Sun Blocking Clothing

Technology Improves Sun Blocking Clothing

How Technology Improves Sun Blocking Clothing is sharing is about appreciating the progress made in our sun blocking clothing.

How Technology improved sun blocking clothing

This is an example of sun blocking clothing from our closet. This is really a winter wardrobe for all but a few days of wintertime in my part of central Texas. We are familiar with denim, and a good portion of our wardrobe is denim.

This is the only reason we have been able to stay as protected as we are. However, like all situations, there are a few flaws. This kind of clothing is hot in the summertime. We find it difficult to keep that close-fitting denim shirt on.

This leads us to tank tops and denim shorts! Just not enough protection on the trunks of our bodies, especially as the tank tops were often close fitting, and allowed the sun to filter to the parts of our bodies that were covered.

So yes, we were getting much more sun than we should have been. This is reflected in the skin cancer history, and the caution we live with now. Our history is not done, unfortunately.

Why We Must Protect From Sunburn

Skin Cancer. org shares the main reason we should protect ourselves from sunburn. The answer to why is to prevent skin cancer. However, this site has many facts and suggestions to help you. I don’t refer to it so much anymore but have in the past, while I was getting my first steps of skin protection from the sun in place.

We can refer to the data-based sites all we want to, but until you decide for yourself that now is the time for some positive action, you will still get sunburn.

This is one of the main reasons I have to admit, that UPF Clothing can be worth what it costs. OK, there I said it! I have a really long history of looking at something or some advice information and thinking, OK, I can do that! What I usually meanis I can do that much cheaper than the listed price.

Well, sometimes this is true. I can find a reasonable substitute. However often, my fix or substitute is not as effective as I had planned.

Do you do that?

The shirt I have that is long sleeves and loose-fitting with a collar out of sun blocking fabric does a good job, but I knew my fabrics, and what to look for. The same with my sun hat, it is of very tightly woven straw, over 3-inches wide, and does not let the sun in.

However, a lightweight knit shirt would wick the moisture away when I sweat. It would let me cool quicker. The colors are pretty with the UPF-rated clothing, and they can be cooler than denim!

As we are in a no-tolerance stance for sunburn, I decided to check out the statistics for UPF clothing. Check out the rate of protection.

How Much Sun Is Actually Blocked

What does UPF rating 40 to 50 Plus actually mean?

UPF 40 – 50 + Is considered excellent protection 97.5 to 98+ of the UV Rays are blocked.

Most protective fabrics are about a UPF of 30, according to Consumer Reports. The mid-weight fabric used the most in the summertime is already a UPF of 20.

UPF 25 -39 Is considered very good protection 96.3 to 97.4 of the UV Rays are blocked.

UPF 15- 24 Is considered good protection 93.3 to 95.9 of the UV Rays are blocked.

So am I going to be protected from the sun with the difference of only 7% more with the higher UPF rating? Will that matter?

Well, yes some. But only a 7% difference. That is only 7% from complete blockage! That means you are 93% protected.

UPF Protection% UV radiation blocked
UPF 15–24Good93.3–95.9
UPF 25–39Very good96.0–97.4
UPF 40–50+Excellent97.5–98+

Information from Wikipedia

So Technology And Its Value

Just how important is UPF clothing to you?

Staying safe in the sun is important, and you’ll pay dearly if you are careless and get sunburn. So, will you find that you are unaware enough of the danger of the sun to pay the cost of UVA clothing, or will you simply look in your closet and make better choices for sun activity days?

For those of us who are not participating in an outdoor sport that has you spending many days a week outdoors, week after week in the sun, you may be able to find something from your closet that will enable you to cover up and stay safe. But will this garment be comfortable or will it be uncomfortably warm?

When I am too warm, getting a garment that will allow me to be even 20% cooler in the sun is worth a bit more.

If you are physically active outdoors, staying protected is important. A few lifestyle changes can work miracles now that we are aware of the dangers of too much time in the sun. You may be able to shop in your closet and fill your needs.

UPF clothing can be expensive, but if you are outside some, it may be worth it to have a few items. Not a closet full, but a few items. Since I have learned about better times to plan to be in the sun, it is easier for me to stay safer.

I have made sunscreen use an important part of my day every morning. I just am still paying the price for the years I was not aware of how small changes could change my skin health.

Where are you with your awareness? Do you have a plan of how you will keep yourself and your family safe from the sun?

How technology improved sun blocking clothing

Am I Safe In Sun Blocking Clothing

Sun Blocking Clothing keeps you safe all day. Sunscreen should be reapplied after 90 minutes to 2 hours. So keeping up with reapplication is important to your protection plan. Even with a sun blocking hat, sunscreen for your face, neck, nose, and cheeks is important. Reapplication is important as well.

People have this attitude that smearing on a little sunscreen makes you immune to the sun. That is not how it works. You are protected for a while, but even with sunscreen and UPF clothing, a full day of sun exposure can prove to be dangerous.

