Sunscreen Chemical Buildup In Your Body

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Is sunscreen chemical buildup in your body reason enough to consider sunblocking clothing?  Do you know about the chemical buildup that can happen in your body with sunscreen use?  Me either!  Sure, I did hear the rumors, but I want to know for sure.

With my family and our issues with skin cancer, I have really been into sunscreen products.  With the innocence of youth and an ever-present feeling of the government standards being good enough!  One is about as responsible as the other of these two guiding sources for my thinking about sunscreen products!  Yet, it is the best we have.

It is one of those subjects that when you take a second and give it some thought you too will just go Duh!  When was the last time you could feel secure in what our government is in charge of?  So, what makes you think the  FTC is a department you can trust?

The sunscreen business is a two billion dollar a year business!  Who can stand up to that kind of money?  Do you think someone in the control department is going to sound the alarm?  Call you and let you know?  There are products in sunscreen that build up in your system.  They can cause hormone problems as well as problems conceiving once you are ready to have your family.  There have been birth problems when sunscreen users have new babies.

No, I didn’t get the notice either.

Cancer-causing chemicals used in sunscreens

Ok, there is the problem of cancer-causing chemicals used in sunscreen.  According to (Environmental Working Group), there have been recent studies into the chemical build up question. 

Test results found the ingredients used in sunscreen showing up on the test subjects skin, as well as in urine and nursing females milk samples.  This was after only one use and was often still there 3 weeks later.  Not only affecting you but your child if you are breastfeeding.

When using the sunscreen as recommended, usually you apply before you get out into the sun, again in 2 hours.  Always after getting in the water as no sunscreen will be effective after being in the water, or after you have sweated profusely.  Remember the 2-hour time limit so you will be protected. Sunscreen and FDA

If there is build up in your body after the 1st use, and it hasn’t disappeared in 3 weeks?  What about after a day of applying and reapplying? A weekend?   Manufacturers argue that the amounts of chemical all meet FDA guidelines.  They probably do.  For a one time application, but who wants cancer-causing chemicals in their body at all?

A Bit More Information About Chemicals

The active ingredients to make sunscreen function are chemical or mineral. They each protect your skin from the sun in different ways.  The product makers are just trying to get a product that works and work well.

They each use a different mechanism when protecting skin and keeping the ingredients stable so they will work when exposed to sunlight.

Most brands of common sunscreens have chemical filters. Typically they will include a combination of products. 

Usually, there will be anywhere two to five and sometimes six of these active ingredients: oxybenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, octinoxate and avobenzone.

I chose avobenzone, just one of these products and checked Wikipedia-check here for dangers of this chemical      Read all the way down to where you get the warnings.

It is an interesting fact check of why this product that we never heard of is in the sunscreens.  However, the lack of stability calls for other chemicals. You know the story,  The makers are trying to keep the sunscreen stable.  They are not really concerned about a little leftover exposure that remains when you apply the product.

As so many of the formulas for sunscreens were grandfathered in there has been little control for these products.  However, the companies that make and sell sunscreens know there are guidelines to pay attention to. 

There are just so many of these companies that often the guideline following can get lax.  The fact remains, the formulas may be within the FDA guidelines, but still not safe for you.

Mineral Sunscreen Formula.

In mineral sunscreens, there will be either zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. A handful of formulas combine these minerals, and zinc oxide with chemical filters.

I know, enough already with all this chemical jargon, but hang on a bit longer.  It is important that we understand so we can read labels.   We all need help to protect our skin from the sun and developing skin cancer that we can get.

The minerals based sunscreens are the ones that depend on the kind of coverage that blocks the sun.  The fewer ingredients used to help make the minerals able to be applied to your skin, the better.  Read your labels.

Don’t put all your faith in the government to protect you.

Don’t put any faith at all in the claims that are debunking the danger of chemical buildup in your body from sunscreens.  Most claims about sunscreens really being safe for all that I found? 

They were claims made by companies who manufacture, market and sell sunscreens. There was also one on but was not backed up with solid testing information I could find.

Your Choices

Your choices boil down to two kinds of sunscreen, Mineral and Chemical.

Mineral formulas have the products that coat your skin.  They may leave a white residue.  This helps reflect the suns harmful rays.

Chemical formulas have to use a combination of chemicals to try and reflect the harmful rays. Some chemical formulas will also have minerals as well.

So, yes it is confusing!

This helps make choosing sunblocking clothing a wise choice.  So a hat is a good starting place for sunblocking clothing.  Check out the link below.

sunblock men’s hat (cool enough for the ladies, and packable too)

I can see me enjoying this hat, but can’t see my husband in one that is styled for women.  This seems to be a good way to get started with a sunblock wardrobe. 

It may be prohibitive to get all you need in one swoop.  Sharing items may let you get started in protecting your skin.

If you put on sunscreen and have your sunblock clothing, you can protect your skin from so much sun damage during your next little league baseball game, or maybe a day at the beach.

Think about how you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors and stay safe from the sun.  Remember, some of the rays will reach the skin if you are exposed.  Cover up as much as possible.

Disclaimer was one of my resources for this information.  There is so much information online.  I know you don’t want to read all the information that we now have to learn about skin cancers.

I didn’t either, but as member after member of my family has dealt with this result from too many hours in the sun, I decided to take the plunge.  There has been a month of research and study.  Visiting with my Dermatologist and other members of our clan, comparing what we have learned.  We have found that each Dermatologist has his or her own ideas about how we can help ourselves.

Hopefully, this information will help you protect yourself.  As I am sharing with my own family what I am finding out, I want the best of the best advice.  Maybe there will be something here you can use to make you and your family safer.

By Sami

I want to be able to alert others to how the sun affects your skin. Awareness is the first step in learning how to protect ourselves from the sun and the skin cancer that often results.
Help your family get through life without skin cancer issues.

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