Sun Blocking Clothing

What Is The Best Sun Protection Clothing

To decide what is the best sun protection clothing lets see what the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA chart says about what we need:

The UV Index scale is used in the United States.  It Conforms with international guidelines for UVI reporting established by the World Health Organization EXIT.
Learn how to read the UV index Scale.  This can help you avoid harmful exposure to UV radiation.


0 to 2: Low
UV Index Low - Green
No protection needed. You can safely stay outside using minimal sun protection.
3 to 7: Moderate to High
UV Index Moderate - YellowUV Index High - Orange

Protection needed. Seek shade during late morning through mid-afternoon. When outside, generously apply broad-spectrum SPF-15 or higher sunscreen on exposed skin.  Dermatologists will suggest the SPF should be 30 or higher, more protection than the EPA recommended 15 levels.

Wear protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

8+: Very High to Extreme
UV Index Very High - RedUV Index Extreme - Purple

Extra protection needed. Be careful outside, especially during late morning through mid-afternoon.

If your shadow is shorter than you, seek shade. Wear protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses.  Generously apply a minimum of  SPF-15.   (For mid-day exposure most dermatologists would quickly correct to a 50 SPF.  And definitely keep the broad-spectrum factor in the sunscreen on exposed skin.

The Shadow Rule

The easy way to tell how much UV exposure you are getting is to look for your shadow:

  • If your shadow is taller than you are (in the early morning and late afternoon), your UV exposure is likely to be lower.
  • If your shadow is shorter than you are (around midday), you are being exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. Seek shade and protect your skin and eyes.

Now For Sun Protective Clothing

What is the best sun protection clothing?  I began to search for what is the best sun protection clothing for me and my family.  Of course, I am thinking of price and quality. 

After much clicking and searching the answer was very simple.

The best sun protection clothing is clothing that will stay on the body of whoever is supposed to be wearing it!  You may find that your younger daughter wants to wear your older son’s sun blocking shirt.  She loves that color! 

Your husband may balk and go for an old favorite that does put something between him and the sun.   But has been washed so much you can almost see through the fabric.  

Will Your Family Wear Their Sun Blocking Shirts?   

The answer to the question about what is the best sun protection clothing? Whatever they will wear.

Do you have them all on board with the awareness of why going out into the direct sun rays is dangerous?   When your family can see short shadows or no shadows is when they are most apt to get a severe burn. 

This time when you see the short shadows requires some kind of clothing between them and the sun.  

Being aware of the need for something to block the sun from your skin will be a major step in getting your family into the habit of protecting their skin   

The quality is important in the protection factors for protection.

The quality in appearance may get the garment on the body.

These two factors each are important to the end result of skin protection.

Increased Risk For Kids As They Grow

Sports that are played outside will always be a risk for our families and their skin.  The immediate sign of sun damage to your skin is evident when you have fair skin. 

If you have darker-toned skin, this does not mean you don’t have this danger.  Your skin may not turn as red after being overexposed, but you will damage your skin with repeated exposures just as your fair skin buddies do.

In fact, because you have darker toned skin color, you may not detect melanoma, the most dangerous and deadly form of skin cancer.  Darker skin tones make this danger more difficult to detect.   You must make yourself aware.   Sun protective clothes are your first line of defence when you leave the house.

Remember to avoid the direct sun rays between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM during the hotter seasons of the year.  For the part of central Texas where we live,  April through October are the months we have the most sun exposure.  There is a danger at any time the sun is particularly hot and direct.   


With awareness, you can help your family take better care of their skin.  You can help them develop better daily habits for taking care of themselves from the sun. 

Good everyday habits will make them more aware, and more consistent with their skin protection.

You as a parent and friend can help by paying attention to the information that is being released about global warming.  How global warming is changing how we must protect our skin from too much sun.

Now Lets Discuss Quality

You will quickly realize that you need a plan to get your family outfitted for fun in the sun.  

As with all items for your child’s sun protection clothing wardrobe a plan will enable you to spend wisely. First the necessities- A wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a good shirt to block the sun from the top portion of their bodies.

No bare torsos and no sun tops. For too long we have allowed our shoulders, head, ears, necks, throats, chests, and backs have been exposed to too much sun.

Shielding our bodies with natural tree shade, umbrellas and pop-ups is an important move for outdoor play.  Add sun blocking clothing.  Don’t forget to correctly apply sunscreen.

With the hat, the starting point of the sun blocking clothing you and your family need, choose one that is comfy and will be worn.  If it isn’t worn, it does no good.  Having more input for this item could be helpful.  Check out the link below.

Basics Of Sun Blocking Hats

As you add sunglasses and shirts that block the sun, you are building their wardrobe and protection from the sun. You have to decide how to spend the budget. 

If you don’t have to be as careful with your money, you can probably find the basics that work for you and your family pretty easily.  Hopefully, the items you add for sun protection will be effective. Keep reading for some help for those who have to be more budget aware

.Yes, sun protection has changed.  In countries where so many of the population is from fair skinned, blonde haired ancestry, awareness was happening.  The need for a different approach to protecting our skin.

Often in parts of our world, you were considered strange if you covered up from the sun.  Mothers allowed kids out in all hours of the midday, with no thought to sunscreen, hats, or sunglasses.  We usually started kids out with shirts and shorts, but little thought to what else we could do to protect their skin.  

Those strawberry blonde kids now are helping their dermatologist put their own kids through college. With such overexposed skin from childhood, they have had many skin cancers removed.  I want to help you to take better care of your family. 

Practical Solutions For Your Famly

Practical solutions for a family can include some budget helpers.   For fabric with the sun protection finish that blocks more sun?  You can get a product to launder in a finish that should last up to 20 washes.  Another one states 40 washes.

This is helpful for families with children needing clothes for more than one day at a time. You can use this treatment on things you may already have. 

Needing clothing for several days for each of your family can prove expensive.  Will using a fabric treatment for blocking the sun make you able to stay protected and have an extra day out on your trip?   Or do something else with the money instead of buying more expensive clothing with the sun block already in it? 

This makes your money well spent on the laundry treatment.  Look for products that make clothing able to block the sun on line.

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