Learning About Skin Cancer

My Grandmother’s Sun Blocking Clothing.

Learning to prevent skin cancer in this world today?  Would you wear sun blocking clothing?   Had you considered the idea?  Being of a “certain” age I grew up with some warnings about spending too much time in the sun. However, that information did little to change my behaviour.

I had my fair share of sunburns over the years.  We lived in an area when I was growing up that was cotton farming land. Hot summers with lots of bright sun that made great crops of cotton when things went right.  I thought I was not doing anything wrong because my skin healed after a sunburn,  until it didn’t. 

Mom and my Grandmother protected their skin some when out in the garden or at the clothesline.  They knew the sun aged their skin, would make them look older than they were.  The science of why came along later, but they knew because their mothers told them.  I even had a “sunbonnet” when I was young.  Mine was white, trimmed in blue check, with a basic shape much like this one.

When Learning About Skin Cancer came into my life, I have to admit, I didn’t get real excited.  Everyone had it or could have it. What was the big deal? 

The lack of awareness that we were talking about me and my family, and forever, is woefully absent.

After some digging and some thought.  And hours and months of reading and studying and taking notes, I know more.  Not all there is to know about skin cancer.  At least I don’t know it all yet.  I will keep reading and working to bring you information to keep you and your family safe. 

It dawned on me that it would be fun to write about what I have learned. Share what our family has learned about skin cancer. 

I have been down many of those endless research places where you enter your information and get your category of risk assessment. 

Filled in information blanks and gotten many a standard risk analysis. 

I did get a lot of information through my email that tried to sell me so many programs and studies.  So you don’t have to go there.  I have already.  There are still subscribing tasks that started in July.  

Well over half our family has had pre-cancerous spots removed from their bodies.  We have had some reconstruction from serious removal of skin cells.  All because of too much sun. 

Then another truth dawned on me.  These were all caused by lifestyles!  The lifestyle of too much time in the sun with too little skin protection. 

Yes, that is what causes skin cancer.  Too much sun.  Too little protection.  Just like overeating or smoking.  These are all lifestyle choices. 

Encourage Lifestyle Changes Through Awareness

Yes, I would like for my family to be more aware of what they can do to protect themselves from the sun.  Protect against skin cancer.   

I have no illusions.  This is a normal family.  We care about how our lifestyles may be working against us.  Sometimes we even recognise that is happening before it is pointed out to us.  There is just the problem of change.  That is the hard part. 

No one really wants to change how they are living their lives.  My family is no different.    We are a stubborn lot, and often our own worst enemy.  So a soft approach will be tolerated the longest.  Have the best chance of making a difference.

If I can visit with them and share the information I am learning, they may decide for themselves to make some changes.  That is the reason for the “cover” subject for this project. 

I want my kids to read the information.  I know they won’t if it is presented too harshly.  That is what caused me to decide to drop back and try for a softer approach to sharing this information.

If sun blocking clothing will get their attention long enough to read through?  That is a win.  The information that explains the whys of making changes.   How wearing sun blocking shirts and wide brimmed hats can protect their skin. 

It isn’t that big a stretch when one finally arrives at the “light bulb moment” when they see why they must change.  How it is to their benefit to make a change. 

Sun Blocking Clothing

As I learned about skin cancer, the old pictures came to mind.  The sun blocking clothing worn by generations ahead of me. That is how they dressed in the old albums we have. Layers of protection.  They were doing what they could to protect themselves from sunburn.

The old pictures may be what comes to mind for many of us when the subject of sun blocking clothing.  We should become aware that they help prevent and protect you from skin cancer.  Where are you with your awareness of this idea?  Learning about skin cancer is a double-edged sword.  

Did you think about protecting your skin?

I hate to admit that I only considered it necessary to protect my skin when playing in the water.  As a young preteen even as a teenager, sunscreen was an accessory we had in our stuff we brought along when we were going to be swimming.  Using it wasn’t a part of the plan.  We just wanted to have a bottle of sunscreen to look cool! 

We didn’t think so much about it before going ride bikes.  Or do whatever we did when so young. We were out in the sun, in direct sunlight!  We just didn’t know.

Now as the world is warming, be aware

Now you realize that the world really has changed. Global warming is something we will have to deal with.  The thinner stratosphere allows us to sunburn so much quicker.  You and your family are getting older.  There have been many fun days in the sun.  The sunburns are piling up.

Climate Warming And Your Skin

These are all factors that make any thinking adult acknowledge.  You must get off the fence in this skin cancer awareness that is going on worldwide. The cases of skin cancer are growing. 

We can no longer be indifferent.  This body we have to live with can only survive a limited number of sunburns.  Then it can no longer replace sunburned skin with healthy skin.   When this happens, you will be left with skin that is no longer attractive or young-looking.  Your skin can no longer help heat your body, nor will it be able to cool you as easily.

All the functions we haven’t noticed our skin performing when it was healthy?  The failure will get our attention when it can’t do them anymore.

Sun Blocking Clothing

Can you go from unaware of the dangers of skin cancer and move into the new stylish and well made sun blocking clothing? Yes, you can do this.  You will be making the first of many adjustments that are instore for all of us on this journey of learning about the prevention of skin cancer. 

The future can be more comfortable as you learn how to protect your skin.  We may not be able to completely prevent skin cancer.  The chance is here to make it easier to live with and hopefully easier to treat.

The secret of early treatment is important to the future.  To your healthy future.  A long-sleeved shirt with a wide brimmed hat will go a long ways toward protecting you.  Sunscreen, of course, is important.  Always wear sunglasses.  Give yourself and your family the benefit of a better knowledge of sun protection for their skin. 

Know that there are many new ideas coming along that will make it easier to protect our skin and prevent skin cancer.  Make yourself aware. 

When you allow your self to be aware and start learning about skin cancer you will see the signs for yourself everywhere. Don’t take too long to protect yourself.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On Learning About Skin Cancer

As we have so much information available, it is sometimes easier to ignore the information than to try to make it work for you.

Realizing that we can have an effective part in keeping our skin safer is an important place to start. Using sun blocking clothing is an easier way to protect your skin. An easier way to prevent cancer.

You will need to rethink that thing you have going on with your love of suntans. They are not good for your skin health. They appeal to your vanity, not the sane part of you that knows you need to change.

Wanting to look glamorous like you think a tan makes you look is an immature way to come to terms with a healthier lifestyle. Do you still think it makes your look attractive to smoke? Too much sun does more skin damage than smoking. More people die from skin cancers than from smoking!

Good luck as you continue to grow your awareness of the dangers of too much sun on your skin.