UPF Clothing: Anti-Aging Program For Every Day

Your UPF Clothing: Anti-Aging Program For Every Day can protect your skin and keep you younger. Do you play golf several days out of most weeks?

Every day protection is where you start for Anti-Aging benefits .

Will your UPF Clothing: Anti-Aging Program For Every Day make you more aware? Will this become a regular habit? Or will you need to work on the “everyday” part? Are golfing gloves a part of your UPF Clothing?

From sweaty workouts to fun in the sun there are situations every day to cause your skin to age sooner than you should.

Everyday summer can compromise your complexion. However, spring, winter, and fall all come into play for causing early skin aging when you live in a climate as we have here in Central Texas.

Our daily life here in this part of Texas includes lots of time outside. We drive a lot because we are scattered over the countryside. Kids and their activities. Commuting, fun stuff like golfing, fishing, boating. We also have nice hiking trails along our little rivers and in the wooded areas.

Then there are our gardens. Lots of us have an agricultural background and remember our parents and grandparents having gardens. Some have fenced-in yards to keep the deer out so they can grow flowers and enjoy working with them.

Where you see flowers, (you know flowers grow better in the sun?) there is someone out in the sun to tend the flowers.

The fact is that in our part of the world, we have lots of sun. We have to learn to live with it. That will mean for a good number of us, changing how we do things. Learn to wear sun-blocking clothing, including your sun hat. It isn’t that hard to slow skin aging!

Is UPF Clothing A Gimmick?

When it comes to protecting your skin and limiting exposing yourself to the UVA rays that can age you so much quicker than necessary? UPF Clothing is definitely not a gimmick.

With all the innovations in fabrics and styles, we can rest more comfortably with some help protecting our skin with UPF-rated fabrics.

The styles available in UPF clothing are classic and will carry you through many seasons of wear with proper care. We just have to realize that tans are not that good for us and limit the exposure time to the sun.

The reality of summer is that a tan is aging your skin. As a tan is simply your skin’s efforts to keep itself safe by producing freckles to protect itself. Early aging usually doesn’t show up until you are in your mid-20s.

By then the skin has been damaged so much that it may never recover to the safer state it was before too much sun. So, just because you can’t see the damage yet, don’t think it isn’t there. At this point, you should be aware enough of the sun that you protect yourself better.

Basic Sun Blocking (UPF) Fabric In Clothing

As we become aware of how to use basic sun blocking clothing to protect ourselves, summertime can look a bit different. Without our disappearing Ozone layer to protect us when we are outside, you must take care of yourself. And teach your kids to do the same.

We now know how quickly skin cancer happens. Most cases happen when you sunburn too many times. Be aware of when you or your family is risking sunburn from being out in the sun too long at one time.

All of this contributes to a risk we haven’t paid enough attention to and now we have to make some changes. So for most of us looks a bit different.

The season brings a slew of skin saboteurs to make your job a bit more difficult. Even drinking a favorite sweet iced tea more often will increase your risk of photodamage (skin changes caused by sunlight exposure).

Add to that the pigmentation that appears, thanks to your over-excited melanocytes (even from limited sun exposure). Yes, the summer months can spell dermatological disaster.

Wearing sun blocking clothing can help you keep your skin healthy. Unlike sunscreen, you don’t have to keep applying it to be protected. All you have to do is wear your UPF clothing. Your sun hat, sunglasses, and your loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt after a safe exposure time.

Putting on sun blocking clothing lets you stay safely in the sun longer and avoid sunburn. Sunscreen on exposed skin is important as well. Your hands for instance.

However, avoiding the most direct sun hours will also help you stay safe. Choose safer hours to spend time in the sun.

What Is Better? UPF Or SPF?

There really isn’t an answer to this question I see often.

They are both very important and should be in your skin protection tool kit.

UPF is the rating for clothing.

SPF is for sunscreen.

You will need both to take care of your skin and protect it from the dangerous sun’s rays. UV Rays do not respect anyone, and you should be careful to keep your skin covered with something.

I like UPF-rated clothing, or just any clothing when I can have them. As I am very sensitive to sunscreen and often have reactions with bumps and rashes clothing is my 1st choice. However, I like to start the day with a layer of the wide spectrum 50 sunscreen.

This is for the antiaging from being near windows and the reflections that occur, even while wearing my sun hat.

I try to stay covered with some sort of clothing otherwise when I am in the sun for over 20 minutes. This allows for vitamin A absorption. Then it is time to go in or to slip on a loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt, my sun hat, and sunglasses. Any longer and I will pay with the 1st stages of sunburn.

Do you know what your limits are? I didn’t either for way too long. So there are regular visits to the dermatologist. I have already had both pre-cancer growths and actual skin cancers removed from my face, hands, and arms.

