Climate Warming And Your Skin

How have you adjusted your skin protection to include what is happening with climate warming? Will climate warming and your skin protection affect your skin health as we are moving forward?

What changes have you made to your existing routines for protecting your skin and avoiding sunburn as well as skin cancer?

This climate warming issue is and will continue to be the elephant in the room. At least until some serious action is taken to slow the warming. When I decided to research what is happening with rising temperatures, I really tried to limit the search.

I just wanted to know what was happening to our skin when it is being exposed to the sun. As the information came out of hiding, I found some I didn’t really want to know all that, it just kept tumbling out. It is difficult to cut off with just skin protection.

We do need to keep a closer eye on skin protection in the times we live in.

What I Found

Yes, higher rates of skin cancer are being diagnosed. One blessing of the technology we now have enables us to have access to an enormous amount of information. Trends are easier to spot and follow. Large databases provide information to back up scientific findings.

We are going to need to protect ourselves and our families from the sun more diligently than ever.

Australia has already lost more of the ozone layer than any other country in the world. They have been facing this stronger direct Ultra-Violet Radiation strength longer. There are several Australian companies that have made great strides in sun blocking clothing.

Sun blocking clothing is an easier way to protect our skin. It will keep you from getting sunburn. Unlike sunscreen it doesn’t have to be applied every 2 hours. However, you do have to keep your sunblocking clothing on your body.

Too little for too long is allowing more of us to reach the point of sun damage to the skin cancer stage.

During this time of growing awareness of skin potection and how to protect ourselves from the sun we are developing skin cancer at faster rates all along.

Manufacturers in the sun blocking clothing marker are finding all kinds of blends for clothing to protect our skin. They are presenting us choices from actual testing. Working with the special weaving techniques and finishes that are now available for use.

The fabric now available for sun blocking is lightweight and beautiful. The garments are easy to care for and easy to style into clothing that can protect you from the sun. Sun blocking clothing has come a long way and is a welcome surprise for helping us protect our skin.

My denim shirt will protect me from the sun. But it won’t be lightweight and cool. The progress in stylish and attractive clothing will surprise you if you have not already discovered your own really attractive sun blocking clothing.

Some Results Of The Warming Of Our Climate

There is so much information is out there. I kept going back to this site from a Dermatologist in Washington state where they specialize in treating children. He offers some very good proof about what is happening and all the things that are changing.

His information, acquired in actual active practice while treating and seeing kids documents the way the disappearing Ozone layer is affecting children’s skin today. His office provides good record of what is happening. How we can expect things to be in the future.

We must help our children learn to protect themselves from the damaging rays of the sun. The link below will give you some good guidelines for protecting your families skin from the sun.



How To Help

The best way to make sure our kids are getting the sun protection they need is to set a good example.

That means:

  • Wearing sunscreen -SPF 15 or 30 have proved to protect our skin during sun exposure. However, if you plan to be out for longer than thirty minutes, you will need to use a sunscreen with a wide spectrum and SPF of at least 30, 50 is better.
  • Remembering to reapply as the directions state will also help keep your sunscreen able to continue protecting your skin.
  • Apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure. Then reapply again every 2 hours and after being in the water or sweating a lot. Sweat will break down your protection and let you burn. Reapply often.

Wearing sun blocking clothing will further protect your skin when you are in the direct sun, between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM. Sun Blocking clothing has been the best thing we have had to work with for years.

As young kids, we were just playing in the sun and water. As we got a bit older into the years we wanted to have tan skin, covering your skin from the sun was no longer the mindset we practiced.

Reaching the time that we have fallen in love with tanned bodies, we thought to heck with your skin health.

This left skin protection out of the loop and ignored. Covering up? Who wants to wear clothing when your friends are running around with bathing suits? You want to show off your tan too.

You, Climate Warming, And Your Skin

Some serious issues are going on that make you unable to ignore protection for your skin. Your parents and grandparents may have been able to be out in the direct sun’s rays through their lives. And maybe they escaped skin cancer. They may have worked outside and if they did they covered up well. Brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts.

They didn’t wear shirts without collars as we do now. Trends in our clothing have made tee-shirt necks accepted work ware. That leaves the back of your neck uncovered. This is one of the body locations that is diagnosed with skin cancer at alarming rates All kinds of things make different vulnerable areas that we often forget.

Sun blocking clothing can be any kind of clothing that provides a layer of protection between you and the sun. Your denim long-sleeved shirt will do a great job of keeping the sun off your skin. It tightly woven, a darker color. Fits the description for sun blocking clothing.

Here is the issue, you won’t like wearing that denim shirt with the sleeves rolled down, the collar turned up to keep off the sun Not while everyone else is hanging out in their swimwear. You want to look “cool!’ I get it, I want to look cool too.

Sun Blocking Clothing

This is where sun-blocking clothing enters. The special fabrics and finishing methods to make clothing with the ability to block the sun, and still be something you will wear.

I enjoy the way the specially designed long-sleeve that comes over the top of my hand. The specially designed holes for my fingers. The hood to pull up over my head. All work especially well to protect my skin from the sun. Fabric that is knitted with a weave that protects me. Soft and comfortable to the feel. It not stiff and scratchy.

A shirt I will wear to hang out with friends and family. What about the trusty denim one? Probably not.

Sunscreen Protection

You must also use a sunscreen with your sun blocking clothing. Your body is exposed to more sun every year as our planet warms. That sunscreen bottle/tube should be handy. Everyone must be on your toes for protecting your skin from overexposure.

As our ozone thins and disappears, you will be left with less protection. The methods that have helped take care of you through the ages are disappearing. You must be ready for the changes and teach your children to take care of themselves.

The government is slowly moving to improve the products you have to protect your skin from the sun. The sunscreen formulas are getting new regulations. These regulations are removing the chemicals that cause the mutations that affect your hormones and those of your children. Too many men are victims of low sperm count in today’s world. This is not just a female issue.

Give some thought to how you will work with your skin protection program for the future. As Climate Warming And Your Skin react to each other. Have a plan.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin when using a tanning nasal mist.
Sami’s Take On Climate Warming And Your Skin

While Climate warming has not really been on my radar, it should have been. Specially back when my kids were so young. I just let them be in the sun as much as they wanted. Even sent them out to play, (Yes back when we did this) without sun blocking clothing or sunscreen.

No sunglasses, no sun hat, not even a sun blocking, lose-fitting long sleeve shirt! Often no shirt. Any child growing up in west Texas and eastern New Mexico needs protection from the sun. These fair skinned kids with blue and green eyes? Strawberry blonde? You get the picture!

So, yes as adults they are paying for their sunburns. Probably one or more a year! Every year! They didn’t have dappled shade for playing, they had direct sun.

Can you help your kids have less chances for skin cancer? Teach them to cover their skin and protect themselves from too much sun.

Plan play times in the mornings before 10 AM and after 4 PM. Help the develop better habits for these play times. Make sure they wear sun hats and sunglasses. Help them ith loose-fitting long-sleeve shirts of thick tee-shirt fabric, or tightly woven fabrics that you can’t see through.

Remind them that any shirt or cover or hat is better than no hat. We must make protecting our skin a real thing. Teach your kids that even though some kids may not wear sun blocking clothing when playing in the sun that your family does. Your family protects their skin.

Why have I shared how little effort I made to keep my kids skin covered? In hopes that you learn from my mistakes.

Get a good sun protection plan going for your family. That Ozone is melting fast!

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