Your Baby Needs Sun Blocking Clothing?

Protect his skin from the sun

Your baby needs sun blocking clothing.  Most dermatologists recommend that we do not use sunscreen on our babies until they are at least 6 months old. Even then, it is not recommended.

So how do we protect their skin?  Block their skin from the sun! Use sun blocking clothing if you can not keep your baby out of the sun.

Remember our babies are still trying to finish their skin development.  As this was a stage of the baby care that brought all the other warnings together, I wanted to repeat the idea.  Did you know that your baby was born with skin that isn’t done yet? 

I sure didn’t!  I thought that the skin was kind of like the icing on the cake. The last thing you do before delivery!  That finishing touch.  Well, like a lot of other things I thought I knew, that is also not true.  Their baby skin is still forming. 

I guess it needs to “set” at least  6 months before you apply sunscreen. Now that I know about cancer-causing chemicals in sunscreen formulas are a possibility, sunscreen is not a good product for their skin.

Did you know about that little warning?  I didn’t either?  And even at 6 months of age, the chemical build-up is a “yellow light” or caution light to consider before using sunscreen on your baby’s skin.

Sunscreen Warnings

Have you read about the dangers of cancer-causing chemicals in the sunscreen we have been rubbing on all our skin?  The resulting chemical buildup? 

You might ignore it for yourself, but not your baby. This is not an acceptable risk for my grandbaby!

Take a moment and review what I found on the FDA and their regulation of chemical causing chemicals in sunscreen. Sunscreen Chemical Buildup In Your Body

Why Your Baby Needs Sun Blocking Clothing

With my newfound information about babies and their skin not being really ready for use, I began to wonder how new parents could organize their day to make time for exercise. 

I would have thought that during your baby’s nap time would be a good time to exercise for a new parent.  And it is if the exercise can be done in-house.  It is perfect!

However, if you are a runner or even a walker, you need to be outside.  Out breathing fresh air.  Feeling the sun on your face.   So you have a new baby.  What do you do?   

Some parents find that taking the time early in the day works for them to get out with one of the easy-to-use strollers available to take the little one with them.  

If this is true for you, keeping your little one covered and protected from the sun will be easier if the baby is sleeping.  when your baby gets a bit older and wiggles more as well as began staying awake longer,  sun blocking clothing will serve you well.  

If it is a cooler time of year, just your little one’s normal clothing will probably help protect them from reflecting rays as you are keeping the direct sun off of them.  So warmth is the main consideration.

Is It Dangerous For My Baby To Get Too Much Sun

Hotter seasons and times of the day require you to look at the whole skin protection differently.  Before I realized how fragile a baby’s skin is, I considered some people a bit paranoid about taking precautions with their little one’s skin.  I have learned my lessons.  And stand corrected.  This is important and requires some attention.  

Yes, it is dangerous for my baby to get too much sun!

Normally awareness will be enough to help you to be aware of the best ways to protect your child’s skin.  It will require a bit of preplanning but surely is manageable.

Times To Safely Get Out With Your Baby

How do you plan your day?  If you are like me, I don’t really appreciate anyone planning my day for me. 

However, I appreciate your suggestions!  So will try to share what I have learned about exposing your baby’s skin to the sun in a suggestive manner.  I do want this information to help you. 

One reason I bring attention to these things that you know is you are so busy.  Working with less sleep, and trying to get everything done.  You do know this common sense and reasonable guidelines.  It is just that sometimes with a new baby our common sense is switched off. 

The times to avoid being out in the direct sun’s rays are between the hours of 10 AM until 4 PM.  Even on cloudy days, these hours should be avoided.  In my part of central Texas, we have more warm and hot days. It is more difficult to avoid the sun when you are not the one setting the schedule.  

We seldom have days that are too cloudy for the damaging UV rays to seep through. 

Before my now 12 months emersion into why and how come we need to change some things for sun protection.

I would have been frustrated when I sunburned on a cloudy day.  Sitting in the shade. With no sunscreen or UPF clothing. Now I understand why we get sunburned so easily here in central Texas.

Infants Need Sun Blocking Clothing

Now I understand why our infants have to be protected.  They need time for their skin to be ready for life.  Protecting a baby’s skin is one thing you can help your child with.  Help set your little one up for a healthy and skin cancer-free future life.  

The easiest way to protect your baby is to keep them out of the direct sun. Keep them safe at home.

