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Do I Really Need To Wear UPF Clothing In The Fall And Winter?

Do I really need to wear UPF clothing in the fall and winter? Is all this business about UPF clothing seem to be a bit over the top for you?

fall and winter sun makes  us need to protect our skin with UPF clothing

Cool and cloudy days will put us at more risk. Just because the temperature is cooler does not mean we are safe from the sun’s Ultra Violet rays.

Often this time of year can put you at the greatest risk.

One human erraor that puts atthe greatest risk is that we assume that we are safe as long as the sun isn’t making our skin hot. We often stay out in the direct sun longer because it is cooler. We are enjoying the more comfortable temperatures.

While you may consider yourself beyond concentrating on keeping yourself young looking, we are all a bit vain. Fall and winter sun will age you just like the summer sun.

However, research tells us that fall and winter sun call for sun blocking clothing, sunglasses, and sun hats. Wide-brimmed hats can make your time in the sun, even in the fall and winter safer for your skin. Sunscreen should cover your face and the backs of your hands if you are not wearing gloves..

So even during the cooler times of the year, we are exposed to light rays. The damage may be slower in the cooler months, but it is still happening.

I have had to change my way of protecting my skin from the sun. Have you?

Photoaging Or Chronological Skin Aging?

Do you know the difference in chronological skin aging and photoaging? This is another thing that had to be sorted in my mind as I learned about these 2 kinds of skin aging.

Chronological skin aging is what you see that is natural aging for you caused by your age and your genetics. This kind of aging isn’t preventable. You can slow it down some with good skin care, and a healthy diet and lifestyle practice.

Photoaging is the result of a lifetime of ultraviolet radiation exposure. This is usually mostly from exposure to the sun. When you are exposed to years of UVA, DNA changes within the skin cells can lead to skin cancer.

This kind of damage can be slowed way down when you are careful with sun exposure. Wearing sun blocking clothing is a part of the way you can slow your skins exposure to the sun.

A little sun exposure is OK. All day long every day is not. You make the call, will you live a life of carelessly exposing your skin to the sun? Do you have an addiction to tan skin?

Lets consider another good reason to consider being more careful in the fall and winter of the year about sun exposure.

How Can Your Sun Damage Be Reversed?

Of course I would love to reverse my sun damage. However, once the exposure to the UV rays changes my skin cells actual DNA, it is there.

DNA repairing sunscreen is advertized to help in some cases. However I won’t ever know. This is a very expensive formula, and will be for a while. I will have trouble spending the amount of money this costs on something that could have prevented to start with.

With a good skin care routine I have improved my skins appearance, but I an not fully repaired. My skin looks better, but not younger. Here again, all it takes is time and money. Time to work with the products and money to buy what ever is needed.

Had I worn a sun blocking hat, a sun blocking shirt, my sunglasses, and added sunscreen for those baseball games, the football practices, the drive into the sun to get to those activities. I am dating myself now, but I have helped my mom hang the family wash on a clothes line. There were lots of sun exposure events in my life.

Photoaging usually is in the most visible areas of your skin. The skin on your face, neck, back of your hands, arms, legs, and upper chest. So repairing this much skin damage is expensive to even get to the looking better spot. We aren’t even trying for looking younger.

Do you know where your skin is on the risk factor?

Wearing UPF clothing in the fall and winter?

Are You At Risk For Damage To Your Skin From The Sun?

We are all susceptible to sun-damaged skin.

However, you’re more at risk and will get a sunburn quicker:

  • Are your eyes blue or green colored?
  • If you have a light skin tone.
  • What about freckles?
  • Do you burn before tanning?
  • Have you had skin cancer before or have a family history of skin cancer, especially melanoma?
  • Are there many moles on your skin?
  • Do you naturally have blond, red, or light brown hair?
  • Does your family live or vacation in high-altitude locations?
  • Have you been a frequent customer of tanning salons, especially as a child or teenager?
  • What about the weekend? Do you get intense sun exposure on weekends while spending most of your weekdays indoors?
  • Does your lifestyle have you spending a lot of time outdoors year-round?

This is a decent list of those who are at higher risk. You probably could easily add do you smoke? Then there are so many medications that increase your sensitivity to the sun.

Back To Do You Really Need To Wear UPF Clothing In The Fall And Winter

Yes, we should wear clothing that blocks our skin from the sun. In the winter our heavier shirts that are just normal clothing items, not especially treated and rated work to protect our skin.

They would work in the summertime as well, but around here are too hot. If you live in a climate where the hot weather is not so hot and steamy, UPF clothing can probably take a back seat to what is in your closet. Read through this article about how to tell the better fabric choices for skin protection.

In the fall and winter you will do well with a loose-fitting, long-sleeve shirt or tee shirt that is not washed and worn too much. Keep the old washed out favorite tee shirts for indoor workouts or what ever. Be sure to put a shirt over it for outside time.

Once you know what to look for, you can shop your closet for sun blocking garments and keep your skin safe. Don’t forget the sun hat and sunglasses along with sunscreen for the skin not covered in clothing.

Fit is also important when shopping in your closet for the best items to protect your skin from the sun. A loose fit is necessary to keep your skin safe. To tight a fit and the fabric may stretch too much and allow the sun through. A loose fit is better.

Do I really need to wear UPF clothing in the fall and winter.

Sami’s Take On Do I Really Need To Wear UPF Clothing In The Fall And Winter?

I think that making better choices about what we wear when out in the sun is very important, at any season of the year. Skin damage is serious and dangerous, and all but guaranteed with repeated exposure.

Learning how to work with what we have already in our closet can help. UPF clothing is a great addition to your wardrobe and will make it easier to stay cooler. For you staying warmer is important. However, we must learn to take better care everyday. The everyday stuff will make a difference.

Any shirt is better than no shirt when in the sun. Your wider brim hat is important. Sunglasses are necessary. Sunscreen can add a layer to your basic sun blocking wardrobe.

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