How Long Does UPF Last In Clothing?

Have you wondered how long does UPF last in clothing?  Wondering about this I put in an inquiry with customer support at Coolibar. A few days later their response was:

“Our UPF carries a guarantee for the life of the fabric.”

The life of the garment by their calculations is 2 years as long as the wear is normal, and the laundry directions are followed.  

When the fabric begins to pill and show signs of wear, the garment should be worn with a bit of caution.  (At this point you may need to apply some sunscreen for additional protection.  There may be some protection left, but the guarantee of 50 protection is not there.  Hey, any help is better than none.)How Is Your Sun Blocking IQ?

Companies And Policies

In an effort to provide you with more options than just Coolibar for your UPF clothing, hours and hours are going into research. I am not an affiliate of Coolibar, I just have been researching their product background longer.

I hope you can use this information as well.  That is what I had in mind when this whole idea took shape.  To be able to share with others and make the information helpful for as many as possible. 

Shopping is a personal experience, and you may be looking for UPF for a completely different reason from me.  However, maybe you can use some of the information I am learning as I continue.


This is not a review of this company, just some of what I am finding about them.  Their company policies are based on using fabric tested using the Australian Government guidelines. This should produce quality sun-protecting garments for you and your family.  Solari, as Coolibar is an Australian-based company.

The style of clothing shown on Solbari’s website seemed stylish, understated, low-key, and tasteful.  There are many pretty colors, both deep and softer as well. The overall look is to offer quality and comfort for your clothing dollars spent.  

In my way of thinking, if you can offer style, quality, and comfort plus the UPF protection factor, it is a good buy.  The pricing was similar to Coolobar, with their own brand take on special features.

These products will give you good value when cared for properly.  I do believe the UPF would give you at least 2 years of 50 level of protection.  If these are not worn often, you can probably be safe even longer.  The wear occurring in normal circumstances should have you well protected for a nice length of time.

Please don’t mistake this to mean forever.  I mean for a normal life of a garment.  Again, 2 years is what Coolibar considers the life of a garment. I am sure that with Slobari’s clothing, a similar standard will be their guideline.  They are both overseen by the same government agencies. 


LL Bean offers a good selection of UPF wear.  The selection is well made and offers good wear durability for outdoor activities.  This Company is known for customer service and dedication to helping you stay comfortable with protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  

Pricing seems to follow the trend of the other 2 mentioned before.  The shirts that are not knits are well-styled, with pockets and flaps, as well as sleeves wide enough to roll comfortably should you want to do that.  The patterns reflect LL Beans’ reputation for casual but well-tailored comfort.

They do seem to have a great swimsuit design with good styling and durability. 

Lands End

Lands End provides a nice selection of UPF products.  There are good choices for both adults and kids, and senior citizens as well.  The Lands End is more in the activewear style, for hiking, boating, fishing, and everyday wear.  The fabrics look durable, and the colors and prints are attractive.  Allowing for a neat put together look, even when actively involved in outdoor activities.

Their swimsuits were attractive as well. The kids’ selection included styles I can see my grandkids enjoying.

Prices were fairly consistent with the companies in the earlier parts of the article.  

After digging around in the back pages of these sites, I did not find any surprises for the lack of quality in the products they create.  It seems safe to say that you get what you pay for in UPF protection.  

It is also safe to say that the UPF lasts for about 2 years as well.

For My Family

I am finally getting the true picture of how the sun blocking clothing can help us to protect our skin.  I did not think about being able to skip applying sunscreen when I choose to wear the UPF shirts. 

To just reapply to my face if I am out a long time.  That will be more comfortable throughout the day. 

When the grandkids are out in the sun playing they will benefit from good sun blocking clothing.   They will be cooler and more comfortable.  Yes, wearing regular long sleeve shirts will help protect them better than no shirt.  However, the lighter weight of the specially treated shirts will make it easier for them to stay covered up.

The other thing that has come to my mind is this business of thinking it is OK for kids to be out, just because you played out when you wanted to.  We just didn’t know the damage we were doing.  We didn’t know that we were setting ourselves up for so much skin damage. 

Learning how to live in this world with global warming and the disappearing Ozone layer will require us to be more aware. Aware of how we can schedule events during less intense sun hours.  Have the sunshades in public places to help break the sun’s intensity.  

So, have you begun your UPF wardrobe?  Your sun blocking tool chest?  The wide-brimmed hat, the sunglasses, a sunblocking shirt?  What about sunscreen?  Are they convenient for your family to use as they go out into the sun?

Will UPF Last in clothing
Sami’s Take On Does UPF Last In Clothing?

I think that there is a lot at stake for most companies with their UPF clothing lines. They are not required, at least not yet, to meet standards, but most want their part of this growing trend of ready-to-wear.

This market continues to grow, and having reliable merchandise is a major way to grow their market.

Also, more and more information is being found that is proving the need for this form of protective clothing for ourselves and our families. As we learn more about how simple it is to protect our skin by covering it from the sun, for me it beats reapplying sunscreen when I am already hot and sweaty.

Feeling comfortable that the UPF clothing will hold the ability to protect us from sun damage and a higher risk of skin cancer, we will continue to add to our basic sun blocking wardrobe. Hats and sunglasses being the most important, with sun blocking shirts close behind.

How will you start you sun protection?

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