Skin Cancer Kills

To protect our skin from sun burn

Melanoma Answers is my attempt to get the different skin cancers defined in my mind. Yes, it is the most serious. Also, this is the less common of skin cancers.

Ok, got that part. It is this most deadly of skin cancers. Now, that is frightening. How do you know if you have Melanoma is the next question? There are some short to the point videos on this site that gives some information. The little square with the wording Melanoma Prevention and Monitoring gives you a quick summary as well as some suggestions for checking out your own skin.

The other short videos offer good information as well. I thought that the ABC thing mentioned in the video I mentioned would be easier for me to remember:

A is for Asymmetry. The two halve are not exactly alike. There will be a difference in size, or shape or thickness or color.

B is for Border or the outside lines of the area on your skin that is different. The one that made you look again to check it out. This border can be uneven and kind of jagged.

C is for Color. Uneven color. It can be dark or tan or pink or even white, or grey. Some are red, pink and even a blueish color.

D is for Diameter. Usually, they are kind of a wobbly circle but can be of any shape.

E is for Evolving or changing. Changing in size, color, shape or elevation.

Using Information Available

As we learn how to help ourselves take better care of our skin. Even with sun blocking clothing and sunscreens, we must pay attention. I have developed a strong resistance to paying attention to how I can protect my skin. There is little consideration to how I can help myself. How about you?

We have good information and great suggestions to help us take care of our skin. What do we do? Do you turn the page and move on without considering how we might use this information? Or do you do a bit of reflecting and considering how you might be able to use this information to make things better for you?

Here I will admit to a mind set that dates me quick! I was better about giving more consideration to information from a printed page. I paid more attention to what I had read. For me for a long time, I just read online for fun, not real information. It took me a while to consider the online information with the same consideration as printed on a page.

I began to use the computer more, then our phones got smarter and smarter. Those of you who have never really been hooked on newspapers and magazines as I have didn’t have to change. You have been able to benefit from online information all along.

I do ask, have you improved your skins protection from the sun? Don’t just read and ignore. Pay attention and help your skin take care of you. Awareness is the start of change. As you become aware of the need for change you can make small moves to help prevent skin damage.

Skin Cancer Kills Basics

The kind of damage that causes skin cancer comes from repeated exposure. Another basic I would like to remind you of is the danger hours of the day to be exposed to the sun’s rays. They are the most damaging between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.

With sunscreen and sun blocking clothing you can make your outdoor time more fun. Even during the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM. You will just need to be aware of safe sunscreen application and sun blocking clothing. These are the two ideas need to form the basics for your skin protections and preventing sunburn.

Yes, there have been changes in safe hours in the sun because of the warming of the climate. The disappearing ozone layer of protection is making much more difference that I realized. How quickly we can sunburn is a surprise to me. So this has been an adjustment for me.

Have you paid attention to what the guidelines for shopping for good sun blocking clothing? The thicker fabrics block the sun better, Anything between you and the direct sunlight are beneficial for protecting your skin. Helping prevent sunburn. A long-sleeved shirt, a wide-brimmed hat, umbrellas, shade, sunglasses. Your sun block is more effective if it is a tight woven fabric with no holes where the fibers cross each other in the weaving process. Hold the fabric between you and the sun. Do you see tiny pinprick sized holes? The sun can and will penetrate these holes and can cause sunburn. A tighter woven fabric is better.

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