Sun Blocking Habits

sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun

Do you have good Sun Blocking Habits?  Maybe you are like me and think you do? 

While trying to use the information that I now have, it is apparent that the existing habits I have need have a refresh.  Now, I am aware of more ways to protect our skin from the sun and the damages of too much sun. 

Are your habits improving for protecting your skin from the sun?  Have you become aware of all the places that you are not as careful as you should be?  What about when you are driving in your car? 

With the awareness of the benefits of paying attention and being able to make small changes at a time to improve everyday life I often fail.  Do you get into an information overload after awhile?  I sure do.  Seems that when I find out about how our sun protection can be improved in one area, the ones where improvement has been made began to slip.  

Some Progress Is Slow

In my life, I have often been a feast or famine type in my approach to a situation that needs to be changed.  Change a little at a time?  No, that isn’t how I approach life.  One advantage of being older is that I realize that a little is better than nothing. 

I  read a large number of the blogs and information that Stephen Guise shares at Helping People Make Good Changes

Stephen Guise teaches about small changes and tries to help one understand how we can help ourselves.  This is how I have been trying to change how I am prepared to take better care of my skin.  How I will better protect myself from the sun.  A small change at a time. 

Being prepared with the tools you need will make a difference.  So tools are a good place to start with your sun blocking clothing.  Put that wide brim hat on your head as you walk out the door.  Grab the sunglasses.  Your long sleeved shirt.  Don’t forget the sunscreen.  Do what you can to get started. 

If you don’t have a wide brim hat yet, grab a cap.  Work with what you have to begin to protect your skin from the sun.

Here is where we talk about the protection from sunscreen.  We know that sunscreen helps.  So, be sure and use it to get a layer of protection on your skin.  

Your Toolbox For Skin Protection From The Sun

How is your toolbox shaping up?  What are you adding to be able to protect you and your family from the sun?

The four basics of getting ready to protect your skin from the sun and the damage that results from too much sun are:

  • Wide Brimmed Hat   A hat with a bit of a crown for air circulation and at least a three-inch brim to protect your face, ears, throat and neck is very important, and where a good sun blocking wardrobe should start.  For those who live in windy areas a brim that has a slight downward slant will not catch the wind as a flat one does.  More bucket shape is better for wind.
  • Sunglasses     Your sunglasses are the 2nd important part of your sun protection toolbox.  Cataracs and other eye problems and disorders are made worse when the sun has caused damage early in your life.  
  • Sun Blocking Shirt    The third tool for your skin’s sun protection is a long sleeve shirt.  The fabric needs to be heavy enough to block the sun from your skin.  The absolute best would be a shirt from a fabric that is specially made to block the sun.
  • Sunscreen     At least an SPF rating of 30 with a broad-spectrum base.    
But I Don’t Have That

Remember, that when making changes sometimes it can be a slow process to really take hold and make you stay with the change.  When you make new habits, really help you to have a better skin protection plan and help prevent skin cancer for your everyday living

If you don’t have a wide brimmed hat, then a cap, a visor.  Keep the sun off your face as much as you can.  

Your sunglasses are not very good?  Make getting a new pair a priority on your todo list.  You can get a new pair at the neighborhood dollar store that lets you know that it blocks out the damaging UPF rays on the tag.  They may not hold up like a more expensive pair but will protect your eyes. 

Your shirt is not a UPF treated garment.?  It will protect you some if it is on your body.  A loosely fitting long sleeve shirt in a deep royal blue will block the sun some for you.  Offer some protection.  This is definitely a case where something is better than nothing.  Check this for why you need a darker color.


Each of the three items discussed above will take your skin a step closer to protection.  The final part of your tool chest to protect your skin from skin cancer and all the other damage the sun can do is SUNSCREEN. 

Having a hat, sunglasses and a long sleeve shirt with sunscreen in your skincare toolbox has you on the best path to safely enjoy time in the sun.

Protecting your skin from the sun is important for you and your family.  Having the proof before my eyes, in my kid’s skin cancers, all three have had Basel and Squamous Cell cancers on their skin.  I have as well. We have been fortunate, so far. The scars are not too unsightly. 

 We are making some changes in how we live our lives in the sun.  Will you?  Remember, skin cancer is accumulated after too many times of overexposure and your skin just can’t heal one more time.  How many exposures do you have left before your skin can’t heal?  Skin Cancer isn’t just for old people.  

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