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How Do I Stop Being Addicted to Tanning?

How do I stop being addicted to tanning

How do I stop being addicted to tanning? How do you help a loved one who is addicted to keeping themselves tan?

Are you a sun worshipper? Or are you a shade seeker?

When you have someone who is addicted to tanning in your family or friend circle, you may have both sun worshippers and shade seekers.

While we all like the sun’s warm embrace, most of us know that a little sun can go a long way. We can see the effects of tanning addiction and its effects on our loved ones aged 15 to 50.

So, grab your bottle of sunscreen as we look at making responsible tanning choices and finding some sun-smart alternatives that even the most tan-obsessed can love!

Why am I Addicted to Tanning?

Is this you? Your tanning-addicted friend is about to face the wrath of premature aging while they’re still in their prime.

Wrinkles, age spots, and all the signs of aging coming in fast!

Who needs a time machine to look older? Does your friend have a tanning bed?

And let’s not forget those infamous tan lines. You know the ones that make them look like they’re auditioning for a weird-themed party.

You know this is not what they thought they were getting when they started tanning.

It is time for your friend to look at the truth. The damage to their skin, and the fact that they are too dark!

Can you help your friend see what is happening with their skin? See the risk of skin cancer that being addicted to tanning can lead to?

Will they accept that it’s time for them to embrace their natural skin tone?

Planning Can Make a Difference

The difference for your friend will be planning. And as a non-addicted person, you can help.

If your friend is addicted to tanning beds, helping keep them out of the salon, will take different tactics.

A social life that is built around a tanning addiction? There will be differences when the tanning salon is the tanning source. Tanning in the sun has its roadblocks.

In the salon, the tanning bed is a quick little sneak-off visit that can happen any time of the day or evening.

This is a deep built-in addiction with secretive tanning sessions. Helping your friend see what is happening can be difficult. This kind will need professional help in breaking the habit.

Being supportive as your loved one is burning their skin to mahogany is difficult. They think the look is important to their overall attractiveness. Like the friend who thinks they are fat when they are pencil thin.

This isn’t an overnight fix! They will probably need professional help. Most of us have some sort of addiction in our lives.

Some sort of eating disorder, a procrastination habit, a spending habit. Something you would be better off not having.

This can make you an understanding supporter for a friend who is dealing with denial of addiction.

Can you plan some activities that will be fun, without needing a tan?

Making serious changes like this is difficult, and that addicted friend will need your support. Planning to offer substitutions for tanning will require some thought.

We will talk about some alternatives to tanning that you can have on your list of suggestions.

How Do I stop being addicted to tanning? What can yo do differently?

Get In The Sun Tan Addiction

If your friend is a get in the sun and work on that tan kind of tanner, you may need to make some firm decisions about fun in the sun time.

I know your tanning-addicted buddy has a love affair with that bronze glow, they can’t see the permanent damage that is happening.

Stock up on sunscreen and get your list of excuses dusted off and ready to use.

Suggest a shopping trip to get a sun blocking hat for the time in the sun. Finding a hat that is attractive and protects you from the sun will get you started right.

A great pair of sunglasses. That with your cool sun blocking hat will make you look good while protecting you from the sun.

A sun blocking shirt or cover-up and you are on your way to a safer sunning session. Who says being sun-smart can’t be fashion-forward?

When you are working with someone who has a tanning addiction it is important to remember to protect your skin. Explain to your friend that your skin can’t take the sun when the rays are so direct.

Then plan a safer in the sun time. Anytime before 10 AM and after 4 PM will be better. The direct sun from 10 AM till 4 PM in the warmer 6 months of the year in my part of central Texas will result in sunburn.

Sticking to your safer time limits will encourage your tanning-addicted friend to consider their timing. Changes are usually slow and need help staying consistent, but you can do it.

Is It Time for the Conversation?

Alright, so your tanning-enthusiast pal may need some convincing. This is where a plan is important.

Can you start some sun-safety conversations? What’s cooler than being open about your tanning habits?

Talking about it takes more courage than lying under the sun for hours, trust me.

Let’s remind them that self-love and inner beauty are way more attractive than any tan.

Confidence is the ultimate glow-up!

And if they still crave that sun-kissed look, we’ve got the perfect arsenal of self-tanners and bronzing lotions to satisfy their craving for a radiant glow without the sunburn regrets.

