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Sun Blocking Clothing Available At Walmart

Wearing shirt to protect skin from the sun

Yes, Sun Blocking Clothing is available at Walmart.  You can outfit yourself or if you have a family, your whole family with sun blocking clothing from Walmart.  

A bit of an explanation on this statement.  I am a faithful Walmart Shopper.  I have found quality products at a fair price.  This is my rule for shopping at Walmart or anywhere else, you get what you pay for.

I feel that with some practice you can also have great experiences shopping for sun blocking basics to protect you and your family at Walmart prices. 

Now another disclaimer, we are still in the middle of the pandemic here in my part of central Texas.  Browsing Walmart in person is difficult.  I have gone online to and feel that the descriptions do great justice to the fabrics. So I feel comfortable ordering online from Walmart.

I also feel comfortable with the online descriptions of sunscreen products.  They seemed to be in line with all the research I have been doing and the chemicals in the products the ones described.                         

Sunscreens play an important part in our sun blocking protection plan.  They should be applied before getting out in the sun.  Then reapplied every 2 hours or after swimming or excessive sweating.  When I am out to work in the yard, once we get to the excessive sweating, it is house time for me!

However, with sun blocking clothing, and just reapplying sunscreen to the parts of my skin that aren’t covered with clothing, it is less of a big deal, to break some sweat!

Sun Hats The First Considerations

Your head area, nose, ears, cheeks, and lips are the first places to consider.

A wide-brimmed hat (a 3-inch brim is good) is the first choice here.  I am talking basics here.  But oh my, there sure are some cute hats out there! 

After applying sunscreen to your face, you will need a hat. There are reflections when out in the sun that makes applying to your face important.  Keeping the UVA rays off your skin to slow down early aging is what you are doing. There may be some danger with a good sun hat for sunburn, but mostly it is early aging from UVA reflections.

With a brim, the back of the neck is protected some and this is an often overlooked part of the body. It is also where our family has some experience with some surgical work removing basal cell growths. 

Yes, precancer, but if the area were protected it might not have gotten that far.  

With baseball-type caps being so popular in our part of the world, ears and necks have been getting too much sun. 

So, start moving in the right direction and protect yourself.  There were several selections as I was shopping the online resources of while thinking about what to suggest in this article.  There were nice brimmed straw hats, as well as fabric styles that offered some great protection from the sun for your skin.

A tightly woven fabric bucket-style appeals to me. You can wash it and it won’t smell sweaty!


Sunglasses are the next thing to consider when getting out into the direct sun.  Your eyes will receive damage when you are in the bright sun without some kind of eye protection. Protecting your eyes is important.  

I know, that the Native Americans who first populated this country and roamed and migrated did not have sunshades.  They rarely lived to be 50 years old either. 

The damage from living in the bright sunshine is always a threat, but the damage is thought to be part of aging, even though it might start when you are in your 30s.  

Sunglasses have long been considered a necessity in our part of the world for adults, but I am sorry to say not for kids.  This needs to be a serious part of your training with your family.  Your kids need sunglasses as well. 

Their sunglasses need UV protection, as well as a good fit so the kids can keep them on. Of course, looks will be the most important for them.

There are several different price ranges, and in my opinion, should be tried on before purchase.  When ordering online, you will need to order and return what doesn’t work in shades, as with clothing.  A bit time-consuming, but every pair may not fit your youngster. 

Sunshades for kids were thought to be a bit frivolous when my kids were young.  I am so sorry.  I did not know. Unfortunately, my examples were not what I wish they had been. Unfortunately, I can’t go back and redo it, so am settling for helping others be aware.

Sun Blocking Shirts Are Important

The next layer to consider for sun blocking clothing is shirts.  Here there is a wide assortment of choices.  There are many styles and fabric choices. 

First, I feel I need to point out that a plain shirt will block the sun. Maybe not as well as the sunblocking fabric, but it will be better than no shirt. 

