IS All Sun Blocking Clothing Created Equal?

To protect our skin from sun burn

It really is true that all fabric for making sun blocking clothing is not created equal.

There are some polyester blended fabrics being used that are not so comfortable to wear, and if worn for a lengthy time can cause some stinky issues.

There is the ability to treat the fabric to wick the moisture away to make the fabric more comfortable. But this does not necessarily help the stinky issue. Your body can still smell sour, and then there is just a foul smell. A smell from the moisture of your body sitting on the fabric too long.

The journey from oblivious about sun blocking clothing to the awareness that I must make some changes was a bit difficult because I still wanted a tan.

When you have spent many years thinking that having a tan was so cool, change takes a while  I still think a tan is attractive even seeing and knowing what I know now about the price your skin pays for that tan.

Finding yourself needing to shop for sun blocking clothing is the time you know you are becoming a responsible adult.  Even when you are 45 years old.  Cut yourself some slack and be ready to look at things from a different angle and get your skin protected. 

You will need your mental state to do an about-face to make this work for you.  Going from exposing your skin to the sun to cover-up?  For me, it was the visit to the dermatologist.  

It should have happened earlier in my life, but sadly, it didn’t.  Don’t allow the sun to damage your skin any more than you have already. Get yourself protected from the sun. 

Learning As You Go

Finding what works for you to help protect your skin from the sun will sometimes be an adventure.  Sometimes, a slam dunk.  If you are not out a lot in direct sun between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM, you will need less protection, but you will still need the basics and sunscreen.

Here in Central Texas with our many hours of sunlight cause even just riding in a car gives you a sunburn. To protect yourself will mean using sunscreen, daily.

You will also need sun blocking clothing to protect yourself.  Regardless of the time of day. Our sun is direct and burns your skin to the damaging point quickly and easily.  

Be prepared to read labels, maybe make notes on what works and what doesn’t.  After a season or two, you will be and feel an accomplished shopper for sun blocking clothing.  You will enjoy having a nice sun protection clothing wardrobe. 

You can spot that special sun hat or those sunglasses that make you feel great.  When you invest wisely your sun blocking clothing items will be worn for several years, and you will love them.

Sun Blocking Clothing protection

Bit Of Advice

Finding that happy medium for you and your family’s skin protection can sometimes seem a thankless chore.  Even if you are only shopping for yourself and no one else, there will be errors. 

For the first purchase to help take care of your skin, start with the obvious, sunscreen and sunglasses, a hat.  Then a long-sleeved loose-fitting shirt from a tightly woven fabric. 

Find one that dries quickly.  Finding a lightweight fabric to protect you from the sun, drying quickly is important.

When you will be in and out of the water getting your shirt wet is a given.  Sitting in a wet shirt is OK for a short while, but you will be happier if it dries quickly.  Also remember that when your shirt is wet, it may not protect you so well. Sit in the shade.

You need to keep the shirt on to keep the sun off your body. 

Some men and women as well try to wear a long-sleeved terry cloth robe or beach robe.  They are just flat-out hot, and our crew won’t wear them.  The thinner fabric of the lighter-weight shirts is just more comfortable.

You are protecting your body all day. You will need a shirt that is comfortable and dries quickly. Your family needs to be protected.

Personal Likes

When wearing a shirt, some are more comfortable in a lightweight tee shirt. Me, I prefer a button-up long sleeve shirt!  I like what started out being called fishing shirts for women when I know I am going to be out in the direct sun between 10 AM and 4 PM. 

When wearing a shirt over my swimsuit, I like an oversized shirt.  So a men’s long-sleeved shirt in the same fishing style with the vented back yoke.  

So far, the 2 shirts are what I have in my sun blocking wardrobe.   They work well for what we do while out in the sunshine for periods of time. 

I use one of the 2 farmer-style brimmed hats, and am happy, and didn’t freckle so much this summer.

At home, I have some oversized long-sleeved shirts for working in the yard and helping with clean-up.  They allow air to move in around my body and work for me. 

So with the other farmer-style brimmed hat, I feel the first stages of this new effort for wearing sunblocking clothing is moving forward.  I am trying to learn to wear the cuff of the long sleeve down over the tops of my hands when I am outside. 

While it is a bit late for me to get too carried away with sun blocking clothing, I have to be cautious. I don’t want to visit my dermatologist anymore!

Of course, there is the fact that my lifestyle has changed. I am not often for long sun exposures. I do feel better prepared to use my skimpy sun blocking wardrobe to better advantage, and prevent more skin damage.

Sun Blocking Clothing Summary

Summertime is often when these issues are the most apparent. Winter can also be tough as well because the polyester is usually a shell on the outside of a windbreaker or light jacket.

If you perspire and get soaked through the layers of lining and quickly sour as your body heats. This will cause odors as well.

If there isn’t enough insulation in the polyester, it can also be very cold. This inability of the polyester to breathe can be improved upon with different finishing methods.

Look for these methods to make the fabric more comfortable, while also adding to the cost of clothing. With some thought, you will know when to get the more pricey garment, and when it really doesn’t work so well for you.

Yes, you can find quality clothing at reasonable prices. Clothing that has the right balance of all the factors needed for protecting the skin from the sun. This will provide you and your family with the skin protection they need.

So be sure to read labels and do some trial and error to find what works best for you and your family. A tag stating the UVB numbers is important, but so is comfort and your willingness to wear the clothing.

Will you be as happy with some of the lesser expensive fabrics? I think the answer is yes. The main thing to remember is that we often expect more from the clothing than it was designed to do. Again, read labels and find out what the clothing is created to do for you. How it is supposed to protect your skin?  Sun Blocking Clothing And Skin Cancer

Protect your skin
Sami’s Take On Is All Sun Blocking Clothing Created Equal?

Sun blocking clothing is a practical part of a family’s wardrobe. Making sure that your skin has protection when in the sun is something you can do to protect yourself from skin cancer.

Think about your purchases and consider what you will be doing when wearing sun blocking clothing. Having a long sleeve oversized shirt to protect you after your swim makes more sense than most sunproof swimsuits.

Check to make sure your child’s suit protects when wet. If they are in the water a lot, having a loose-fitting shirt for when they are out of the water will up the protection game.

Sun blocking clothing, like sunscreen will not do a very good job of protecting your skin in the water. The water will keep most of the sun off your skin. It is when you get out of the water that you will need protection.

A sun blocking soft knit hooded sun robe or shirt will be comfortable for you and your family. When you get dry, your sun blocking shirt will keep the sun off your body.

Your sun hat and sunglasses will work for your head some sunscreen for the reflections that are everywhere for your face. You can do it!

Is All Sun Blocking Clothing Created Equal?

No, it isn’t! However, you can with some thought make better choices when you are building your family’s blocking wardrobe.

The main issue is learning to think about what you will be doing, not what you wish or dream of doing while wearing your sun blocking clothing. It is a practical kind of dressing, and protection is important.

Give yourself permission to make a mistake.

Just don’t give yourself permission to not try to protect your skin.

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