Coffee In Sunscreen

Enjoying Coffee could benifet your skin.

Coffee in sunscreen? At first, I wondered if this could be an important ingredient for sunscreen? Are you aware of the studies that do suggest that a cup of coffee might help ward off a bit of skin damage due to the sun? Especially if you drink more coffee, it seems to help more. Can this be proven, after all, it sounds too good to be true?

The main improvement that came to the researchers’ attention during the study was regarding melanoma. Equally important here, is there seem to be more promising grounds to explore for more research in preventing melanoma. This is the really dangerous form of cancer that is the result of sun exposure damage due to the death rate.

Decaf coffee doesn’t give the same protection, however. Tests have given some basis to the claims that coffee helps prevent tumours. But these claims have yet to gain a wide enough base for manufacturing companies to use caffeine based sunscreen.

Scientists think protective powers could come from the caffeine. Testing is still being done to determine the ability to mix the caffine with other protection chemicals for applying to our skin.

At this point, I am not trusting a sunscreen without the mineral properties we need to protect us from the sun.

Basics of Sunscreen

Caffeine in Skin Care Products

As different manufacturers begin to figure out what works and offer caffeine in a sun-protecting formula for your skin, watch labels to see what is in that formula. Make sure that you have the skin protection you need. Don’t depend on coffee-based products without the additional chemicals at this time. Research may prove caffeine enough at some point, just not yet.

I am not going to be drinking more coffee than I already drink in an effort to gain protection from the sun for my skin. The data isn’t conclusive enough at this point for me to warrent overdoing and getting jettery!

My experience with Coffee in Sunscreen has just begun. This is interesting to consider. Could this be a good addition to the skincare routines we are using?

Report From Research Project

Every participant in the project was cancer-free when the questionnaire was filled out. The researchers made adjustments for other factors that could influence melanoma risk.,treated%20at%20

These risks included:

  • Ultraviolet radiation exposure from lifestyle
  • Subjects Body mass index
  • Age of participating person
  • Sex
  • Physical activity of daily life
  • Alcohol intake over lifetime
  • Smoking history throughout lifetime

They found that people who drank the most coffee every day seemed to have a lower risk of melanoma, compared with those who drank little to no coffee. These results may not be enough to warrant coffee in our sunscreen. But if the coffee is effective in lowering your risk, maybe this would be a worthwhile addition to your daily life. (Of course, I am a coffee drinker)

Your Risk For Melanoma

Researchers also a noticed trend toward more protection as the intake became higher. People who drank one to three cups a day seemed to have about a 10 per cent decreased risk of melanoma. This 10 per cent as compared with those who drank none at all. Those who had 4 or more cups? They had a 20 per cent decreased risk.

The study only uncovered an association between coffee consumption and melanoma risk. While this was an interesting finding, it failed to prove a cause-and-effect relationship.


As a dedicated coffee drinker, I found this whole research interesting. However, I am not ready to move to caffeine as protection for my skin,

Caffeine could be the reason for the apparent protection results in the study. The researchers found a significant decrease in melanoma risk only among those who drank caffeinated coffee. This is important in the overall findings, but unfortunately not the complete proof we were searching for.

Previous studies have indicated that coffee drinking could protect skin cells against ultraviolet-B radiation. This is also a signigicant result to follow up on the use of caffeine in our skin care.

Because most of the people in the study drank caffeinated coffee, it is difficult to fully analyze the health benefits of decaf.

Maybe there are other compounds in coffee besides caffeine that also protect against skin cancer. Science seems to be finding more positive reasons for our coffee habits.

As this isn’t the first study to look into the effect of coffee drinking on our health, searching for more ways to lower cancer risk is an ongoing search.

Coffee in Sunscreen? Still, Questions Remain

Coffee is in use in a variety of cancer research proposals, in terms of whether it increases or decreases risk. The findings are not final, we may eventually find there are more beneficial reasons to drink coffee than we know at this time. If they make it taste better, I will be in trouble.

The researchers behind the new study made a good basic science-related case. A case for the possibility that coffee might protect against skin cancer. However, because this study is not a clinical trial with all the safeguards built-in, cause and effect are still in question.

Stay With Basic Skin Protection

All in all, I can’t conclude that in ‘real life’ coffee actually decreases the risk of melanoma. As there may be some unknown benefits, I will continue to drink my coffee as I have been, however, I won’t feel guilty if on occasion I have an extra cup.

We should not rely on coffee to protect us from melanoma. Our sunscreen, long sleeves and a wide-brimmed hat will do more than a mug of coffee ever could. However, I have not had melanoma, so maybe my coffee drinking is helping.

Disappointing Results For Coffee In Sunscreen

For the most part, it is apparent that the basics of good skin protection will be important for a healthy summer. We are moving into our hot time of the year and being sensible seems more important than trying new products.

Pay attention and make sure you have your sun blocking hats, long sleeve sun blocking shirts and sunglasses along with mineral sunscreen. You will also need a good deal of patience to get through the summer while managing to keep your skin safe.

We may need to rethink our times of exposure, as well as the total times we are out in the sun. Sun Blocking Habits (This article in this link could give you a bit more insight into what is better for your family.)

Setting Examples

Another key point is that our kids may need closer supervision and help as they are learning how to take care of their own skin. While it is important for their skin health and safety that kids are given an opportunity to be familiar with basic sun safety, reminders will help. I can set better examples for our kids. After all, I am now more aware, I need to change some of my habits to set those examples.

After reading through the information there was no mention in any of the information about an appropriate age to start drinking coffee for sunscreen. However, I wouldn’t encourage young children to drink coffee based on what I understand to this point.

Do you think you drink enough coffee to have it effective for you?

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