Even though putting a smaller child in sunglasses is sometimes difficult, this is important.  Often a baby’s reflexes are not developed enough to protect from a sharp and direct light in his eye.  A baby has to learn to make the adjustments to blink.  As well as all the other reflexes we take for granted. 

Make sure your baby is protected with shade and umbrellas.  If you have your little one out in the sun pushing them forward as most strollers work, make sure there is something to protect the sun from shining in his eyes.

Now I understand why babies should be facing you if possible.  So you can watch and protect. (Remember these blinding flashes of light when you are carrying your baby, and protect their eyes.)

As the times recommended to be out are before 10 AM and after 4 PM, there will be more slanting rays.  They may not be directly overhead but can be damaging as well. 

Remember the world is changing.  We no longer have that ozone layer in the stratosphere to help filter out some of the more direct sun, or even the indirect sun rays either.  You must be diligent.

Learning To Have Balance

These warnings are shared to get you to think about what you can do to protect your infant’s skin.  But some consideration is due to the parent’s need to get out and move about in the sun. 

Fresh air and sunlight with exercise is often the best prescription for a light case of depression that may accompany your new baby’s birth.  Getting out and moving about in the sun can often be a great mood lifter. 

So there is a need for that time as well. Make sure you as the parent have the time outside you may need.  Be prepared with some basic sun blocking clothing for your baby. 

Do take advantage of your opportunity to get out and do what you need to do.  A healthy parent is an important part of this equation.

Ask Questions

New parents, who need to have help in knowing how to protect their little ones’ skin have grandparents like me. Did you know that little ones can get skin cancer too? 

Because they are not told.  I was not even told that I could get skin cancer when I had children out in the bright sun.

I have been to all annual check-ups for my grandson until he was six. Even as his physician gave a thorough physical exam, she didn’t seem concerned for skin cancer. Granted there are probably signs that this could be a possibility.  At that point, she may have given a warning.

I think that this will change because of the disappearing ozone layer.  With the increase in kids developing skin cancer while they are younger, there will be more emphasis on keeping the skin healthy.   

We are seeing changes in the weather worldwide because of global warming.  It is safe to assume we will be seeing differences in the rate of skin cancer in children as we are seeing the increase in adults. 

The longer you can delay the incidents of over sun exposure and sunburn for our children the better. Knowing the importance of protecting yourself and delaying sunburn for your family will help delay problems for all of you. 

Protecting Children Review

Our babies and children are particularly susceptible to UV damage. They are not old enough and do not know that they need to protect themselves from the sun.

Any sun damage children receive will increase their risk of skin cancer. Both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers are the results of too much sun, too often. The results are seen later in life.

Children should not be allowed to be in a situation of sunburn at any age. Protective measures like sun blocking clothing can ensure your child’s future risk of skin cancer is reduced. Using umbrellas, shades and awnings will help reduce reflective rays as well.

  • For your infants 0–12 months: Children under 6 mo. old generally have skin too sensitive for sunscreen. This means protective measures should focus on avoiding excessive UV exposure. You can do this by using window mesh covers. Dress your infant in a wide brim hat. Add loose clothing that covers your infants skin. Don’t expose infants to UV exposure between the hours of 10am and 4pm.
  • For infants who have reached 12 months: Limited sunscreen can safely be used on infants this age. It is recommended that you apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF 30 or stronger sunscreen to exposed areas. It is also recommeded that you avoid excessive UV exposure by using wide-brim hats and protective clothing, and safe sun exposure times.
  • With your toddlers and Preschool-aged children: Apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF 30+ or stronger sunscreen to exposed areas of their skin. You should also use wide-brim hats and sunglasses for your children in this age group. Always avoid peak UV intensity hours of 10am-4pm and seek shade. Sun protective clothing with a SPF rating will also provide additional protection for your youngster.
Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On Your Baby Needs Sun Blocking Clothing

As a parent who didn’t know how dangerous the sun was for our children, we broke every rule about sun exposure for babies. It is no wonder they now have the problems they have with skin cancer.

Learning to take better care of my grandkid’s skin has been enlightening. The lack of commonsense that we used is frightening. However, we just didn’t know the difference.

I know, like a reformed smoker, I am on a bandbox about the sun’s dangers to our skin. You guys are much more aware than I was of the dangers of the sun. Taking care of your kid’s skin should delay their time of skin cancer, or maybe do away completely with any risk.

Using sun blocking clothing will help everyone have more fun with the fun in the sun days. Also remembering to drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated will help protect against too much sun.

You can make a difference in your child’s health. Will you?

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