How do I stop being addicted to tanning

Additions for Your List of Suggestions

Yes, there are things you can do outdoors that don’t involve laying out and roasting your skin.

You can hit the trails in nature’s playground.

Lace up those hiking boots: Hiking trails not only offer stunning vistas and fresh air but also shade from canopied trees. It’s a win-win for both adventure seekers and sun-safety enthusiasts!

If you have not been a hiker you will be surprised how much fun this activity is. The exercise is so good for the part of you that is yearning for tanning time.

Pedal power is another activity that will surprise you. Cycling is a fantastic way to explore nature without getting too much sun exposure.

Bike through scenic routes or tackle mountain biking trails for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Covering your head with a helmet that shades as well as protects is important.

Your body and arms and legs all should be covered in loose-fitting sun-blocking clothing.

Making a splash at water wonders. Choosing your times wisely will allow you to have sun-safe water time.

Sun-blocking clothing includes swimwear that covers your arms and legs if there is a shortage of shade areas at the water park.

Paddling away on your kayaking or canoeing excursion are fantastic water activities that keep you cool and protected from excessive sun exposure. Glide through serene waters, spotting wildlife along the way.

Dive into fun, swimming is a timeless classic! Head to a pool or a beach and take a refreshing dip while avoiding the sun’s peak hours.

What About Your Inner Sportsperson

Consider unleashing your inner sportsperson! Most of the time the passive activity of laying in the sun is not as much fun as doing something.

Tennis and badminton are great racket sports that can be enjoyed on shaded courts or during less sunny hours. Get your competitive juices flowing while staying sun-smart!

Embrace indoor sports like basketball, rock climbing, or even laser tag for a fun-filled day without worrying about the sun’s rays.

What About Your Creative Side?

Photography is an excellent way to connect with nature and capture its beauty without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Sun blocking clothing will protect if you will add a little sunscreen.

As a frustrated artist you can sketch away: Set up your easel and unleash your artistic side. Outdoor sketching or painting sessions can be both inspiring and sun-smart.

Help yourself to a breath of mindfulness. Yoga in Nature is a healthy trend for some good activity outdoors in the more sun-safe time of day.

You can strike a pose by taking your yoga practice outdoors and connecting with nature on a deeper level. Practice mindfulness while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings, but don’t forget the sunscreen!

Check Out The Local Culture

Do museum meanderings sound interesting? Explore local museums, art galleries, and cultural centers for an enriching and sun-safe experience.

All too often we haven’t even taken in the experiences and events on a local level that people come to your area for all the time.

This is true of me, even in our little central Texas town. Having a fun day at the park!

Picnic at the park. Organize a picnic with loved ones and enjoy a day of food, games, and laughter under the shade of trees. Even during extra hot days, meeting friends and family for a while in the mornings before 10 AM.

Have some lemonade and visit while outdoors. This is great for yoga.

Bring a video with a lesson and have an outdoor class. If no one feels comfortable leading the class, your reader or tablet would work.

Trading a passive time of just lying in the shade for an active time of moving or exercising or creating will be a healthier way to cut down on tanning time.

Getting yourself to do something different and increasing your skills will do more to build your confidence and self-esteem than tanning.

The skills that build your character, and enrich your personal life are important.

Connecting with others and building friendships and networks is a positive action that can make you feel stronger and more appreciated, even without tanning!

How Do I Stop being Addicted to Tanning?

Sami’s Take on “How do I stop being addicted to tanning”

In a world where sun-smart choices are becoming increasingly essential, there’s no shortage of exciting and sun-safe adventures to embark on.

By exploring these outdoor hobbies and sports, we can enjoy the splendors of nature while minimizing the risks of tan addiction.

Let’s promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle that incorporates sun-smart choices while encouraging our loved ones to embrace more sun-savvy activities.

So, let’s venture out and make memories under the sun-safe sky, knowing we’re doing our part to protect our skin and stay vibrant for years to come!

We can enjoy being outdoors, but not at the expense of our skin health.

You can be the guiding light for our young loved ones, helping them embrace their natural beauty and make sun-smart choices.

Together, we’ll turn tan addiction into sun-smart conviction. Every day will be a shining example of how to enjoy the sun’s glory responsibly.

So, tip your sun blocking hats, and toast to a future where we all glow with confidence and radiate with self-love!

Cheers to sun-safe adventures and endless smiles under the sun!

Thank you,


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