Sun Blocking Clothing

Sun Protective Clothing

Sun Protective Clothing is a different way of saying Sun Blocking Clothing.  Either way, the reason we need to pay attention to what is happening with this kind of clothing is that we all must protect our skin from the sun.  Even when running track for school sports.

Yes, we live in the central part of Texas and we have hours and hours of sunshine!  I am not complaining, you understand, but that sun will do bad things to your skin if your sports interests include too much sun.

sun damage

Sun damage is a great deal like weight gain.  The first few years of adulthood you probably were able to eat with not much thought to what you were eating.  However, as time went by, the jeans are too tight, there was just not enough stretch any more.

Sun damage is sneaky like weight gain.  You can be out in the direct rays a bit and even sunburn a time or two with no visible results.  However, science will tell you that you do have lasting results.  Results you really can’t see right now.

Just like those overindulgences in not so healthy foods will begin to hang on to your body longer, so will sun damage begin to show up. That is not what you had on your plan.  It happens anyway.

The Difference

The difference in weight and sun damage?  You can lose weight with some changes to your eating and exercise habits.

However, you can’t repair the overdried skin cells that happen when you are sunburned.  Maybe you can’t really see the damage, at least not yet.  But science tells us that even one sunburn can result in damaging the skin so that it can not correctly replace itself.

Remember your lessons in Health class about the skin having a DNA program that allows it to grow new cells?  Cells that will allow your skin to replace their skin cells?  If there is too much heat, your body may not be able to replace itself correctly. 

Quote from Merrian Dictionary  for:
noun: sunburn
  1. reddening, inflammation, and, in severe cases, blistering and peeling of the skin caused by overexposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
    “My hands and face were raw with sunburn”
How often do we allow ourselves to sunburn?
    • Do you know that your skin has an important responsibility for your health and wealfare?
      How could you keep out infection?  Have you any idea of what would happen if you couldn’t regulate the heating and cooling of your body? You need to keep your skin healthy. 

Our skin is strong and given some care can see us through a lifetime with reasonable ability to restore itself.  We all know that we age our skin dries out.  With a little preventative skincare, we can have better-looking skin.

Good care is essential, but you won’t have skin that looks fresh and youthful forever.  Your skin’s DNA will receive damage along and not be able to produce the healthy-looking skin cells that we had when we were young.  Sun damage will make the lines deeper in your face.  Your skin will be dry, and make you look older than you are.  

Ah, Youth?

When I see the young people run by my home who are on the high school track team I understand what young looks like.  They are long and lean and have healthy bodies that have not one ounce of fat anywhere.

However, they also have suntan lines that make you know this is not the first time they have been out to run in the sun.  These runners have been out long enough to have blonde streaks in their hair that the sun exposure has provided.  They will often have noticeably dry skin by the time they graduate.

Boys and girls have no idea what they are doing to their skin.  Without realizing they too live in this time when the Ozone layer isn’t thick enough anymore to protect them from the sun.  I am noticing that some of the kids have added caps and sunglasses to their running uniform.

Is someone somewhere getting through to them that they need to protect themselves?  They really need brimmed hats that are tied on, as well as good sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Is It Enough

Is what I am seeing just a few examples that are indicating some sun awareness?  I truly fear the are just copying someone from somewhere.  What about those backs and shoulders? Their arms that are exposed in cropped tank tops? Legs that get so much sun in the short shorts that runners favor?

They practice so much more than they actually race.  Practice time at least should have more attention paid to protecting their skin.  Skin protection seems to be way down in the list of priorities.

This makes me aware of the responsibility parents have in helping their kids know how to protect themselves from the sun.  There are long-sleeved knit shirts that will help protect their bodies and arms from the sun.  Leggings for their legs protection. Protective Leggings

Sun Blocking clothing or Sun Protective Clothing will help protect your child who is spending lots of practice time in the sun.  Have you paid attention?

Skin awareness and protection

Parents will be the ones to help their kids make good choices.  To help them learn about protecting themselves during these times that have them in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  Boys and girls alike need to be encouraged to be aware of when they are getting too much sun.  Help them to know how to take preventative measures.

Those are the basics of skin protection.  Awareness and Protection.  When your family is aware, they can apply sunscreen, put on Sun Blocking clothing or Sun Protective clothing.  Get into shade.  Their skin needs help to stay healthy.

What if their skin can stay healthy?  When they don’t have sun-damaged skin, their bodies will do a better job of heating and cooling as needed.  Sunscreens can’t do the job alone.  Nor can protective clothing.  They need to use both to help keep themselves healthy.

Appearance Is Important

Fortunately, there are choices of what looks good and also helps us protect our bodies when out in the sun.  Our kids can look cool while wearing sun blocking clothing.  Sun protection clothing can look good.About-Sun Blocking Clothing

So we get back to awareness.  Information about how to help themselves will make awareness help them stay safe.  Keeping their skin healthy and free of skin cancer.

Keep your eye out for ways to help your family protect themselves.  Life is easier when you protect your skin than to treat skin cancers from overexposure. 

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