My Son Needs A Sun Blocking Shirt?

My Son Needs A Sun Blocking Shirt? Yes, your son may need a sun blocking shirt. And so may the other members of your family.

These are some of the dangers that I was paying little attention to for my family and the danger of then being in the sun. Are you aware?

Read on for this information as well. Do you read all the information provided when a member of your family takes medication?

The Obvious

Your kid’s skin is thinner, still maturing and sun damage at this stage of their life sets the stage for real skin problems when they are older. With thinner more sensitive skin, your youngster needs your help to protect their skin.

Running about without a shirt was considered healthy for kids before we knew about the dangers of too much sun. Too much sun before his skin has a chance to fully mature and thicken to protect his body.

If your child’s outer layer of skin is damaged by overexposure to the sun too early in life, it is difficult for his skin to do what it is designed to do.

Your child’s skin is a bag that keeps his body safe. If that bag gets a thin spot, or a damaged place that can’t properly repair itself, other problems can appear.

First Line Of Defense

For your kids, a shirt to block the sun from their bodies is the first thing you should reach for. When they are going to be outside playing in the sun, they need a shirt.

Any shirt is better than no shirt. However, we now know that when you better you protect yourself, there is less chance of too much sun.

You will not be able to take away all risks to your families skin from sun exposure. Being aware is almost as important as actual protection. To be aware of the times you or your family could get too much sun is a giant step in the protection process.

When you the parent become aware that some precautions are needed, you can help your family in protecting their skin. What Is A Sun Blocking Shirt?

Shirts are an important part of your sun blocking wardrobe. The trunk portion of your body is a large part of your whole body. Your trunk is usually protected and the skin is not as thick and tough as the skin on the calves of your legs. Or even your arms.

This makes protecting your body with a sun blocking shirt the first step. Yes, sunscreen is a good idea, but it will need to be reapplied when you swim, sweat or just as the day progresses. With a shirt, you are protected. You only put sunscreen on the parts the shirt doesn’t cover.

Make your self aware of what a sun blocking shirt is and how it can help your family stay safer in the sun.

There Is A Cloud Cover

Do you live where a cloud cover exists a great deal of the time your family spends outside? This doesn’t excuse the need to protect yourself from the sun. The sun is a sneaky sort, and the damaging rays find unexpected ways to get to your skin.

You know that the damage from the sun reflecting its rays off of snow or water or cement can do their damage as well. Ageing your skin is a subtle thing that the sun does. You don’t even realize it is happening. This is what makes daily application of a full spectrum sunscreen of 30 or higher so important. Make this a basis of your morning skincare routine.

Modelling good basic habits for your family is the easiest way to help your kids know that this is important. Help them to realize that in your family everyone protects their skin from the sun. When they see you protecting yourself, they understand the need for their own skin.

Applying sunscreen is a pain. Everyone knows this. Allow your kids to help each other, and show them how to get the sunscreen on and rubbed in. Then putting on their shirts so they don’t have to reapply when spending long periods of time in the sun. Basic precuations that are important for everyone.

For playing out an hour or two, their shirts should be enough to protect their bodies. Add a wide brimmed hat for the face, ears and neck. Sunglasses for their eyes. Sunscreen rubbed on where they are not protected should complete their sun protection.

Yes, it is a lot of trouble. No, it is not OK to jump from your PJs to your shorts and out in the yard. I know that is what you did in the summertime when you were little. Things have changed. You no longer have a nice thick ozone layer to help filter the sun for you.

You will need to ramp up the protection game for your family and yourself.

Do You Live Or Vacation In The Mountains

Often people who live or vacation in the mountains forget that they are closer to the sun, especially on top of mountains.

As a Texan raised on a cotton farm in the western plains, I thought I understood a little about the sun. One day sitting out for the horseraces in Ruidoso NM it was time for me to learn what being at a higher elevation means.

We were cool, not sweating and the breeze was so nice. Yes, the sun shines right down on the part of the grandstand where we were sitting!

I didn’t have a wide brimmed hat. There was no sunscreen on my exposed face, neck and ears. The V on my neck where the shirt did not cover was also unprotected. My short sleeves left my arms bare.

The rest of that trip was miserable. There was some cloud cover and we were not sweaty and hot, my skin blistered. Sunburn is a sure way to curtail vacation fun. I had no awareness of how to protect my skin.

Was that the cause of my skin cancer on my face? Easily could have been. Make sure you and your family are aware.

Are You Sun Sensitive?

Sun sensitive people are usually aware of this, but just in case you can’t figure out why others stay out and not get so blistered or sunburned.

You may be sun sensitive. Even those with darker skin tones can be sun sensitive. Usually sensiriviry shows up with a rash and itchy skin. Normally when you are our in the sun with no sunscreen or other protection your nose, cheeks, ears, the back of your neck. The tops of your arms and hands will turn a flushed pink.

Then often a hive like rash will follow. This shows you that you need to take precautions. Damage can occur on your skin that can lead to skin cancer. If your skin tones are dark enough to not allow the flush look to show, pay attention to skin rash and itching after exposure to the sun.

Normally, fairer skin and lighter eyes and/or hair color indicate the ones who will burn almost instantly. You really need to exercise caution when exposed to the sun. Sun blocking clothing, wide brimmed hat and sunglasses make up the strongest defence when combined with correct and consistent sunscreen use. Why We Need Sunscreen

What About Family Members Who Take Medication?

Do you have allergies and take antihistamines? Many times the label on the antihistamines will carry a warning about making you more sensitive to the sun. Pay attention, and make sure you have your sun blocking shirt.

Do you or your kids take acne medications? These two carry warnings about sun dangers. Pay attention, and wear protective clothing as well as sunscreens.

Some antinflamatories, and this includes over the counter products like asprin and other pain relievers. Rub on ointments can cause sun reactions. Make sure you read the labels and protect you and your family.

Knowledge and awareness are the keys. Play the fun in the Sun game with knowledge of the rules. Know what is best for you and your family and their skin. Protect them from skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.

Do you prepare for your day of fun in the sun by checking the predicted UV Ray for your area?

Here is where I check for when we are going to be out.

Now that I am aware that preparing makes a better day for all of us when we want to enjoy a day out in the sun, I am better prepared. You can be as well. If you don’t live in the Hill Country of Central Texas, I am sure your local stations offer good help to prepare as well.

You are now aware that you need that help. Happy sun days to you and your family.

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