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How To Stay Safe In The Summer Sun And Heat

When your kids are involved in summer sports a general awareness of the dangers of heat and sun is important for staying safe. Using common sense to keep your family safe can happens with a plan

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Summer Sun And Heat Safety

How will you stay safe in the summer sun and heat? What can you do to keep your family safe during this particular time of the year?

Yes, we know that sunscreen is important. We also know that a layer of sunscreen on your skin can be like creating a sweat box. That’s all it takes for me to really work up a sweat is to add sunscreen! What else can we do? Simple Steps For Sun Safety

Having a plan will make a difference in how safe you can keep your family in the heat of summer. Your little one may grow up involved in 2 a day football practice in the heat of summer. It is up to you to give him or her a few healthy habits to stay safe from the heat and dangerous sun.

Sunblocking clothing can go a long way when the weather is hot and the sun is out. Staying hydrated is also important. Breaks in the shade can make a difference. Kids must know the importance of drinking enough fluids during the hot summertime.

Summer Sun And Heat Safety Plan

A plan is the first step for staying safe in the sun and heat of a Texas summer. Have you thought about how to stay safe from the heat?

Protecting your skin will help your body temperature to stay in a safer range. When you get too much sun and the first stages of heat exhaustion begin to occur, often they go unrecognized in an effort to “hang in there” with the team.

I have been guilty of trying to keep up with those who are in better condition than me and ignoring signs in my own body. When you get a sunburn and are in the heat of the outdoors, you can become sick, beyond just the heat issues. Your body can not cool itself when you have a sunburn. Be aware.

Stay aware of how the heat is working with your body’s system Watch how the heat affects your children and help them to recognize when they have had enough and need a break. This link can give you some ideas bout managing heat better.

A few minutes sitting in the shade can help keep your youngster performing better and playing longer in any kind of ball game..

Tennis is played with a ball remember? The competition of the game often pushes players beyond their normal safe time in the sun and heat.

This is when parents must be advocates for their children. Coaches are often too busy to pay as close attention as they and you would like to each player.

Don’t just sit there when you see a player getting in trouble because of the heat. Call attention to the fact that there are obvious signs of heat exhaustion.

Develop Safe Habits For Your Family

Six tips on playing it safe during high temperatures.

  1. Make sure that you or your kids are acclimated to the temperature before engaging in active sports.
  2. Wearing lightweight loose-fitting clothing as much as possible will help with cooling your child’s body down.
  3. Make sure everyone stays hydrated by drinking lots of fluids even before you get thirsty.
  4. You should limit or avoid exercise if recovering from an illness, reguardless of your age or fitness levels.
  5. Take Breaks to allow your body to cool down and allow time to drink fluids.
  6. Be aware of and watch for signs of heat illness and over-exertion.

Advocate For Your Child

So to help keep your youth athlete cool and healthy during the summer months here are a few tips:

  1. Request that the schedule for the games and practices occur in the mornings and late afternoons. Avoid the middle of the day when the sun and heat are at their worst. Often a parent needs other parents to change such a long-held idea about “appropriate times for practice.” To change someone has to step up and request some changes. A group of parents can be more effective.
  2. If you will keep a few towels on ice, you have a ready source of some good immediate first aid should someone become overheated. Cool wet towels are a great 1st aid while waiting for the EMS crew.
  3. Make sure to pack lots of extra water for both games and practice. Often more water will be needed if the practice is a tough one with lots of physical effort.
  4. Even a small thing like gathering the team under a shade for the “game talk” or coaching talks will give both players and coaches a chance to break the sun from their skin for a few minutes. I have noticed that some coaches have added a pop-up shade to their equipment that is important for practice and playing.

With just a bit of adjustment here and there, these times can be safer for our families.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin

Sami’s Take On Summer Sun and Heat

For me helping my family stay safe is important and worth a bit of extra effort on my part. I can have a plan to help keep them safe when they are out and exposed to the sun and heat for fun or sports.

Your family really doesn’t want to have skin cancer or heat stroke. Sunburn is not fun and you have to help your family with healthy protection habits.

If your kids are in the habit of wearing sun blocking clothing, they will not think it strange to practice in sun-safe clothing. They will feel they should wear something between them and the sun instead of objecting.

Teach them the basics of wearing protective clothing. Sun hats, sunglasses when appropriate and safe, and shirts can become a habit. Sunscreen and drinking water before they get thirsty. A sip at every opportunity to keep them with enough fluids to sweat and cool their bodies.

Take breaks in the shade. Pay attention to how they feel. Help your family get their habits in tip-top shape for a safe season in the sun. Know that the coach wants to help, but often gets sidetracked. Good habits are helpful.

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