5 Tips Help Women Truck Drivers Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

5 Tips Help Women Truck Drivers Protect Your Eyes From The Sun. As truck drivers, you must be able to see clearly to be able to effectively do your job and keep yourself and others safe.

Basis of sun blocking wardrobe

Your ability to see can be a matter of life and death. As a responsible driver, you must be aware of vision issues. When your vision isn’t as good as it should be, you could end up in an avoidable accident.

This is so important for all drivers, but for truck drivers doubly so. Because of this, it is important that all truck drivers take proper care of their eyes and wear eyewear when necessary. 

5 Tips Help Women Truck Drivers Protect Their Eyes From The Sun will get you ready for the highways ahead.

Protecting your eyes from the UV rays, both direct and reflected is important for protection from the sun for your eyes

Remember That Your “Eyeware Is A Tool”

Successful truckers have the right mentality to spend hours and days on the road. Small details are very important when it comes to truck driving.

You must pay attention to your surroundings. You must notice little things. Small stuff like brake lights. People walking too close to your vehicle. 

This principle of awareness also pertains to your health. To be safe, you must protect your eyes and eyewear.

There are different kinds of eyewear for wear in different situations. As a truck driver, you need to take care of your eyes and eyewear. These are tools that truck drivers will need for the life of their driving career.

Since you will wear them so much, you may want to invest in multiple types of sunglasses to keep in your truck.

Depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your vision, you may need different tints, depending on the lighting and time of day.

If you have prescription glasses, you should always have one or two spare sets. This is in addition to prescription sunglasses in several tints so that you can always see clearly.

These are safety tools that help you to be a better, safer trucker. As well, these tools will help you protect your eyes from the sun.

Tip # 1 Wear Your Sunglasses During Sunlight Hours

Though most people seem unaware, your eyes can become damaged due to exposure to bright sunlight. Some can receive damage quickly, others over a long period of time.

The Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause a lot of problems. Besides making your eyes dry and more suspectable to sun exposure, you can have vision problems, macular degeneration, and much more. 

Because your eyes are so important to keep you (and others on the road) safe, you need to make sure that you are protecting them.

Whenever you notice yourself squinting due to the brightness, you need to pick up your sunglasses.

The best types to wear are the ones that protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. 

Tip # 2 The Right Frames For Your Sunglasses To Help Women Truck Drivers Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Choose sunglasses that have either wraparound frames or oversized lenses. The frame needs to fit closer to the head and eye. You don’t want the UV rays getting into your eye area.

Remember, even when you are not aware of it, the UVA (the rays that cause early skin aging) can get to your skin. Block them by getting glasses that cover you as well as possible.

If you feel yourself squinting, the rays are probably getting to your skin.

Tip # 3 Consider Using A Driving Screen

A driving screen can protect both your arms and face as well as your eyes. This is simply a way of blocking out the rays so they can’t get to your eyes or the skin around your eye.

If you have neglected thinking about protecting the skin around your eyes, now is the time to start. If you have been aware but were not sure of how to go about protecting yourself, now it is time to start working on this.

As a woman truck driver, protecting yourself from the aging of the UVA rays as well as the sunburn of the UVB Rays is important. No one wants to look older than they should.

Tip # 4 Sunhat

Truck drivers have long considered the “truckers cap” a badge of honor. While it is better than nothing, it doesn’t protect you as much as a hat with at least a 3″ brim.

There are many to choose from, felt for winter and canvas fabric, as well as tightly woven straw ones for summertime. When it comes to protecting your skin from the dangerous sun’s rays? Yes, it is surely worth considering making a change from the cap for a hat.

You may think that protecting your ears and the sides of your face is unimportant. Just look at drivers who are older, and didn’t know to protect themselves, or just didn’t do it. The sun is a relentless enemy.

Tip # 5 Sunscreen Is Important

Sunscreen will forever be your friend. You may get aggravated at its shortcomings, but it is important for your skin to stay safe from the sun.

Especially around the eyes where you are exposed so many hours to both direct and reflected sun rays. When you wear a hat with a bit of bucket shape you are getting the best of protection. These brims will block some of the reflecting rays.

Sitting behind a windshield opens all the sun out there into your face. You must use good sunscreen or a sunblock lotion if you prefer. It will keep you safer.

With some of the hard-working sunscreens that people use in sports, you can do a creditable job of taking care of your skin protection. If you are wearing sun blocking clothing and a hat with a brim, that leaves your face to protect.

You can set your timer on your phone for 2 hours and reapply to your face, the sides of your head, and around your chin and jawline. Your neck. This is easier than over your arms and legs.

Taking care of your skin and protecting from the sun requires a bit of a plan, some preparation, and doing it!

So Where Are You In Your Eye Protection?

A good pair of sunglasses is also essential because you still need to allow enough light to enter your eyes. The Automobile Association recommends that the sunglasses allow at least 18 to 43 percent of available light to enter your eyes. This will help you see the road clearly without your vision being obstructed.

Purchasing the right sunglasses will give you high-quality lenses that are not warped, allowing you to see in all directions without obstruction. While you still want to allow light to enter your eyes, professional-grade sunglasses will also give you protection from harmful UV rays. They will also help reduce glare from reflective surfaces out on the road.

When shopping for your perfect pair of sunglasses, there are a few things to keep in mind about the tints.

There are two main types of tinting in sunglasses.

A Variable Tent Lens

A variable tint lens will change how much it is tinted depending on the kind of light it is exposed to.

You should avoid picking out sunglasses that only react to UV light. This is because many windshields already filter out UV light, so your sunglasses may be too light for the amount of sun. you will be facing each day.

