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What Shirt Color Will Keep You From Sunburn

Are you wondering what shirt color will keep you from sunburn? Is the color the only thing to consider? Navy blue is supposed to be the best color. Deep, dark tones of any color will keep you better protected.

What shirt color will keep you from getting a sunburn

More important than color is the fabric. Is it tightly woven? Can you see through the shirt? Is the fabric worn? Color is very important, but the fabric is important too. Chose the right fabric with better colors, and you will have a better chance of staying sunburn free.

Remember, you must take control. Are you taking breaks in the shade? Have you been staying hydrated? Staying out in the sun all day long is not recommended as being healthy. The risks may vary a little according to where you live, or the skin tones you were born with.

However, if the sun is shining on you too many hours through the day, you are increasing your risks. and this isn’t safe for your skin. Cover your skin with clothing, or shade, and sunscreen.

People who must work all day in the sun will be better protected if they will wear a sun hat, and look for a shaded area to take breaks. If possible use an umbrella. Read on to find out the best color to block the sun from your skin.

What Is The Best Color To Block The Dangerous Rays From The Sun

We grew up being told that lighter colors will help you stay cool in the hot sun. While the lighter colors reflect heat, they may allow dangerous rays through to your skin. This is why the fabric plays such an important part when skin protection is needed.

Now we know that scientific studies came along and were able to prove that darker colors are better for protecting our skin. Better protection of course, if the fabric keeps the sun out. Darker color alone is not enough. The fabric is important too.

The weave and thickness of the fabric plays a protective part as well.

Adding deep color to a UPF fabric can offer a good amount of sun protection for your skin.

Navy blue, black, brown, purple, green, red, deep gold and orange will help keep your skin safe. Do you know why deeper colors block out the UV rays better?

Will color help protect me from the sun

Why Darker Colors Block UV Rays

Whatever you are doing outdoors, it is helpful to know that darker colors block more UV rays from your skin. Are you a nature walker who enjoys walks and hikes? During all the seasons of the year?

Knowing what colors make your garments safer will increase your skin protection from UV rays, and the damage these rays can do.

If you are a swimmer, or like the beach. Do you prefer skiing in the cooler times of the year.? Think about how you are exposing your skin to the sun, and how you can protect yourself.

While amusement parks were not a part of our every day or weekly outings, we did go often enough that I remember getting too much sun, as did my kids. We didn’t prepare.

We still thought that we could ignore the damage the sun was doing to our skin.

Now I can tell you, doing that is one of the reasons we are all visiting our dermatologists as often as we do.

We were risking skin damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Even on cloudy days, up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful rays can penetrate your skin, the American Academy of Dermatology warns us of. And UV damage may lead to skin cancer.

Remember the deeper colors help protect your skin. That leads us to the age-old question, is black or white better for sun protection?

Is Black Better
Than White For Sun Protection?

Is black a good color for sun protection? We know it is a deep color, so a better color than white for skin protection from the sun. Do you know why?

The Australian Cancer Council shares that darker colors block better. They absorb the UV rays. This keeps the rays from your skin, as long as the fabric is tightly woven. Loosely woven fabric or old worn fabric could let some of the UV rays through to your skin.

Dark blue, black, and dark red are the better colors for sun protection. White or pastel colors of the same fabric will reflect and scatter the sun’s rays. This allows them to be reflected on your face or arms.

White may feel cooler to wear, but you can be less protected in white from the danger of UV rays.

You will, of course, be warmer in darker colors. So, consider what you need from the color.

So, black will keep you better protected, but make you hot in the warmer times of the year. White can keep you protected, but you will need to protect your face with a sun hat and sunscreen to protect from the reflections.

Black in the winter and white in the summer might be the better way to consider this question of which is best.

Can UPF Color Protect your skin
Sami’s Take On What Shirt Color Will Keep You From Sunburn?

Learning how to do a better job of skin protection has made me aware that my choices were not always the better choices.

Color is important as is fabric choice when selecting clothing to help protect my skin from sunburn.

Relying on color or fabric alone is not the wisest of choices. Let both do their job together and get layers of protection from the sun. Then add sunscreen where you are not covered in clothing.

Wearing white in the late afternoons in the summer could be a good choice if you are out after the more serious sun-ray time. Finding the balance that works for you and your lifestyle is important. Everyone is different. I am out more in the early mornings than late evenings.

My choices could be different from yours. Awareness of sun dangers and how we can control the damage to our skin is what will keep you safe.

Relying on UPF clothing is helpful, but again, nothing can protect you if you are out in the sun for too many days or too many hours at the wrong time of the day. Lifestyle awareness is important.

Thanks for reading as I struggle to spread sun danger awareness,

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