It doesn’t have to be specially treated or woven to block some of the UV rays.  Anything between you and the sun helps. The tighter woven fabrics will block more of the sun than looser woven ones. 

Some prefer all-cotton shirts, both in tee-shirts and in woven long-sleeve shirts as well.  The thicker the tee-shirt fabric the more it blocks the sun.  Denim is more protective than chambray. Heavier and thicker are best. Synthetics usually protect better than natural fibers.

So, next to consider is what will you wear. 

What Is Best For You

If you won’t leave it on when the sun gets hot, it is not good protection.  You have to wear a shirt to protect your skin.

This is why it may make it a good investment to choose sun blocking clothing for your sun exposure days.

Clothing that has been styled for protecting the skin on hot sunny days should be easier to wear. You can stay more comfortable if the fabric is thinner, lighter in weight, and drys quickly when you sweat it down. 

Some shirts have vent areas that allow the air to cool and dry you quicker. Longer sleeves to pull down over your hands. Double collars to stand up for extra protection for your neck. There are many custom features that make some shirts worth more.

Think about it.! Wearing sweaty wet clothes all day is not comfortable. Maybe a wicking fabric will be worth the extra cost to make sure you are more comfortable. Plan for this and make it through the direct sun exposure more comfortably for your days outside.

Sweating And Fun In The Sun

Sun blocking clothing helps block the sun from your skin. Even if it is not a miracle fiber, it can make you cool just because the UV rays are blocked.  You will probably be cooler in lighter-weight fabric, but you will still get hot and sweat.

However, the lighter-weight fabric will dry quicker, and be more comfortable when it does get wet from water or sweat.  

Reapplying sunscreen when you are already hot and sweaty has been a part of skin protection that we tend to ignore. Having a good sun blocking shirt cuts way down on where you will need to reapply sunscreen to stay safe from sunburn.

A loose-fitting shirt of tightly-woven fabric with long sleeves will be more comfortable, and allow air to move around your body so you will cool.

Regrets felt by a Mom (Me)

I would surely encourage you to think about this important skin protection for you and your family. The consequences are just not worth it. You should give yourself a start in the right direction.

I know that you have been living forever without using anything but sunscreen. I did that too. Now I know better. My family members have spent more time in the dermatologist’s office than I like to remember.

We will be paying dearly for not taking some precautions for our skin for the rest of our lives. The damage is done. We have had pre-cancer as well as skin cancer conditions that required surgery to remove. Some more than once.

What Is Next For You

Every time one of my kids mentions visits to the dermatologist to me, I feel guilty. I know, I didn’t know. Now you know.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your family. Start putting together your sun blocking clothing to protect your skin from the sun.

I do realize that despite all the reasons to stay out of the sun, we probably are not going to do that. I make these suggestions as guides to help you decide where to start with your battle of protecting yourself from the sun.

This information is for Responsible Adults With or Without Children. What can you do right now that will do a better job of protecting your skin from sun damage and skin cancer? Make a plan. Maybe you can get started.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin when using a tanning nasal mist.
Sami’s Take On Sun Blocking Clothing Available At Walmart

The whole purpose of an article about Walmart having Sun Blocking Clothing is to make you aware of your choices. Choices so that you can get your family ready for sun protection at a lower cost. It does not have to all be purchased at resort club prices.

While the styles of the more expensive clothing are always attractive, consider what you need.

Do you need clothing for just a weekend in the sun? Or do you live in a sunny area as we do? When do you and your family need clothing for every day?

A DIY for those of us who need sun blocking ability every day is to use the additive for making your everyday wear protect you better. Check out the laundry detergent products. Rit has a brighter that makes the clothing you already have more able to protect your family better.

These products adhere to the fabric of your tee shirts, and regular clothing that is worn a bit. Making the fiber of the fabric fatter so there is less room for the sun to get through. Supposed to last through 15 or so laundry cycles.

Hopefully, as we become more aware of how to protect our skin, we will have many more options.

My wish for you is for happy safe fun in the sun days for you and your family.

Thank you,


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