Sunscreen Or Tanning Lotion?

Making choices in protecting our skin from the sun

Is Sunscreen Or Tanning Lotion Better?

Should I use Sunscreen or Tanning Lotion? Which is best? Do I need both? Will they work better when used together?

Sence we are not green frogs laying on a lilypad let’s think about what these products do. And make sure you get your time and money’s worth when you use either one.

Sunscreen protects your skin. First and foremost that is what this product does and when you are going to be in the sun is when you should apply it. Following the directions of the product you have chosen, yes read directions, and use as directed.

Most skin care experts recommend a regular program of skin exfoliation before applying sunscreen. Skin exfoliation is important to result in an even tan on your skin. Be aware of time limits for safe sun tanning and reapply sunscreen as needed.

Tanning lotions have a formula that will give your skin a tanned look. You don’t have to be out in the sun to achieve the tanned look. It is a fairly safe way to give yourself a natural-looking tan without sun damage.

There is no 100% reaction proof product. Tanning Lotions are considered safe for your skin, but there is an occasional reaction. This reaction normally goes away in a day or so and is not serious.

However, should you be the one in a million or whatever the risk is, should test the product before you put it on all over.

Some products get dark quickly, some require several applications. That is also something to adjust for your personal results.

Let’s Talk About Tanning Lotions

In my world of high-risk skin cancer from the sun, remember I have talked about freckles and sunburn history in the past.

So, yes, I have used tanning lotions. Not always with a lot of success, but just to make me feel better about my light skin. Yes, even knowing what I know about skin danger from the sun, I love a bit of tan.

From sticky mouses to smelly lotions, a fake tan does have a bad reputation. We want a tan, but the application of fake tans can be a bit of a chore.

Those orange spots, or the skipped or missed spots? They were all bad! And I never did try for an all over glow. Getting better information about how to use the products is key to a better result.

Just getting my legs even enough to feel comfortable in shorts did me in! The last time I remember trying the lotion tans, I had a new pair of cropped pants and wanted to wear them.

Then Gradual Tanning Lotions!

Enter, gradual tan. A quick and super-easy way to achieve natural sun-kissed skin all year round. It’s time to trade in stained hands, orange bed sheets and white patches on my skin for a more fool-proof tanning.

Yes, I am glad to kick the older styles of tanning lotions aside for a better way. Aren’t you?

What Is Gradual Tan?

The gradual tanning lotions are a mix of moisturiser and help to get a fake tan.

The gradual tanning products help you achieve a softer, more like a natural tan kind of color. Just a little each day. I have used it in the morning and again at night, and got a little more color quicker. However, an application in the morning after my shower is the usual way I use it.

Unlike the self tan I have used in the past where you get results after just one application, a gradual tanning lotion is typically applied daily in order to build a glow over time.

If you’re new to tanning lotion of any kind, and just checking to see if this is a product for you, it is fun to try something different. Don’t get sloppy about the application to keep your tan looking great.

It is also a fairly painless way to maintain a tan you already have. This is one of the problems with the tanning mentality. A little bit of tan is rarely enough.

No one wants just sun kissed skin! Seems they want to go deeper and get into the depth of color that gets your skin in trouble when you have a sun or tanning bed tan. You have to be exposed too long because of the time it takes to maintain the deeper tan.

Even if you are careful, tanning too much can cause serious skin problems. The gradual tanning lotion can allow you to maintain your already sun-kissed skin, Or allow you to apply every day until you reach the level of intensity you’re after.

How To Apply Gradual Tanning Lotion

When using a gradual tanning lotion, you should exfoliate your skin before you begin. However, you should skip the moisturiser. This is because gradual tanners already contain moisturising ingredients to keep your skin moist and prevent your tan from fading too quickly.

According to the depth of tan color that you want, you are in control of how often your tan needs a reapplication to stay where you want it.

While some people like the results after just one application, others prefer to make it a part of their daily routine and maintain their gorgeous glow all year round.

