Why Is White A Good Color For Summer?

Why Is White Good A Good Color For Summer?

Only if the fabric meets the criteria for sun blocking material, should you rely on white clothing to help protect your skin.

Sun Block Clothing to protect,

Why is white a good color for summer for those who work out in the sun?

Most people don’t think about white when choosing a color for a working- outside-shirt. However, if you work outside and have to be out in the sun all day, white could be a consideration.

The first thing to look at is the fabric of the shirt. Is it tightly woven? Does the sun show through the fabric when held up between you and the sun? If you can see through the shirt, the sun will get through to your skin.

The color white and the color black are the best colors for blocking the sun. So, both colors should be considered when putting together clothes for outside work.

The one thing to remember about white work shirts? Did you know white will reflect back the body heat you generate?

If you are putting together a “working out in the sun wardrobe,” from your own closet? The fabric is important.

Finding A Working Wardrobe In Your Closet

One reason so many people object to white is that it is difficult to find white fabric that will block the sun off your body and not be too hot. To be dense enough to block out the sun usually requires heavier tight weave fabric.

While you might think that a white teeshirt feels good, you won’t be protected. A white teeshirt that has seen many rounds of washings and wearings will offer little sun protection. Save that shirt for wearing after you get home from work and the sun has gone a lot lower in the sky.

White works wonders in reflecting the hot UV rays. White also reflects body heat back to the body that is creating the heat. Unless the technology of adding vents to the styling of the shirt is used, a white shirt is hot! Especially in the hot sun of summertime.

UVF rating should also bring helpful cooling vents sewn in your shirt to allow air to escape and the body to cool itself. When wearing a sun prevention shirt, fit is important.

A loosely fitting long sleeve shirt will keep you cooler. Woven fabric is usually cooler than a close-fitting teeshirt. You need room for the air to circulate.

When you are able to find a properly fitting white shirt with the fabric that does block the sun, it will be more comfortable to wear.

Do Sun Blocking Shirts With UVF Work?

Let’s talk about how well UV blocking shirts work?

You can expect UV-rated clothing to help you keep your skin from getting too much sun.

A good example of the protection you should get:

If your shirt is rated with a UPF of 50, it should only allow 1/50th of the sun’s dangerous rays to get to your skin. So, 98% of the sun’s rays are blocked!

That is a pretty safe garment to wear.

You can get the same protection in new heavy denim. However, it won’t be very comfortable or practical to wear in the summertime sun.

Please pay attention:

This shirt should protect you, along with your sun-blocking hat, and sunglasses. Wearing gloves will protect your hands.

Wearing sunscreen is just another layer of protection against the sun. Using a sunscreen that has a wide spectrum and SPF of 50 is recommended.

If you are working in the bright sun all summer you will tan some. Keeping the sun completely off your skin is almost impossible in a real-life situation.

However, this should give protection against skin cancers.

Summer Sun And Keeping Skin Healthy

Staying safe in the summer sun is important for those who work outside all summer. You must become very aware of how long you are in the sun, and how you are protecting your skin.

A white shirt may be the best for you, or not. Darker shirts also block the sun from your skin, but they absorb all the heat that is produced. If you have a tight-fitting long sleeve black or dark teeshirt on, you will be hot.

Dark colors hold on to the heat. Close-fitting clothes keep the heat from leaving your body.

A loose-fitting darker colored shirt that allows the air to get in around the trunk of your body will allow the heat to dissipate. You will cool as the heat is pulled from your body.

The ever true example of how to best cool is with the comparison of the robes worn for centries in hot arid desert countries. The robes are loose-fitting and allow the air to flow around the body.

Reality Of Protecting Your Skin

While a white or black shirt can help protect your skin from the sun, the truth is that working in the heat of the sun requires you to be aware.

Using the layers of a sunhat, sunglasses and a loose-fitting long sleeve shirt is the foundation of staying safe in the sun. Adding sunscreen and reapplying often is important.

Taking breaks in the shade is also an important part of protecting your skin in the sun. You will have to be your own advocate. Working in the sun is not something to be taken lightly.

Besides your sun-blocking clothing and sunscreen, make sure you get enough water. You will sunburn quicker if you are dehydrated.

Working With UPF Clothing

Now that we understand the difference between white and black and how they protect your skin from the sun, UPF Clothing Information:

When you are shopping for UPF clothing, read the label. You need to know how long you are protected, how to care for the garment. Does it lose the ability to block the sun when wet?

Hand wash or machine wash OK? Hang to dry or dryer OK.

The life of a garment treated to be sun protective will be on the label as well. Most are treated for the life of the garment or 2 to 3 years. These things are important for keeping your skin safe.

If you work outside, staying healthy is important. A bad sunburn or heatstroke can have long-lasting consequences. Stay aware.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On Why Is White A Good Color For Summer?

Working out in the sun can be difficult. Finding a balance between protecting your skin and staying cool during the workday? Staying hydrated?

Taking breaks? It is all a challenge. Using the science of color to help stay cool will help, but often the days will seem long and miserable.

Using all the sun protection tools you can help. Wear UPF clothing, your sunhat, sunglasses. Taking breaks. Drinking water? The parts of staying safe in the sun are important. Pay attention and improve the health of your skin.

Stay aware of how your skin is reacting to the hours in the sun. Stay safe from skin cancers.

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