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Do I Really Need To Wear UPF Clothing In The Fall And Winter?

Do I really need to wear UPF clothing in the fall and winter? Is all this business about UPF clothing seem to be a bit over the top for you?

UPF clothing example

Would wearing this lovely soft grape-colored shirt be so hard to do? I would enjoy a lightweight tee shirt like this even if it weren’t UPF clothing. This is the thing with UPF clothing, as long as it is attractive and keeps my skin safe, I am ready for it.

This shirt is an example of the clothing that is available with sun blocking ability. Will you be ready for a hike or to play golf all day out in the sun with this shirt?

Ok, What Are The Special Features Of This Shirt?

This is the beauty of this kind of shirt, you can wear it every day, especially in the fall and winter.

To be able to easily and safely enjoy the milder temperatures of our fall and early winter, and stay out in the fresh air and sun? The reliable protection from the sun allows you to avoid sunburn, on the skin area that’s covered.

 This tee shirt for women allows for all-day movement, with the design and the ability to wick away moisture will keep you cool and dry, even when the sun warms you up throughout the day.

This long sleeve workout shirt will perform well for you with its soft, breathable material.

Then there is the additional feature of thumbholes in the sleeve. There is also an eyelet for your headphone cord, with the ability to tuck into the pocket. There are flat seams to prevent chafing.

These are features that spell comfort and are easy to wear all while protecting your skin from the sun.

Why This Shirt Protects

Learning about all the extra features to expect in a new tee shirt will help you make better buying decisions for UPF clothing.

  • This shirt has UPF 50 + blocking. This means only 2% of the sun’s harmful rays might get through to your skin. You won’t need sunscreen as long as you have a looser fit. A too-tight garment can let some sun through.

How Should It Fit?

This shirt is styled to be a closer fit the description tells us. That means a tighter fit. If we want a looser fit, it says to order up to the next size. This is important. If the shirt stretches on your skin, it will let the sun in. We are not talking about looks in this statement, we are talking about skin safety.

The shirt has a crew neck. This means wearing your sun hat to protect the back of your neck, where 90% of first-time skin cancers are located.

Your sun hat should take care of the back of your neck, but only if you wear it. If you leave it in the car or hanging on a door knob somewhere, forget being protected. You are going to need tons of sunscreen throughout the day.

Besides the flat seams to keep from chafing, this shirt also has a back zipper pocket, on the right side seam. Keys, or whatever you need to carry can be stashed safely for the day.

There is a mesh underarm panel to give your skin breathing ability. Keep you from staying wet.

This is much more comfortable than having to stay covered in sunscreen.

What Makes A Fabric Sun Blocking or UPF?

The protection starts before the weaving of the fibers, it is in the making of the yarns that are to be woven. This is a polyester and spandex blend.

Antimicrobial protection is infused at the yarn level that will prevent the growth of 99.9% of the bacteria which will help eliminate odors.

Then a special technology is used to make for better moisture wicking, assuring a cooler workout, or quick drying.

Then there are added mesh ventilation panels to help keep you dry all day.

This shirt, with your sunglasses and sun hat, will have you protected well all day. It will be wise to add sunscreen to your face where you will get some reflection unless you cover it completely with UPF masks.

This will protect your skin.

Do not wear this shirt while swimming.

This shirt is not chlorine or salt water resistant or water repellent. When it gets wet, it will let the sun through.

Also, the chlorine and salt water will make the sun-protecting factors less effective, as well as make for a shorter shirt life.

How To Care For UPF Clothing

You can machine wash this shirt in cold water, and tumble dry low. I usually hang my UPF clothing to dry to get a bit longer from the garment.

However, I have time to do that, you may not.

Finding myself still learning as the seasons are changing, I know that wearing comfortable clothes is important to me. I am sure it is to you you as well.

You don’t have to spend the fall and winter wearing heavy, uncomfortable clothing to keep your skin safe. However, you do need to be protected from the sun.

After finding out about this shirt, I would love to wear it this fall and winter. This is why UPF clothing costs more. It is specially designed for the very starting point of making yarn to weave into the fabric to protect my skin.

When I think about being able to only apply sunscreen to my face and the backs of my hands to stay safe from the sun and the dangers of skin cancer, those garments are worth more to me.

What about you? I would pay more to keep skin cancer away.

Then we have not mentioned all the early aging sunrays. All those ultraviolet A rays that cause lasting damage to my skin. Will you pay now, or later for skin care creams to try to repair the damage?

Science does not support repairing damage being successful. The amount of repair can be iffy!

However, science Does support preventing sun damage as a successful way of having healthy skin as we age.

Sami’s Take On Do I Really Need To Wear UPF Clothing In The Fall And Winter

It goes without saying that my mind has now been changed about sunblocking clothing. I do think it is worth the higher costs.

Now, I do realize that just because something is worth the price, does not always mean we can afford that item right this minute.

Until we can afford to have a UPF wardrobe, what can we do?

We can shop in our own closets. Choose the best of what is there to protect our skin.

Here is a link with information about the Vitamin D needs we all have, sunscreen, and sun blocking clothing.

As I learn about UPF clothing and staying protected from the sun, the more I realize that sun protection doesn’t stop just because it is no longer summertime. Fall and winter both see many days that are hot and have direct sunshine all day.

Living a sun-safe lifestyle is important to make me more able to prevent more skin cancer. I have had enough skin cancer. Prevention is important.

Are you making better choices? Are you making small changes in your daily living to keep your skin safe from the sun?

I know you don’t have as much time to read and search for answers as I do. So if you have a question about sun blocking clothing or UPF clothing, just leave me a comment and I will start some research.

I do have an excellent source with our dermatologist.

I hope you are more aware and making changes for a healthier life in the sun.



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