This suggested handy step-by-step guide is the one I use:

Exfoliate your skin, shower and dry.

  • Using a small amount at a time, rub on the tanning lotion with your hands, applying in a circular motion. As you use the product, you will get a feel for how much you need to use, and this step can go a bit faster. However, rubbing the lotion in well is important, and starting with smaller amounts makinges the product easier to control.
  • After applying, it is important to wash your hands with mild soap to avoid stained palms.
  • Allow the lotion to dry before putting cothing like socks, or tight fitting pants or shirt.
  • When applying for the first time, apply every day. You should see your tan develop in a few days. Remember the basics and you will be OK. Once you have reached the depth of tan you want you should have a pretty good idea of how your skin reacts with the product and learning to maintain is simple.
  • To maintain your tan, moisturise every day, and re-apply gradual tan as necessary.

Which Tanning Lotions Should I Use?

You have many choices from budget-priced to high-end luxury products. Gradual tanning is big business. With all the choices, it can be overwhelming to decide on the right one for your tan.

If you want to start at the lower end of the price range, you might like Garnier’s Summer Body Milk or Dove’s DermaSpa Summer Revived Gradual Self Tan. I noticed them on the shelf, but I have only used the Jergens Natural Glow.

Of course, there are many, but to see if you are really a candidate for the gradual tanning lotions Jergens was easy to use.

I may try one of the higher-end products after some more research, but right now I am happy with what I am using.

Imformation Bits

There is no such thing as a product no one has ever reacted to.

If you have certain kinds of growths that absorb DHA, (an active ingredient in the lotions)the growth (moles or wart usually) can turn darker. When you stop using the product, the growth will return to normal.

Most products seem to be in one month’s worth of product containers. So each tube or bottle usually will last about a month.

Pay attention to the use by dates. Follow the expiration date on the label as you would any other product. The product will only work in a predictable manner if you use it before use by date.

Most of these gradual tanning lotions don’t contain sunscreen. Apply sunscreen after you use your self-tan lotion. Remember that the tanning lotion must be completely dry.

Consider using sun block clothing to protect your skin so you don’t have to use sunscreen on all of your body. Sun hats, sunglasses, loose shirts and pants or skirts or dresses with long sleeves will protect your skin best. Let your tan develop. Stay in the shade.

How Gradual Tanning Lotions Work

Dr James McCarty, of Southwest Cosmetic Dermatology Associates in Fort Worth, TX answers a question about self-tanning lotions:

How do gradual self-tanning lotions work?

A: Self-tanners have a chemical in them called dihydroxyacetone. (DHA), A chemical reaction with the top layer of the skin produces a darker color.

Gradual tanning lotions have a lower concentration of DHA causes a slower color change.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On Sunscreen Or Tanning Lotion?

This information about gradual tanning lotions was to offer you a way to have some tan if you are having trouble leaving your love of a tan behind.

We know the dangers to your skin when you get too much sun. How many of us have had accidental sunburns? Being aware of how dangerous too much sun is does not mean we don’t need a healthy dose of sun very often.

Understanding that 15 or 20 minutes of sun exposure is healthy, while longer periods in the sun can pose health threats is important.

With an awareness of how to protect ourselves we can continue to enjoy the health benefits of the sun exposure with out the dangers of getting too much sun.

Using spray tans, or gradual tanning lotions can be another tool in our bag of cosmetics of to help us look our very best for special occasions.

Tanning lotions can be year round answers for those who want a tan all year.

As I have gotten accustomed to seeing myself without a tan, I am happer with the condition of my skin from being protected better for several years.

The improvement doesn’t happen quickly, but does happen. Some skin care and protection is paying off for me. It can for you as well.

Help your family stay safe and develop a healthy respect for the sun. Our sun blocking hats, sunglasses, loose fitting long sleeve shirts and coverups are the best layer to help sunscreen protect our skin.

Sun smart times to be out and staying healthy, we can us have the better of fun in the sun.

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