It will also serve you well to be aware of how you can help with some changes to your routine. When you schedule outdoor activities, wait until the hottest most dangerous time of day is over, after 4 PM. Meet your friends for an early-in-the-day hike and be ready to get out of the sun by 10 AM.

Schedule your activities in the park where the shade is. Not on locations where there is only bare fields. Trees offer good broken shelter from the sun.

Remember that even without the bright sun there are UVA rays wherever there is light. These early-aging UV A rays are destroying the connective cells in your skin and soon you will have sagging skin on your arms, and face. Cover up or reapply sunscreen.

Why Do We Object To Covering Our Bodies

Learning to wear clothing really should not be that big a deal, but apparently, some of us have resistance. I saw a teen with fair skin and white blonde hair mowing the grass as I was on the way to the grocery store.

It was about 12:30 PM and a good 100* outside. Surely he was home alone, and not your kid. With his fair skin, 20 minutes in that kind of sun is talking disaster. His tank top and lightweight shorts were no match for the sun.

Have you set up good guidelines for your teens? Help them understand that it is not a crime against mankind to cover one’s skin. We have been getting more adamant about what we wear, almost to the self-destruct point.

I bet the teen I saw mowing has a good healthy diet that he maintains for himself. He clearly made good choices about doing his chores, just not at the right time of day. He just was not protecting his skin.

Having a really cool UPF shirt could make the difference between your teen wearing a sun protection shirt and not wearing a good shirt while mowing. There is just something about swimming upstream that makes some things difficult for kids. Covering their skin is one of these things.

Otherwise, helping your family become aware of good skin protection from the sun is your recourse. But they need to know now, not next month.

Make UPF Technolgy Work For You

How can you make the UPF technology work for you? Besides being sure of the protection you are getting because it was labeled when you bought it, you will be able to wear lighter-weight fabrics that may feel cooler.

Technology makes manufacturers able to have more control of protection, plus the weight of the fabric. Bulky stiff fabric is just hard to wear when the temperature warms up. The threads and yarns remain softer and more supple with the special techniques that have been developed.

Some of the fabrics have special weaves to ensure a tighter finish that won’t allow the sun through. Other fabrics have finishes applied during the manufacturing process. And some fabrics have special dyes.

Comfort is important and if the garment isn’t comfortable it won’t get worn. So this, for me is what tips the scale to make UPF clothing important.

Remember to make sure you trust the goodwill of the business you buy UPF from to make sure you have quality merchandise. Just as with sunglasses some companies put incorrect labels on their merchandise. Be alert to what you are buying.

An example of a store I would be OK buying UPF clothing from is Walmart. They have a reputation to protect. It is important for them to make sure they are not selling fake merchandise, especially when dealing with a product that is regulated by the FDA.

How To Prevent Sunburn Without Sunscreen

To help you protect your skin from the sun without sunscreen you can use sun blocking clothing. Of course, you can also stay in the house and not get out in the sun.

That is not too practical for most of us. We have all built more outside interests. We like being out of the house, but must be wise about our choices of clothing and when we are out.

When you are able to control the hours you spend in the bright direct sun, you are better able to keep your skin healthy. Often we hesitate to suggest a change in the schedule to get out earlier or later.

By choosing safer hours for being outside, it is easier to protect your skin from sunburn, and setting in motion a skin cancer problem for you later in life.


There are some events that can’t reschedule, but you can control when you participate and what you wear. What you can do:

  • choose to sit in the shade
  • wearing clothing that loosely covers your body, that is made of tightly woven fabric
  • remembering to put on your wide-brimmed hat
  • be diligent about protecting your eyes with sunglasses
  • make better decisions about going out in the hottest part of the day
  • don’t forget to wear sunblock of SPF 30+ and reapply it regularly
  • remember that your sun hat provides extra protection for the face, neck, trunk, and parts not usually exposed to the sun
How Technology improved sun blocking clothing
Sami’s Take On How Technology Improves Sun Blocking Clothing

While we can protect our skin with sunscreen, it is not fun to use and has to be applied on a regular schedule.

Using sun blocking clothing from your closet, or UPF clothing will allow you to stay safer and to be able to use limited sunscreen.

However, a program using both UPF clothing and USP sunscreen is the best solution. Why would you make it any harder than it needs to be?

Staying out of the sun in the mid-day hours is important, so, try finding shade. These are just some of the things we can do to protect ourselves from the sun.

Finding a way to take of your family during the sunnier times of the year is important.

Remember, it does not have to be hot to sunburn. Wintertime UV rays can also cause sunburn. UVA rays, those early aging rays are present if there is light. They don’t have to be hot, those UVA rays are sneaky and find their way to our skin when we don’t use cover like clothes or sunscreen.

There are no time-outs for UV rays. They work overtime. Will you be aware and improve your skin protection?

Take small steps, and get yourself into a safe skin lifestyle. Avoid skin cancer.

Awareness is the first step.

Thank you,


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