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How To Use Sun Blocking Clothing To Protect Your Skin

Do you know how to protect your skin from the sun? Have you considered your risk for skin cancer?

Do you know how to use sun blocking clothing to protect your skin? It really does start with simply putting the garment on! Yes, it is that simple. Cover your skin.

Young Boy with sunglasses and baseball cap and long sleeve shirt on the beach with the sun hitting their face

This little guy is a good example of what happens when you are protecting your skin with clothing. The sun shining on his nose explains about caps and hats with brims. The time this image was taken was early in the day before the bright, direct overhead sun was shining.

It also explains why even with a cap or sun hat, you need sunscreen.

Protecting yourself from the sun is important, and a habit you have to build in. Understanding what you are protecting from is helpful, to make you better understand how and why we get too much sun at times.

While protecting our skin and our family from the sun is an ongoing task, understanding how it works will help you do a better job for all of you.

How Much Sun Is Safe?

Skin cancer is the result of too much sun. Unfortunately, how much is too much can be different for each of us.

So how much sun is safe? Early morning sun will be safer for your skin. You may tan a little by staying in the sun from sunrise until about 10 A M.

But you can more easily protect yourself from sunburn with sunglasses, sun blocking shirt, your sun hat, and sunscreen.

Trying to protect yourself from sunburn during the more direct sun times of day will be more difficult.

We need to get over this idea of thinking we have to be out in the sun during the most dangerous time of day. The sun’s rays will find you and sunburn is so much more likely.

Well then, how much is too much sun? Just a general question? No, unfortunately, it isn’t, at least for me. What about you?

How is your health? Do you have an autoimmune disease?

Do you take medications that make your skin react quickly to the sun? How much are you out in the sun in your usual daily routine? Even over-the-counter allergy medication can cause your skin to react differently.

Do you normally drink enough water during the day? If not, you may be a bit hydrated. Yes, even this will make you more sensitive to the sun on your skin.

I take sinus tablets more often than not, so this is an additional risk for me as I already freckle easily. I will turn a very unflattering shade of red and sunburn quickly.

Choose your time of day wisely to get out in the sun on purpose. In my part of sunny central Texas just daily living can expose you to more than you think.

Driving to the grocery store, walking to the mailbox, a bit of yard work. These are all times to be aware of getting too much sun.

Young women tanning in the sun

Are You Addicted To A Tan?

It is easy to allow yourself a little sun at the wrong time of day if you are addicted to a tan. Yes, I am talking to myself here. I do admit that I haven’t kicked this idea that a tan makes you more attractive.

However, the longer I live and see how wrinkled the skin becomes when people who are close to me tan. You may think that you are only getting the tan, not the wrinkles! However, time will tell the true story.

With early aging following that tan, you will probably have more wrinkles and sagging skin than your cousin who wisely limited sun exposure.

Finding your happy medium, time in the sun without sunburn or early aging is worth the effort. Keeping your skin from too much UV ray exposure is worth the effort.

Wearing Your Sun Hat

How to use your sun blocking clothing is simple. You wear it. Put on your sun hat if you are going to be out in the sun.

Be sure to apply sunscreen before getting out in the sun, especially to your face. See the little one in the first image? See where the sun is hitting his skin? Protect that part with sunscreen, or a 3″ brim hat.

A loose-fitting long-sleeve sun blocking shirt will finish up your sun protection, for those who don’t plan to spend hours every day in the sun.

If hours in the sun every day is how you are planning to spend the day, there are a few more steps to stay safe from the sun.

Your larger-than-normal brimmed hat with sunglasses, and a loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt of sun blocking fabric. The long pants of sun blocking fabric. Wear shoes and sunscreen.

Remember to get an umbrella, or sun blocking tent. Find shade. Let your skin have a break from the direct sun. Trees, a canopy, a sunshade, whatever will break the sun from all day in the sun.

Our forefathers and mothers lived in the sun more than most of us do. However, they rarely lived to be 60 years old. We are in a generation where people live longer. Do you want to open the door for skin cancer?

How to use sun blocking clothing to protect your skin

Sami’s Take On How To Use Sun Blocking Clothing To Protect Your Skin

Learning how to use the sun blocking clothing you have as well as the specialty UPF clothing you may buy is important for your skin protection as well as your clothing budget.

Wearing clothing is the best way to protect your skin from the sun. However, definitely, some clothing is better than others. Learn which of the fabrics can offer you better protection from the sun.

Make a few lifestyle changes to help yourself develop better sun protection for your skin and your family’s skin. Don’t schedule a tee time that has you in the sun during the more dangerous hours of the day.

Make your kid’s play times safer hours of the day. You may not live with such constant direct sun as we do here in central Texas, but you still have sun risks. Help your family be safe.

Skin safety comes with awareness. Talk to your kids about their skin and how the sun can get too hot for your skin. Empower your kids with information and knowledge of skin protection from the sun.

Do you have some ideas to share about keeping you and your family safe from the sun? Share your suggestions about sun safety. We are all learning how to stay safe from the sun.

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