Big Guns Sun Protection For Your Skin

To protect our skin from sun burn

What I Have Learned

Digging out information about how to find the Big Guns Sun Protection For Your Skin has been an enlightening journey. And it isn’t over, this mission of awareness.

We are making headway into understanding why our skin needs protection from sunburn and overexposure. We also are understanding why our skin needs protection from the free radicals that cause ageing.

Thinking that I was only going to find sunburn protection showed how naive I was. Now I can understand why people who are in the sun too much age so quickly. Their skin adds years to their appearance.

Hopefully, the anti-ageing and skin cancer protection will make our older mature years kinder. By realizing how the sun’s rays work to make you more venerable to skin cancer as well as wrinkles and saggy skin. Now you can protect yourselves.

By using broad-spectrum sunscreen and sun blocking clothing you can increase your skin cancer protection a good bit. Those two things are the big guns sun protection for your skin.

Comparison to Global Warming

This link was an interesting read. Explaining how and why the thinning ozone layer is failing to protect your skin. You just have to pay attention and step up your protection from the sun. We will all need to prepare to pay attention, be more aware, as well as be more diligent. The truth is out.

We can’t make more skin. Well actually, they kind of can. Have you seen a person who was accidentally seriously burned? It may be possible to make something to replace your skin, at least well enough to save your life, but it won’t look like what you had.

My daughters both kept responding with “When my skin makes a difference to me, they will be able to make new skin.” (When I get old like you, they will be making new skin) The day has come. They care. The new skin is not available. They both wish they had not been so set on maintaining a tan.

More Skin Care

They both are busy with good skincare taking care of their skin. The big guns sun protection for their skin? Yes, they are more aware of what to do and are using better measures to take care of themselves. It is a case of shutting the gate after the cows got out. This will make them need to practice good skincare.

I am sorry they have to go through it. I can say I tried. The visits to the dermatologist have been a regular in their lives as well. I truly think the thinning of the ozone layer allowed them to have more issues than we did in earlier times. I don’t usually get on a bandbox about the climate changes. That may be a statement that no longer applies to me. This is something that has affected me and my family. How about you?

Reasons To Change

My reasons to change are important to me. I think my family is very aware of the need to be careful going forward.

When my son makes his long drives across the country, he uses sunscreen when he gets behind the wheel. Eight or ten hours behind the windshield will see several reapplications. He does use a product that doesn’t have the chemicals that enter the body. The one that takes a bit longer to apply but doesn’t have the toxic action is a safer choice.

The grandchildren are also aware of the need to protect their skin. My older granddaughter is fair-skinned and does not spend much time in the sun. She does use sunscreen and wears sunblocking clothing when she is out. As she did not inherit her Mom’s darker more olive-toned skin she just has to take care of herself. I am glad she is aware. This will make her so happy as time passes.

Hindsight verses Foresight

A lesson about skincare that I learned a bit late is that we are old longer than we are young. We are so busy being young. Then, one day we start living with the problems that are caused while we were young. As things slow down for us, we wouldn’t change the fun times that resulted in the sun damage. There is some regret that we didn’t know more about what was happening to our skin.

We were not aware of the example we were sitting for our family. By being unaware of how they would be spending so much more time in the sun than we did.

Kind of irresponsible of us. We assumed that they would follow in our footsteps. Their lives would be like ours was. That clothing styles would never change. That they would work in long-sleeved shirts and pants or skirts. Not spend summers guiding river rafting trips. Winters on the ski slopes took any extra time they had.

Then came the golf courses. We all know how those stories are. Canoeing, sitting at sports events. Such a wide assortment of sun exposure oppurtunities.

Skin that has had too much sun when we were young can be a chore to take care of. If looking older than you are doesn’t bother you, count your blessings. It does bother me. This is something our family members are working to prevent. So for us, another reason to use the big guns sun protection for your skin. This is important.

Changes I Will Make

As this year moves on in to next, I will be making some changes in what I am doing to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Using more sun blocking clothing is one main change. I really had not been aware that just wearing long-sleeved shirts. Hats with wide brims. I didn’t know that what I had in the closet would help.

Of course, there will be continued sunscreen use. We have used the product. Yes, we were smearing some on, just not the amount recommended. We haven’t been using enough to give good coverage. Using enough sunscreen will make a difference I now realise.

Back To The Big Guns Sun Protection For Your Skin

In addition to the wide-brimmed hat, we will also be more conscious of sunglasses use. Making sure the younger kids have good sunglasses. It is no wonder that we need cataract surgery so much sooner than our parents. These are all good common sense things we can, and must do to protect ourselves. Using all the big guns sun protection for our skin really isn’t just an option. It is a necessity to help your skin avoid skin cancer.

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