Fixed Tint

Then there is a fixed tint.

This means they do not change the amount of tinting.

If you choose polarized sunglasses, they will usually come with a fixed shade. They can help reduce the amount of light reflecting off wet roads.

Some sunglasses are a combination of fixed and variable tints. These sunglasses are graduated, which means the bottom of each lens is lighter than the top of the lens.

This allows you to see the controls in the vehicle dash, while still protecting your eyes.

Protection From The Sun

Women who are truck drivers need to use adequate sun protection. Especially for and around their eyes. Even five minutes of sun exposure can lead to permanent damage.

We all need to be aware that even the shortest amount of time spent in the sun can lead to permanent damage if we’re not properly protected.

Sun damage can lead to vision impairment. Make sure you’re protecting your whole body including your eyes and being sun safe.

Research indicates that while 92 percent of people are aware that the sun is dangerous, their eyes tend to be forgotten. Only about 35 percent are concerned about long-term sun damage to their eyes.

People may think of sunglasses as a fashion statement. And they are that. However, choosing the right sunglasses for you is important for guarding your eyesight against the dangers of the sun.

Those Ultra Violet rays are dangerous and care should be taken at all times.

What Do UV Rays Do To Your Eyes?

Exposing your eyes to too much sun can lead to a number of problems including:

  • Cataracts A cloudiness on the clear lens of the eye. This makes things look blurry, hazy, and less colorful. Yes this is the same problem that we all have as we get older. Why do we have it? Too much time in the sun without wearing sunglasses. Now we know better. Lets work for a future for you that involves healthy eyesight through life.
  • Cancer A cancer called ocular melanoma that develops in the cells in or around the eye.
  • Pterygium and pinguecula This is the formation of spots, bumps, or fleshy tissue that form on the clear covering over the white part of the eye. These can sometimes affect a person’s vision.
  • Photokeratitis This is a temporary sun blindness that can happen when a person’s eyes are exposed to high amounts of UV rays for just a few hours and become sunburned. While it usually goes away on its own and rarely causes permanent damage, this condition can be quite painful.

It often takes many years for eye problems like cataracts and cancer to develop. Every time you are out in the sun without your eye protection, you run the risk of causing damage to your eye. These repeated times in the sun can lead to these kinds of problems.

Remember, repeated episodes for being in the sun add up. Damage is accumulative. Stop this damage, wear your sunglasses.

Your Risk For Eye Damage Is High

Your risk for sun damage is very high, because you are a truck driver. You are exposed so many hours of every day. Then add to that the risks you face from just being alive.

The fairer your skin, the lighter your eyes, and the older you are? The greater your risk for developing eye damage. What are your fun activities? Are you a surfer, skier, snowboarder in your off time? Or do you fish or farm?

Sun damage to the eyes can happen whenever you’re outside, winter or summer.

Sunlight reflected off sand, water, off the snow in the winter. If you are a truck driver, you see the sun reflecting off of everything.

This can lead to eye damage. Eye damage can even happen when using tanning beds and on hazy days and overcast days.

The bottom line is, we’re ALL at risk for sun damage to our eyes, so it’s important to wear the right kind of sunglasses whenever outside.

You as a truck driver are exposed so many times a day. Think about how to protect your eyes.

Guide For Shopping For Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an easy way to protect your eyes from the sun. Check labels to make sure that they offer UV protection.

Keep in mind that the standards and labeling for UV protection are done voluntarily by sunglass manufacturers. This can be confusing.

Here are some tips that can help you make an informed decision:

  • Look for sunglasses that have a sticker or tag that says they block 100 percent of UV rays. Some sunglasses are labeled “UV absorption up to 400nm.” This is the same as 100% UV blocking.
  • Just because they’re expensive or have colored lenses doesn’t mean sunglasses offer UV protection. The same is true for lenses that are very dark. Look for tags and stickers.
  • Polarized sunglass lenses reduce sun glare. That doesn’t necessarily mean they protect against UV rays.
  • Search for oversized or wrap-around sunglasses (that block 100% of UV rays), These will provide better protection from UV rays entering your eyes from the sides.
  • Choose sunglasses with frames that fit close to your eyes and match the shape of your face. This helps to block UV rays from all sides.

Wear Your Sun Hat and Sunscreen

While wearing sunglasses is very important for your eye safety, you can do more to protect yourself. Wearing a hat with a minimum of a 3-inch brim can block UV rays. Remember, sunglasses can’t cover your entire face, it’s also important to apply sunscreen on your face often.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On 5 Tips Help Women Truck Drivers Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Learning to take extra precautions to protect your eyes from the sun is important for women who drive trucks. New habits are sometimes slow forming, but they will, just keep reminding yourself.

You will learn to have the items you need to keep your eyes safe from the sun. Maybe it is too late for the damage you already have, but you don’t have to let it get worse. Stay on top of new developments for sun safety.

With the ability to share research scientists are learning a lot more about how the sun damages our bodies. The dangers that we can avoid. Pay attention and you can soon make all these things automatic.

Yes, I know that it is hard. We live where the intense sun will cook you in a few minutes. I have scars from skin cancer removal. Then, I am not a truck driver, but I do have several high risks for being in the sun.

One of those risks is arthritis. This is an autoimmune condition. This puts me at risk of reactions from the sun. The medication I take really puts me at risk!

What about yourself? Do you have allergies? Are you taking medication, over-the-counter medications? Watch the labels.

The sun changes the way your body functions. Sometimes it can be for good. Like helping your body produce Vitamin D. There there are times it is not good.

Pay attention to the sun. Sun awareness is a lifesaver.

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