Do You Know How Long UPF Clothing Lasts?

Do You Know How Long UPF Clothing Lasts? Will it wear out in a hurry?

help protect your skin from the sun

So, do you know how long UPF clothing lasts? This may seem to some an unimportant question. However, when you shop for clothing that will block the sun, you realize that this special clothing is a bit more expensive. Is it worth the extra cost?

Hello, I’m Sami Williams, and I have been in the battle against skin cancer for over four decades. My struggles, marked by the frustrations of recurring skin issues and the challenges of less-than-desirable surgical outcomes, have fueled a passion for sun safety that extends through generations.

What Does UPF Clothing Do

For those of us who have sun-sensitive skin, the sun’s rays can cause some serious problems.

Some people prefer high-SPF sunscreen, like a broad spectrum with a 50 SPF rating. Then some others might rather cover up with clothing. With what you have in the closet, you may find that covering up will be easy. But this option can also prove hot in the summertime.

We do fine in the cooler months of the year with our denim and heavier-weight clothing. However, when it gets summertime, I find it difficult to be out in the hot sun when I am wearing my heavy denim shirt- even if it is a loose-fitting one.

There is a new option now available for us. In the stores, and online those of us who need to be especially careful can make other choices.

Those of us who sunburn easily have a different route we can go now. Some garments have fabric that has extra sun protection. This is for protecting your skin from the ultraviolet sun rays that cause sunburn.

Ultra Protection Factor as an added treatment to fabric to protect your skin is an added layer of protection. If your skin burns easily, you will be able to add clothing to your sunscreen protection and stay safer.

What Are The Most Important Parts Of A Sun Blocking Wardrobe?

Starting with a wide-brim sun hat that is from a tight weave fabric, or has an extra finish to make the fabric sunproof should be your first purchase.

A straw hat will work great if it is a tight weave. Hold the hat up to a light. Can you see pinprick holes where the fibers cross?

If you can see the sun, the sun can see you! A sun hat with a tight weave is a better choice.

Your sunglasses are your 2nd sun blocking wardrobe piece. A wrap-a-round style or oversized lens that sits close to your face is the best choice for sun blocking.

A tightly woven long-sleeve shirt that fits loosely is the best choice for a shirt. You should also have a collar to help your wide-brim sun hat take care of your neck. Loose fit to allow the air to move around your body.

Protecting yourself from the sun is a common sense thing. But it is important to your overall health. Your skin health is worth making a few changes for.

A table of information that tells you the amount of sun protection in UPF garments.

UPF Is The Name For Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

Australia is the first country to come up with a way to measure and set the measurements that we use to make sure customers are getting the protection they need, and what they are paying for.

Getting the rating set so that people felt secure in the protection factors of the clothing that was designed to protect them from the sun has helped make this UPF clothing more popular, even if they are a bit more expensive.

The assurance that you or your family member can wear these garments and be assured of protection from the sun is important. If you have to work out in the hottest of temperatures through the summertime, this will make your skin survive in better shape.

You can protect your skin from sunburn. Wearing your sun hat, sunglasses, and long-sleeved loose-fitting shirt will help protect your skin from the sun. Adding sunscreen on the parts of you that are exposed is important. Your shirt can’t protect what it cannot cover.

You should add loose-fitting lightweight UPF long pants. Gloves on your hands are another part of your sun blocking wardrobe. Taking breaks as much as you can is important.

For Those Who Work In Outside In The Sun

Your body is under stress if you are working in hot sunny conditions. Drink lots of water, and take breaks in the shade. Stay covered in UPF clothing or broad-spectrum sunscreen with a USP of 50.

Don’t work outside alone. Someone needs to watch to make sure you don’t get too much sun.

This sun blocking solution of specially made clothing adds a new layer of protection against the summer rays.

Getting To How Long UPF Clothing Will Protect You? How Long Will UPF Last?

SPF is the rating used to rate how sunscreen or cosmetics can protect your skin. SPF stands for sun protection factor.

The rating that is used for clothing or wearables is measured with UPF or ultraviolet protection factor.

Just like SPF, sun-protective clothing uses numbers to grade the effectiveness of UVA and UVB blocks. These numbers range from 15, (anything lower than 15 really isn’t considered offering any protection) to 50+. (is the highest at this time.)

The rating is typically based on the:

Content ( cotton, polyester, rayon, linen, etc)

Weight (how thick the thread it is woven from is)

Color (yes, color is important)

Construction of the fabric,(how tightly the fabric is woven) and

How much UV can penetrate the garment?

Clothes made using a short stitch and dense fiber offer more protection. These garments will wear longer as well, as the fabric is tougher.