How Drinking Alcohol Will Affect Your Skins Reaction To The Sun

Did you know that upping the alcohol you consume will do your skin no favors? Leading skincare specialists warn us that “Alcohol deprives the skin of vitamin A.”

This means that the hero vitamin A that you rely upon to speed up your skin cell turnover. Yes, it will be useless, leaving you with a dull complexion.

Do you prefer a piña colada? Skincare specialists again point out that if our cocktails are mixed with juice or sugar? They will speed up the aging of your skin.

Since glucose attaches to vital proteins, like collagen. Then it will form free radicals. These free radicals lead to premature skin aging. This is just how sugars react in your body and in your skin. These vital proteins just don’t mix well with too much sugar.

Alcohol’s biggest skin sin is, without a doubt, dehydration! Being dehydrated leads to sallowness, inflammation, and more visible lines on your face.

Research suggests that alcohol will increase your risk of sunburn.

The reason for the increased risk? Alcohol decreases the concentration of antioxidants in your skin. They’re less able to disarm the free radicals produced by the UV rays.

This makes it more important to protect your skin by wearing UPF clothing. There is another skin condition to protect yourself from it is called hyperpigmentation.

SPF Clothing and Hyperpigmentation

Did you have dark splodges that appeared on your face almost overnight? They’re called hyperpigmentation. These darker patches on your skin are because of excess melanin.

There are several types of hyperpigmentation. But two, in particular, are more common during summer.

Lentigos, aka freckles or sunspots, appear randomly on parts of the body exposed to a lot of sunlight.

The second type is melasma. Melasma shows up as light to dark brown patches on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and upper lip. It’s linked with hormonal changes, like pregnancy or menopause.

This form of skin melasma also occurs along with taking the contraceptive pill. Sun exposure exacerbates it by sending melanocytes, the cells are responsible for creating melanin, into overdrive.

Your skin protects itself by having melanocytes produce pigment when the UV rays hit your skin. This is how your skin protects itself from damage.

It’s also one of the most common skin concerns that women of color face because they produce a lot of melanocytes already. 

Keeping your skin healthy and protected is one way to keep this from happening.

Sun blocking clothing should be an important part of your skin protection.

How Can I Avoid Signs Of Early Aging?

One reason to wear sun-protective clothing? It is important for protecting your skin from early aging. UPF clothing and sunscreen are a part of the plan for slowing aging.

Did you know that 90 percent of skin aging is due to overexposure to the sun? So, if you want to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing? Sun blocking clothing is definitely the answer.

This is a no-brainer.  Wear loose, light-colored clothing. UV-protective and moisture-wicking clothing is best if you have to work or be outside.

Dressing appropriately will help protect your skin from sunburn. If your clothing can help absorb sweat? It will keep you a little cooler.

Be sure to protect your face, hands, and any other exposed skin with sunscreen. Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses. Taking care to keep the sun off your skin will help stop the early aging of your skin.

UPF Clothing: An antiaging program for every day for you?

So Will UPF Clothing Be An Anti-aging Program For Everyday?

When you can, do your part of the outdoor activities during the morning hours. If not in the morning, wait till later in the afternoon or evening after temperatures are cooler

It is important to take frequent breaks in the shade.

If you’re working outside in the heat, and the activity makes your heart pound or you’re gasping for breath? Stop and get inside to cool off and rest. This is especially important if you feel lightheaded, confused, or faint.

Use the buddy system. When you’re working in the heat, check on your co-workers. Make sure they check in on you.

Heat-related illnesses can make you confused or even lose consciousness.

Sweating is your body’s way of staying cool. That moisture loss has to be replaced regularly. It’s important to drink water, even if you’re not thirsty.

Pass on those sugary or alcoholic drinks. These will actually make you lose more fluids.

You should also stick to drinks that aren’t super-cold.

That sounds crazy, right? Ice-cold water can actually cause stomach cramps.

(For those on a fluid-restrictive diet or who have a problem with fluid retention? Visit with your doctor before drinking more than your normally prescribed amount.)

UPF Clothing: Anti-aging program for every day  Protect your skin from sun damage
Sami’s Take On UPF Clothing: Anti-Aging Program For Every Day

Finding a way to make ourselves more aware of how we can protect ourselves from the sun will slow down early aging.

It will be less expensive to have and wear UPF clothing than to pay a skincare specialist to try and undo the sun’s damage to your skin. Wearing your sun blocking clothing daily will protect you from further sun damage.

This is very important if you have ignored yourself and not protected your skin in the past from the sun. It may be difficult to undo past damage. You can for sure prevent future damage.

Start with the basics of sunglasses, a sun hat with at least a 3-inch wide brim. A loose-fitting long-sleeve shirt will help you stay protected from sunburn.

You do have to wear them. Just having the items, but not wearing them will not help. Your early aging will slow down as well. It is easy to do.

How will you be more careful now that you are more aware?

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