“Anti Aging” Sunscreen For Your Face?

Anti Aging Sunscreen For Your Face? I’ll take two, please. Add a moisturizer? Do you have 3 bottles for me?

Many sunscreens are available to protect your skin.

Do you use “Anti Aging” Sunscreen For Your Face? Now, this is a great way to fight skin cancer and early aging. With sunscreen!

That is proving to be a good thing. I can use my sun blocking clothing and protect most of me. Add sunscreen to my face and know that I am doing what I can. I am going to be able to be out a reasonable amount of time and still protect my skin.

Then add to that the fact that sunscreen can slow down the wrinkles that show up as I am getting older! Now that is exciting. I can keep my face safe by reapplying often. My sun blocking clothing will help with the rest of me!

When I realized that one of the most versatile and effective anti-aging formulas available was something already sitting in my bathroom cabinet! I was surprised.

Then I felt pretty silly. I have been on a bandbox telling others that sun protection was the way to go. Yet, didn’t consider that wrinkles could be slowed down too! I had no idea that wearing a sunhat could slow down wrinkles.

A Better Sunscreen?

I didn’t get it at first. Did you know this? That sunscreen could be an antiaging lotion for your face!

Early aging example, photoaging

There is a study report in the journal, Dermatologic Surgery with surprising findings, for me. The results in this study show that your sunscreen can not only protect your skin but can reverse some of the more common signs of photoaging!

We know that the sun prematurely ages the skin. This process is called “photoaging,” which can lead to skin cancer.

Dermatologists refer to the damage the sun does to your skin by several names, including photoaging, photodamage, solar damage, or sun damage.

A study about what happens with human skin when the participants took the time to apply sunscreen for several years. The everyday application was important in this study result.

Those in the study who were applying only when they thought they were going into the sun did not fare quite as well. When you protect your skin and allow it to repair itself safely, the results slow the aging of your skin. You slow down the formation of wrinkles.

I have had sunscreen sitting in the cabinet. I had read about how it should be used. Then to find out that the results had been underestimated in my mind? That was a lot like being told that my sweet next-door neighbor was a famous bestselling author!

What Else Did I Miss?

Did you know they were putting moisturizer in sunscreen? Guess I have been under a rock. And not been watching the sunscreen labels as I should have. To get anti-aging, moisturizing, and full-spectrum sunscreen in one product?

This link has a good description of early sun aging.

The study was sponsored by Johnson & Johnson’s Skin Research Center. Dermatologists Steven Wang and James Leyden helped get the results sorted and explained what the results were.

There were improvements in many signs of sun-related aging. These improvements included a better skin texture, overall tone, and fewer fine lines.

Simply applying a daily application of moisturizer with SPF 30, study participants saw improvements of 52 percent in mottled pigmentation. This condition is also known as sunspots. There was a 40 percent improvement in skin texture. Then, there was a 41 percent in skin clarity improvement after only a year of use!

This is huge. Until then, science was not onboard for a product to be able to really improve your skin, once damaged.

The product used as the “daily moisturizer’ provided only hydration and sun protection. There were ZERO anti-aging ingredients.

Sunscreen Must Prevent Or Slow Down Wrinkles!

One of the research leaders went so far as to share his opinions:

“The most plausible answer has to do with your skin’s innate regenerative properties,” he explains.

“We know that skin turns over every 28 days. By preventing the continual accumulation of more and more damage, we allow the skin to heal on its own.”

Using sunscreen gives your skin a chance to indulge in some R&R instead of constantly defending itself from UV exposure and repairing the damage.

When damage is repaired, correctly with DNA that is undamaged good things happen!

Skin Aging? Not Any More!

With surprisingly little research about sunscreen and how it could help actually prevent skin aging. ( Why would skincare companies develop something to make their high price products not needed?)

There was enough information to share the ability to slow down some aging.

The proof that sunscreen can prevent wrinkles in humans came when Australian researchers conducted a randomized controlled study. The research team was using data from ‘The Nambour Skin Cancer Prevention Trial.’

The study compared 903 adult subjects. These subjects were divided into four groups:

  1. Some were instructed to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day to their head, neck, arms, and hands every morning (and again after sweating or bathing).
  2. In group 2, they were told that they could apply the same sunscreen whenever they wished
  3. In group 3, there were participants who were receiving a beta-carotene supplement, but no sunscreen each day.
  4. Group 4 who were given a placebo supplement, and no sunscreen.

After four and a half years, the researchers analyzed latex impressions taken from the backs of the subjects’ hands.

At the end of this time period of 4 1/2 years, and after correcting for factors like the amount of sun exposure and smoking (also prematurely ages skin):

They found that those adults who used the broad-spectrum sunscreen daily showed “no detectable increase” in their skin aging.

The signs of skin aging, such as coarser skin and more wrinkling during the 4 1/2 year study period? Less!

Signs of aging were found to be 24 percent less among subjects in the daily sunscreen group when compared with subjects using sunscreen products only on a discretionary basis.

Supplementation with beta-carotene had no overall effect on skin aging.

I Will Go For 24% less!

It is important to avoid premature aging of your skin. You may be young enough that you think you can get by forever. Have you noticed the skin on most of your grandparents? It may feel soft and looked healthy, but is that what you want on your face?

You can slow down aging for your skin by using sunscreen that is labeled “broad spectrum” of at least 30, every day. Even when you are in the house. Apply every day. There are new lables on product now.

Look for the tinted, moisturizing broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 30!

There are also some sunscreens that have added ingredients for those of us who are older and already have wrinkles.

Don’t just plunk down your money for any sunscreen. Think about what is right for your skin. This is such better way to help take care of the skin on your face.

Whichever product you choose remember that it should be applied liberally. (about one ounce or 15 ml for your whole body) and often (every two hours or so).

With no sunscreen being completely waterproof, you should reapply after swimming or activities that cause you to sweat.

In addition, the AAD and other health agencies recommend staying out of the sun during peak UV exposure hours, 10 AM to 4 PM.

Wearing sun blocking clothing when your are out in the sun over you sun risk time. For me, my skin will start turning pink in about 20 minutes. What is the limit for you?

Protect your arms, and legs from too much sun as well. Wear loose fitting long sleeve shirts and long pants. Protect yourself from too much sun! Using the common sense measures of covering your skin, and adjusting the times you are out to the less dangerous times is important.

You can avoid early aging, sunburn and skin cancer. These are lifestyle choices. You can do it.

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Sami’s Take On Anti Aging Sunscreen For Your Face

Making the choice for taking better care of your skin is a decision you can make. Taking better care of yourself reguadless of your age is important.

This is an investment in your future that will pay dividends. Do you think that putting of worrying about your skin is wise?

A bottle of broadspectrum sunscreen of 30 or more. Some loose fitting sun blocking clothing. These simple things will work in your favor. Don’t allow you to wake up and be older than your DNA has you programed for.

Do your part screening out the outside factors that make your wrinkles show up before they should. Your sunhat and sunglasses are the most important part of your sun blocking wardrobe.

Wear them!

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