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Prevent Wasting Money With Practical Sun Blocking Clothing

Allow your sun blocking clothing to work for you while preventing wasting money. Know what to expect from your sun prevention garments and sunscreen.

How you can prevent wasting money with practical sun blocking clothing. Any time you spend your money on clothes that just stay in your closet you are wasting your money.

Man choosing a hat from several styles, fabrics and

How can you prevent wasting money with practical sun blocking clothing? Any time you spend your money on clothes that stay in your closet you are wasting your money.

Hats are where you should start with your sun blocking clothing wardrobe. After finding the best hat for you, choose your sunglasses. These 2 items will give you a good start with skin protection.

As it is important to wear your hat each time you are in the sun, it should be comfortable and fit well. And should look good on you.

Are you in the sun more in the summer than in the winter? Remember, the sun’s rays are damaging in both seasons. We are more aware during the warmer months because of the heat. Cold weather and we forget sun danger. Science tells us that the winter sun is dangerous as well.

Fabric hats tend to be cheaper than straw and felt.

So are you planning to have 1 or 2 hats, one for winter and one for summer? Is it cheaper to have just one, but in a fabric that protects your skin during both kinds of sun exposure? This is what we are talking about today, how to prevent wasting money with practical sun blocking clothing.

Some think that a straw hat is the only hat for warmer weather. Straw hats can be cooler to wear in the heat. A well-made hat of tightly woven fabric with a 3-inch brim and raised crown with proper vents will allow you to be cool and comfortable.

This is a good choice because you can wear it throughout all seasons. Wash, reshape, and allow to dry, and it is ready for more wear. Skin Cancer. org tells us that clothing is the easiest way to stay safe in the sun.

Sunglasses Are Important

Sunglasses are as important to your skin protection as your hat. You can get skin cancer on your eyelid, and do irreparable damage to your sight.

Besides looking for a pair that blocks 100% of the UV rays, consider some ideas from Choose The Best Sunglasses. This information can help you find a pair that will give you the protection you need from the sun. Think about how you can protect your eyes and the skin around them.

Buying a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes is not wasting your money. Not wearing them, is wasting money. Take a few moments and find the best-fitting pair for you.

Sunglasses and a hat may not be what you think of first when shopping for sun blocking clothing. These items are the base of your sun blocking wardrobe. To be able to avoid reapplying sunscreen on your face because you are covered with these 2 items will make sun time more fun.

A Sun Blocking Shirt

Here is where you blow your budget. Your sunglasses and hat can work in multipul settings, shirts are sometimes are not right.

If you are active outdoors, wearing a long sleeve shirt is important in keeping your skin safe from the sun.

Choices can go from a longsleeve loose fitting knit shirt to a tightly woven fabric with long sleeves. Do you need a button up shirt? A pullover?

They can both be important in your sun blocking wardrobe. Take a few minutes to think about what you are doing when you are in the sun? Are you sweating enough that you are wet most of the time?

Then you may need a quick wicking knit shirt that dries quickly. Most shirts will loose some of their ability to protect your skin from the sun when they are wet. Read the lables as you are learning to work with sun blocking clothing. Get the protection you are buying.

Know how to use each garment to get your money’s worth of protection. If you are protecting your skin, you are getting your money’s worth.

How to protect your skin from the sun

Sami’s Take On Prevent Wasting Money With Sun Blocking Clothing

Any time we see descriptions of clothing that tell us they do something special, besides just cover our bodies, we know they will cost more. This can create a mental push-back to paying extra.

Often you may not need the extra benefits described in the sales jargon on on the tags or labels. Sometimes these are the very benifets that we need.

Think about how you live. If like me, you are able to control when you are out in the direct sun, a regular shirt, or hat may furnish the cover you need to stay safe while in the sun. A loosely fitting long sleeve shirt from your closet may be all you need to avoid a sunburn.

A little sunscreen with some sun protection clothing may be all you need. Make yourself aware of how to help your skin stay safe.

You must wear the items to protect your skin from the sun. Any thing is better than nothing between your skin and the sun. Layering sun protection by adding sunscreen to the skin areas not covered gives you extra protection.

A shirt with a 30 UPF rating is good skin protection, 50 is better. However a 5 rating is better that no shirt. The same for sunscreen. Broadspectrum of 30 is good, 50 is better, but15 is better than nothing.

Use your sun protective clothing wisely and stay safe from skin cancer

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