Sun Safe Hat Yes or No

Importance of sun hats

Would you wear a sun-safe hat? Yes or No? Are you ready to shop and find your perfect sun blocking hat? The one that looks great and keeps you safe from the sun at the same time?

How are your friends and families addressing the need for protection from the direct sun’s rays?

Is your Sun Safe Hat Working?

Fortunately, Sun Safe Hats are available in all market ranges from reasonably priced to very high-end super stylish shapes. These sun-safe hats can be the basis of your new skin-protecting sun-safe summer. Hats are a major step in sun protection, along with your sunscreen, add to that sun blocking long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses. What Color Hat Is Best For Sun Protection

The Real Secret To Being Protected By Your Sun Hat?

Do your know if your sun blocking hat is working? Here is one way to tell, is your hat on your head? Your hat has to be on your head to protect you. Does it have a 3-inch wide brim, or about that? Is it woven tightly, so the sun doesn’t get through? Hats made of fabrics work great, as long as the weave is tight enough. Straw is a favorite for sun hats and can be tightly woven to protect the wearer from the sun.

However, the important question is will you wear it? If you don’t it will not protect you. Simple as that sounds, it is the truth. It is helpful if the hat is attractive on your head, but the real job of a sun hat is protection.

Remembering to shop and find one that you like the way it looks on your head will ensure you wear it more. This is especially true with your kids. If they are just now learning to wear a sun-safe hat, the appearance will be important.

Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

This business of protecting your skin from the sun is finally beginning to sink in for its importance in skin safety. The damage to my skin is done. I don’t have the option of backtracking. There is only the option to move forward, and moving forward to a safer way to be out in the sun important. I have used up my excuses, and my skin is going to look older than it should.

So my sun-safe hat is important to that ongoing protection that I started way too many years late. As catching up isn’t an option, I can only move on with caution.

Like with most things, we only know a small part of how to really protect our skin over the long haul. While sunscreens are usually reserved for those times of being out in the sun, the direct rays of the sun. We usually think sunscreen is for use when you are out of the protective confines of the house.

There are other times when we need to protect our skin and take care of ourselves and our families. I have been careless in the days I am only out to walk to the mailbox, and end up chatting with a passing neighbor for half an hour.

Where was my sunhat during this visit? Hanging near the door, but I didn’t grab it. So, yes there is lots to do in the world of getting myself protected from the sun. Also, I am helping my family protect themselves from sun damage in everyday living.

Using What You Have

I have a sun hat that is in the “Farmer” style, whatever that is. It has a full 5-inch brim, and high crown, and is tightly woven of some sort of straw. When I ran across the hat at Fredericksburg about 3 years ago, I just wanted a hat that would protect me from the direct sun.

To my surprise, this inexpensive Farmers Style Hat has the features I need. The basic features give me a great basic start for a sun hat wardrobe. I just thought it looked like what I would wear, which is always important.

As well as it was inexpensive. Inexpensive enough that I bought 2. One I still plan to style a bit with a colorful hatband, maybe even a fun flower. However, I have done well wearing it plain as the “farmer style” hat that it is.

Experts Suggest

Look for a tight weave, like what you’d find in canvas-type fabric. Straw hats with holes may feel shady, but if they let in UV light that could harm your skin. Make sure that it has a tight weave.

The brim matters, too. The best ones go all the way around and are broad enough to shade your face, ears, and neck. However, no hat will shield you fully from UV rays, so back up with sunscreen. There are reflections from so many surfaces and sunscreen is the answer for that.

Protecting your skin from the sun is a multilayer approach. Sun blocking clothing and sunscreen along with good common sense is important. We must pay attention to when to be out or to protect by a deep shade or in the house.

Common Sense

I am finding that one important element of this business of protecting ourselves from the dangers of the sun is our common sense. We are not going to change everything, at once. That is just not human nature, even when you have a history of skin cancer as I do.

Sunscreen and my sunhat were what I worked with the most at first. This was prompted by the kid’s repeated reports of visits to their dermatologist. I realize I was many years late, for being a good example. However, I can help them teach their kids by example.

This year I have added a sun blocking shirt to my sunscreen and sun hat. Sunglasses have long been a part of my protection because I did not do well with the sun glare. Now that I know the importance of protecting our eyes, I will be paying more attention to this part of my sun protection.

Hopefully, Small Steps Work

I know that I still have many changes to make to keep my skin safe from the sun. Unfortunately, as I get older the sun damage is beginning to show. On my face, arms and hands. The times I rode for hours and days in the car. Playing in the sun. Attending sports practices and events. Working in the yard.

Now that I am living proof of sun-related damage, it is too late to undo the damage. I can try to prevent more sun damage. Taking care of the sun-damaged skin will help. Nothing takes it away.

It is too late for me. Is it too late for you? What is your plan? How will you take care of your skin? Which of the sunscreens will you choose? What style of sun hat do you like? What about your family? Do you have little ones to protect?

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