Some manufacturers also pre-treat with a UV-inhibiting finish that adds to the UPF rating.

One More Bit Of Information About UPF Clothing And How Long It Lasts

Most dermatologists recommend clothing with a UPF of 50. This allows only two percent of UV rays to penetrate clothing. You will be blocking 98% of the dangerous sun’s rays.

For comparison your white cotton t-shirt has a UPF of five to eight, according to how often it has been washed.

Just to clarify, all clothing options, even those items hanging in your closet will offer sun protection, at least to some extent. Clothing that offers more coverage will better protect your skin from the sun.

Most of what we wear in the summer is made with lighter fabrics and looser weaves, and often we expose more skin to the sun. Sometimes those things from our closet are not able to provide as much coverage.

Specially-made UPF clothing has a close stitch, and proper fabric, and is chemically treated with protective agents. A UPF rating that allows you to have more control over the sun protection for your skin.

However, during the hot summer months, you don’t want to wear thick clothing that will make you feel even warmer. Choose a synthetic fabric that reflects UV light, like nylon or polyester. 

Your darker colors will protect your skin from UV rays better than lighter colors. In UPF clothing, specially formulated dyes increase the UPF rating.

Sun-savvy audit Sun Guard Laundry Protective Sun Guard

How Long Does UPF Last?

Just like sunscreen, the protection for your skin when you use this clothing will wear off after some use.

UPF clothing lasts approximately 30 to 40 washes. This means that with regular use, the clothing should last you for about one year.

Most manufacturers of UPF clothing consider their clothing to have a life of 2 years. After this length of time, there will be wear on the fiber itself.

As the fiber is worn and washed, the fabric becomes less stable and the protection is less complete. Some clothing is woven tight enough that there’s no finish needed to provide protection.

It is important to read the label and follow the instructions for things like washing and drying. Some garments will need to wash in cool, hang dry. some in warm and tumble, or any combination thereof. This is important.

There is a booster that you can add when your garment gets some wear or you are trying to extend the life of the garment.

For an extra boost, laundry detergents with UPF protectants are coming on the market and can be used to extend the life of UPF clothes.

You can wash your regular clothing with this detergent and get good protection for your skin. Tee shirts are good for this treatment and give good results.

If you have kids who outgrow their clothing like my grandson does, being able to wash all his tee-shirts in this product will treat his shirts for the summer. Rite, the company that makes Dye products has one of these that has had great results. It is clothing brighter.

This is supposed to last 20 washes. That can help keep skin protected.

Is UPF Clothing Enough Protection? Or Do I Still Need Sunscreen?

My dermatologist recommends doing as much as you can to protect your skin from the sun.

UPF clothing is a great start and should be worn along with sunscreen. Your wide-brimmed hat will protect your face, neck, and other exposed areas.

However, there will be reflections on your face. Reflections from the water, cement, streets, snow, painted surfaces. In a sunny area like we have here in central Texas, your face needs additional protection.

Your hat protects you from the sun overhead, but not the bounce-back reflections. Apply sunscreen to your face, ears, neck, and nose.

A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is said to block about 97 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. You should also look for certain buzzwords on sunscreen containers, like “broad spectrum” and “water-resistant.”

Broad spectrum means that the formula will prevent harm from both UVA (early aging and wrinkles) and UVB rays, while water-resistant options will stay on wet skin for about 40-80 minutes after applying.

UPF clothing is a great choice for people who have sensitive skin prone to sunburn, as well as those who like to exercise outdoors during the summer. The extra layer of protection will keep you at ease while enjoying a sunny summer day.

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Sami’s Take On Do You Know How Long UPF Clothing Lasts?

As you are considering how to increase the protection of your skin from the sun, UPF Clothing is worth more than a passing glance.

However, as you are making up your mind about how this fits in your world, don’t get too hung up on the value of the garment to the cost.

Start with the basics. A sun hat, sunglasses, and a loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt are essential for your skin protection. By starting with basics, you will be getting the items you need first.

Sun blocking swimsuits are interesting, but if you are taking care of your skin, you will be tossing on a cover-up, or your loose-fitting long sleeve shirt, not laying out in the sun. Remember, when the suit is wet, there is little UPF protection.

Making some changes for the times you are spending out in the sun is important. We can’t ignore that damage piling up.

Unfortunately, dermatologists have been slow to get the reports and numbers in. With the ability to store and compare large amounts of information for study, the numbers are higher than thought for skin problems due to excess exposure to the sun.

We are slow to recognize the importance of healthy skin for the rest of our lives. We have too long mistreated our skin, and now we know better.

Will you make some better choices to ensure your skin is healthier?

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