Why Sun Blocking Clothing?

Young child dressed in sun blocking clothing.
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Why Sun Blocking Clothing? For me, it makes more sense to learn to wear clothing to protect me from the sun. Trying to get enough sunscreen on to keep skin safe can be difficult.

That is too tough a job for one product to take care of. Sunscreen can help, and sun blocking clothing can give the extra layer of protection from the sun I need.

I want to invite you along to learn how to use clothing to protect your skin. Welcome to my journey to find out how I can stay safe in the sun.

Maybe there will be some useful hints for you as you are realizing that fun in the sun can sometimes turn dangerous. Getting too much sun is what sets the stage for skin cancer. It is time to pay attention and be defensive.

Sun Blocking Clothing feels better than sunscreen, plus I just wear the clothing.  Sunscreen has to be reapplied often.

Why Protect Your Skin

Your skin has a big job.  It is like a body sock!  The sack that keeps your body parts in place.

Your skin helps you regulate your body temperature. 

Protects your internal organs. 

Keeps things in place.

Protects you from the disease and germs in your daily life.

The sun can be your friend or your foe.  You decide how the sun will affect your life with your lifestyle.  So, you are the one who must help keep your skin safe or let the sun damage continue. 

Make yourself aware of what the sun is doing to your skin, and how you can slow down or even stop the damage.

Becoming Aware Is The First Step

The lifestyles we choose are the control for what is happening to our skin. Your choices will determine what your skin will look like going forward.

How healthy you will be?

Or will you decide to be outside having fun in the sun in clothing that does not offer the protection from the sun that our daily life needs?  Sun Blocking Shirts

As captains of our individual body ships, we can make a difference and live a life with healthy protected skin.  The choice is yours.  Don’t let your skin look like something washed up on the beach!

How Will You Use Your Awareness

Thanks for finding my site.  I hope something here will enable you to have fewer skin cancers and healthier skin. 

Protecting your skin is a balancing act.  We need some sun for maximum health. Sunlight helps cheer up our minds. Natural sunlight also lightens depression.

 Sun blocking clothing and sunscreens. Making use of shade and avoiding the hours between 10 AM and 4 PM are some of the links in a chain for sun safety.

These actions are the basics. 

Will you allow yourself to be aware of the small changes you can make to have safer fun in the sun time in the future?  Take the time to think about the smaller moves you can make to protect your skin from skin cancer. 

You don’t have to make all the changes today. But you will need to start with some adjustments to protect your skin. 

Just a small suggestion for you to think about to make your skin stay safer from too much sun:

  • Maybe you don’t have to spend 2 hours in the direct sun.
  • Just scooting over under the umbrella is an easy thing to do and will help keep the sun off your body.
  • Remembering to reapply sunscreen after swimming.
  • Slip on a sun blocking shirt.

Start Somewhere

Skin cancer is the one cancer that about twenty percent of the people in our world get.  This makes you at pretty high odds for some skin problems along the way. 

Are you the 1 out of 5 who will go on and develop skin cancer? There are so many reasons to make some positive changes and take better care of your skin. Wearing clothing to protect your skin from the sun is a positive step.

Sami’s Take on Why Sun Blocking Clothing

While we have all grown up with the idea that allowing the sun to burn our skin was not all that bad.

We wanted a tan. A year-round tan was the ultimate.

However, time is proving that tanning is as good for us as we thought. Just as we thought smoking was cool as kids, tanning is allowing skin cancer to kill more people than smoking does!

Education is essential for learning how to eliminate habits we want to stop. Learning how to protect our skin from the sun is the way to help change the lifestyle habit of over-tanning.

Help your skin stay healthy for a healthy life for you. After all, it is just a body sock. If you burn holes in spots, you will have weaker protection.

Think about it, make your plan for a healthier skin cancer-free life.