is getting easier. I look for my sun hat before leaving the house to go out and work in the yard.

Grabbing my sunglasses has long been a habit, but is an obsession now. Knowing that I have a history of so many hours of bright sunshine with no wide brimmed hat to help makes me know that the sunglasses and sun hat are musts, everytime.

If you want to keep your nasal spray tan, wearing sun blocking shirts that are loose fitting and have long sleeves will help keep your skin healthy.

Keeping your skin moisturized and protected from sunburn will help keep the tanned skin you are getting from flaking and being brushed away too quickley. I had not considered that a tan will only last until those tan skin cells die, and are washed or flaked away.

By keeping your skin moisturized, you prevent dry skin that will allow the process to happen faster. Eating a healthy diet and drinking enough water are two other ways to keep the tan skin healthier. This will help make your tan last longer.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin when using a tanning nasal mist.
Sami’s Take On Can UPF Clothing Make My Nasal Spray Melatonin Tan Last?

The addiction for a tan is hard to kick. If you are determined to have a tan, protect your skin. Use moisturizers and sunscreen with a wide spectrum and SPF of at least 30.

Exfoliating is the step most miss when they start tanning. If you are going to work hard and put your skin through the trials of tanning, please do so wisely.

We don’t live in the old days with a thick Ozone layer to protect us when we are out in the sun. We live in a time of more UV Rays getting to your skin. Have a plan.

Plan how much time each day you will be in the sun. If you are using a nasal stray for tanning, a few minutes will be enough. Don’t push your skins limits.

Making the risk for skin cancer higher than it is naturally is not a wise move.

Be aware of the time you are in the sun.

Have realistic goals for the darkness of your tan. The harder you push the boundaries of what’s safe for your skin, the more you are risking skin cancer.

Having some attractive UVP (sun blocking) clothing will protect your skin and look good as well. A sun hat, your sunglasses, a long sleeve loose fitting shirt or beach cover will help you limit the damage you are doing to your skin.

Take breaks in the shade, limit midday sun exposure, and drink lots of water.

So much trouble for an tan 7 to 9 days?

Had you rather have skin cancer? The choice is yours.

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