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Do I Really Need To Protect My Skin From The Sun?

Do I need to Protect my skin from the sun? The answer for every one is yes you do. Some need more than others.
Know your risks.

Do I really need to protect my skin from the sun? Why has the danger of too much sun on our skin become such a concern?

Do I really need to protect my skin from the sun? Will one sunburn cause skin cancer?

Are we getting paranoid about skin and sun and protection? The American Institute of Cancer Research gives us some good basic information about the importance of skin protection from a scientific view.

I don’t know about your reason for becoming aware of the dangers of too much sun for your skin, but here is my history for the last 4 years. I had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from my lower arm. Right where I used to look for my tan each summer. Then a squamous cell carcinoma from the top of my hand.

The next one was on my forehead.

Sun damage for me has been an accumulative thing. I didn’t overdo it just one time, and most of the time there was just a little pink flush from too much sun.

However, it is adding up, and in addition to the skin cancer risks, is causing early aging of my skin. Much earlier than it should have.

Then adding my own obvious incidents of skin cancer, the ability to have access to information is snowballing. So much research is now available to review and educate ourselves with. It is all just a bit late for me.

I didn’t protect my skin early enough. So yes, I really need to protect my skin from the sun. Further damage is not what I want to have to happen to my skin.

Skin Cancer Numbers Increasing

With reported skin cancer case numbers that can now be shared and better ways to collect and evaluate these cases, technology is giving us more understanding. Understanding of how we can better access our risks as well as take better care of our skin.

Skin protection from the sun is important for all of us, regardless of age, kind of skin, or how dark or how light our skin is.

Protecting your skin from the sun is the one most important thing you can change in your daily life to lower your chances of developing skin cancer.

Realizing that protecting my skin is the most important thing I can do to slow down my risk of skin cancer, as well as the aging skin process. Covering my skin is the simplest way to block out the sun to my skin.

Now, science tells us that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is your skin’s most dangerous enemy. The UV rays are there, early and late, winter and summer. So actually, the best way to protect yourself from the dangers of UV rays is to stay out of the sun. Living in the dark all the time has little appeal to any of us.

So Living A Sun-Safe Life Is A Better Option

Now that we have the ability to have access to enough information to compare and make some decisions, dermatologists are helping us understand the different ways of being more protective of our skin.

Sun blocking clothing worn any time you are in the sun will offer better skin protection than clothing that allows the sun to reach your skin. Start with a sun blocking hat and sunglasses.

If you don’t have sun blocking clothing or UPF-rated clothing, you may have reasonable protection already in your closet. Something is better than nothing between you and the sun.

You can increase your skin’s protection by limiting the time you are in the sun during the more direct sun rays of the day, between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you are out during these hours, using sun blocking clothing and sunscreen together to protect your skin will help.

Ultraviolet radiation is the culprit for producing skin cancer. Skin cancer is usually referred to by the terms melanoma and non-melanoma.

Non-melanoma is the most common, but the most curable. Basal cell carcinoma is the least invasive if treated early. Squamous cell carcinoma is a bit more invasive but usually controlled with treatment as well.

These 2 are also mostly preventable. Basal cell and Squamous cell carcinomas are in the outer layers of your skin.

Melanoma is harder to spot, and also more difficult to always cure. It is considered the deadliest of skin cancers.

Yes, We Must Do Better In Protecting Our Skin

Allowing ourselves to not make a few changes to protect our skin better is not OK. We now know what is causing skin cancer. We know how to protect our skin and slow the numbers.

I have added the sunscreen application every morning. While I am not out in the sun every day, especially during the winter, I like having our curtains and blinds open for light. There are skin-aging UV rays in indirect light too. On the less direct sun days, I only reapply if I am going to be out for longer than 15 minutes.

On more direct sun days, I am getting better about wearing the wide-brim hat. The sunglasses are easy to remember at all times.

These steps seem so small in the battle to protect my skin compared to the job that needs doing. What are you doing differently? I am talking about every day. We have lots more every day than vacation days. It is easier to remember for vacation days.

Protect your skin from the sun. Help keep your skin safe from sun damage

Sami’s Take On Do I Really Need To Protect My Skin From The Sun

When living in a sunny part of the world, sun protection is undoubtedly a lifestyle.

Finding different ways you can enjoy some time outdoors and keep your skin safe from the sun. Avoiding midday exposure is a good start.

Wearing a wide-brim hat and sunglasses with sun blocking clothing will go a long way in protecting your skin. Adding sunscreen to your face regardless of the time of year because of how hard it is to cover your face is wise.

Those are not impossible moves, and we can do it.

Will you join me in my effort to make people aware of skin protection? Safer lifestyles? This is the first time I have lived where there are shade trees. I do look for shade when walking in the park. Do you?

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