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How Can I Protect My Face From The Sun

To protect our skin from sun burn

How can I protect my face from the sun?  Have you been thinking about how you can protect your face from the sun?   We know this is something that should start immediately.   It is summertime, are you thinking ‘not today but soon I’ll wear my sun hat.’?

When you don’t make the best decisions for protecting your skin on daily basis, you will allow UV exposure  This will cause your skin to age much faster than it should.  This is where awareness of sun blocking clothing becomes your helper.

One way to protect your skin from the sun’s damage is to wear sunscreen.  We know this is a fact, but we also tend to be careless and neglect to reapply sunscreen.   This is a basic habit to build your skincare routine on.

You know when you look in the mirror and see red cheeks or more freckles that some sneaky sun time happened. Did you get stuck in traffic?  Were the parking places by the store full?  Not only did you have to drive around a little, but you also had to walk farther?  

Did you realize that you would get too much sun in the car?  Your face can easily get a sunburn through the windshield of your vehicle.  You will definitely see freckles in evidence if you drive without sunscreen all summer.

The windshield and windows in your vehicles will block the vitamin D, but not the skin-damaging UV rays, especially those UVB rays.

Sunscreen Is Important

To protect your face from the sun and the damage of too much sun sunscreen is the first tool.  Sunscreen goes on your face every morning if you live in sunny central Texas.  After your moisturizer, apply enough sunscreen to your face area to really protect your skin. Why We Need Sunscreen

You hear broad-spectrum SPF 30 which is the lowest level of protection for your skin because this is an important part of taking care of your face.  Protection from the sun is a lifelong challenge.  Unlike letting yourself gain a few pounds, that you can lose, a sunburn is forever. 

Using a broad-spectrum product will help divert the deeper-reaching blue UVA rays that age the skin, not only on your face but your whole body.  If you are careful to protect your skin with well-applied sunscreen and sunblocking clothing, you will have healthier skin.

Remember, we are thinking face here, and a wide-brimmed hat is a sun blocking clothing for your face.

Sunscreen that has been applied properly applied, a wide-brimmed hat, good sunglasses, and a sun blocking shirt.  Throw your towel over your legs.  Protect your skin.  Yes, use an umbrella and or shade as well.   

That skin that was exposed to the sun and allowed to blister and peel may look healed after the process is complete.  It doesn’t show permanent damage, at least not yet. 

Like other risky lifestyles, sun damage is dangerous.  You can usually escape real visible damage for a while.  However, living a life of continually allowing your skin to be overexposed will leave visible signs sooner, rather than later.

Protecting your skin from the sun

Arm Yourself With Awareness

Are you searching for answers to how to take better care of the skin on your face? Are you more aware because you have heard more than a few statements about how bad too much sun is for you?

As you accept the responsibility for taking better care of your skin, how do you feel about getting a tan?  Have you realized that what we thought was healthy is actually dangerous for your skin? 

Awareness is one of your best tools for skin protection. 

You can protect your face from too much sun.  You make the choice every time you go out without sunscreen to ignore the warning.  Even when you are avoiding the hours between 10 AM and 4 PM you are getting sun damage.

Yes, it is hard to avoid some exposure.  Knowing this, we must make sure the basic good habits are in place. 

Applying sunscreen every morning is the first act to defend your skin, especially your face.  

Avoiding peak sun hours between 10 AM and 4 PM is the next best thing you can do to protect your face from the sun. 

Remember to use your sunscreen properly. 

Apply enough product to fully cover and protect your face.

When you are out, wear a wide-brimmed hat.   

Stay in the shade or use an umbrella.  Consider an umbrella an important part of your skin protection toolbox.

Then, always wear your sunglasses. The larger the lens, the better you are protecting your face from the sun.  

  • Sunscreen
  • Avoid Peek Sun
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella  
How can I protect my face from the sun
Sami’s Take on How Can I Protect My Face From The Sun?

As we are learning more about the dangers of the sun, and how quickly the damage takes place, awareness of protection is important. The sun is such a daily part of our life here in Central Texas.

We often forget the danger that just a little too much sun can be. We also forget that the damage happens quickly. Many can be in serious trouble in a short time. Just forgetting that 2nd round of sunscreen will let a few minutes more in the sun do serious damage.

Your protection habits can become automatic, as you work with them. Sunscreen every morning. Reapply every couple of hours unless you are sweating heavily or in and out of water. Then after you towel off or get out of the water, you should reapply even if it has been less than 2 hours.

By adding a hat to the sunscreen on your face, you are adding another layer of protection. We are all vain enough that our face is important and we are more willing to practice more precautions.

Sun Blocking clothing can be that magic layer of protection. As long as you have it on, it is working. It doesn’t wash away. By using sunscreen on the parts of your body you haven’t covered with a sun hat, sunglasses, and a loose-fitting, long sleeve shirt, you are increasing your protection.

The protection good sun blocking clothing gives is what you need for total protection.

Think clothes are too hot to wear? Think again. You will find that the new blends and weaves of the fabric are more comfortable than you thought. The outdoor companies have made great progress in comfort.

I do think it is important to add a layer of sunscreen if you are going to be out all day. Reapplying is important as well for complete coverage.

What is your plan to protect your skin? Just reading about what to do isn’t enough. You need an action plan!

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