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Protect Your Tattoo

Protect your tattoo from the sun

How to protect your tattoo?  You didn’t know you needed to protect it?  

I know, you planned to show it off!  That was part of the reason you got it, right?  The sun can really do a number on your new tattoo.  The sun with its UV rays will produce sunburn, along with premature skin aging.  There is a possibility of skin cancer as well. 

You know that the irritation that occurs with a tattoo leaves the skin in need of follow-up care to prevent irritation and infection. Skin takes time to heal and be healthy again. Don’t forget that the skin with the tattoo is new. Once healed these tattoo areas will need time to toughen up and not be super sensitive to sun exposure.

Then to add insult to injury, the sun will fade the inks used in your tattoo process.  The colors will fade faster, and lose their definition for a sharp and clear design if you aren’t careful with sunscreen and covering while in the sun.

The best way to protect your new ink is to keep it covered with Sun Blocking Clothing.  Keeping the tattoo under protection while it heals will reduce your chances of infection.  Please refer to the best practices information you were given when the tattoo work was done.

Then a good layer of sunscreen is necessary to keep your skin and your tattoo looking great, healthy and like the art you wanted.  

Does My Tattoo Tan?

Yes, your tattoo would tan but just like the rest of your body. However, is this skin damage what you really want for your body?

You know, the body that you should not be tanning?  Tanning lines show you the exact areas of skin that have had damage from the sun. 

A tan line shows you how your body reacts to the sun.  The tan results when the skin tries to shelter from too much sun.  The tan, regardless of how dark or how light is how you know you have been out in too much sun.

Experience Of A Tattoo Owner

You definitely don’t want to tan for the first 3 months that you have your new tattoo.   Getting enough sun to tan will quickly and significantly lower the quality of the color of your tattoo for the entire life of the tattoo, according to a person who had many tattoos on his body and was 41 years old.

He admitted that the artist who did the tattoo warned him about too much sun, but he thought it was more important to show off his tattoo through the years. Now what he has is a fadded looking blob! The sharp definition is gone, no longer showing the work of art is was.

This makes the suggestion of getting a new tattoo during the winter months seem wise.  This will ensure a better healing time with less chance of sun exposure. 

The less sun your ink gets over the years the better. This is the same as it is for your skin.  When you do go out in the sun, make sure you use sunscreen on your ink, as well as on your skin.  Protect yourself from possible skin cancers in the area of the tattoo. 

Remember to either cover the tattoo with UPF clothing, or sunscreen every hour to hour and a half.

 When you have colorful tattoos, you want them to stay as bright as they possibly will for as long as possible. Keeping your tattoos safe, and not allowing them to be damaged in the sun will help the overall attractiveness of your ink.

Keep your skin protection habits beefed up will insure healthy skin for your tattoo.  Wear loose-fitting clothing to cover and protect your skin.

Even your tattoo whe in the direct sun. There may be see through shirts that will protect your skin while allowing your tattoo to show through.

I have yet to see one advertised, but rapid advances are being made, and shirts and pants may be available in UPF clothing.  

Treating Yourself Better

As you are learning to live with your new tattoo, what is safe for your skin as it is healing is a good time to rethink your sun habits. 

Too many of us thought we wanted a tan.  We thought that the tan lines were attractive.  As we didn’t realize that the tan was simply our skin trying to shield the sun from our skin.

Learning to stay our of the direct sun and protecting our skin with Sun Blocking Clothing and sunscreen has been a slow education for many of us. 

As more and more dermatologist open their office doors to help us take care of our skin, our awareness grows.  

We are slow to learn, and I don’t think there will be any fewer dermatologists in the foreseeable future.

You can at least be aware.  For most people becoming aware of a way to improve our lives is all we need.  No one wants to live with the results of excessive sun damage as I do.  

I am looking forward to this sun season and wearing my new sun hats.  There will be some incidents I am sure as I learn to handle a wide-brimmed hat in the sun. 

As we learn new habits, we will hopefully be modeling behavior for the younger generations in our family.

Sun Protection Tools

What is in your sun protection toolbox?  Do you have a hat with at least a 3″ brim?  What about sunglasses, are yours in good shape?

  Choose The Best Sunglasses

What about some longsleeved shirts?  Are you prepared with umbrellas and popup tentswhen you do plan to be out in the direct sun.  A little prepration will allow you and your family to stay safe and still have fun in the sun.  Shade trees are a good option when you have them.

The third important item for your skin protection tool box is a good resh bottle of sunscreen.  Make sure it is a broad spectrum with at least 30 protection with 50 being a better choice.  

When these tools are in place you are ready for some fun in the sun.  Your family has a better chance of escaping sunburn, sun damage, and skin cancer.  

Rember, tools never replace the common sense action of avoiding the hot hours of sun, and staying in the house! Your family’s skin will thank you!

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