Does Sunscreen Prevent Wrinkles?

Does Sunscreen Prevent Wrinkles? Are some of you luckier than others when it comes to wrinkle-free skin?

Every day protection is where you start for Anti-Aging benefits .

Are you wondering Does Sunscreen Prevent Wrinkles? There are some things that will help delay wrinkles. Most of us yearn for healthy-looking wrinkle-free skin. Maybe not at the age of this little one in the image, but somewhere along life’s journey wrinkles are a pain.

There are various ways to achieve healthy skin throughout life with less wrinkle aggravation. So how can we stay wrinkle-free? Is sunscreen the answer?

Wrinkles Are A Part Of Aging

Ok, lets’ get to the basics about what causes wrinkles in our skin. We may have had a few wrinkles when we were newborns. However, within a few weeks, they were gone! We just had to finish filling out the skin we were born in.

The once in a lifetime of having wrinkles and then having them disappear! We were too young to care or notice!

Disappearing is not the normal cycle of a wrinkle. They usually show up and drag along a friend or two, sometimes the whole family in a surprise visit! Then those wrinkles just move in! And stay!

Over the course of your lifetime, your skin is subjected to the impacts of aging, sun exposure, free radical damage, smoking, and repetitive movements of the facial muscles. All of these contribute to the development of wrinkles to varying degrees.

So, yes, to the question “Does Sunscreen Prevent Wrinkles?” Sunscreen is a great tool to use to protect your skin from the wrinkling that is caused by too much sun.

The wrinkling due to genetics? Sunscreen does nothing for this kind of wrinkling. Staying healthy, exercising, and staying sun-smart can cause slowing of all wrinkling.

Can Sunscreen Slow Wrinkling?

Since we know that DNA controls most of our body’s ability to make skin, and keep it repaired and healthy, let’s review what is healthy.

The baby in the image at the top of this article has healthy plump skin that does not wrinkle. However, when you see pictures of children who are very sick, they will often have wrinkles on their faces. Something has happened to their overall system.

This comparison is to make you think of how a healthy little one looks. Their cheeks are rosy and plump. They have the glow of health. Is your body this healthy? If so, you probably are experiencing very few wrinkles.

Protecting yourself from the sun with sunscreen and sun blocking clothing will slow wrinkling. Protecting your skin, and not allowing it to age early will slow the process for you.

As human beings, we have many unique parts that make us different from one another.

There is the language you speak. How tall you are. Your eye shape. The color of your hair, and a lot more.

Skin color is also among the things that people recognize as unique to them. Your skin color will help you to have some idea of what to expect in your skin’s future. To know some things to expect. Maybe make you more cautious than you might be if you didn’t have some warning.

The reason some people have fair skin tones, and some have more of a golden tone? This is related to the melanin present in your body. Remember that the melanin is present according to your DNA.

This natural pigment is what gives your skin color or tint that is referred to as “tone”.

This natural pigment is present in everyone’s body. The amount of melanin present in your skin contributes to your skin color.

So, if you have more melanin in your skin, you may have a gold tint to your skin regardless of how dark or light your color is. If you have fair skin, your body tends to produce less melanin.

Your DNA Controls The Timing For When You Will Wrinkle

Your DNA is where the “wrinkling timer” is. If your DNA has given you darker-toned skin, you will probably be slower to see wrinkles in your skin.

If you have fairer skin, you will probably wrinkle sooner.

Dark-skinned people, including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans, naturally produce more of a chemical called melanin because of their DNA. You should be slower to wrinkle because of your natural protection.

This does not mean you can live with the sun on your body for extended periods of time and not have skin damage. Your skin damage will show up as dry and rough patches on your skin. Making the skin look old and unhealthy.

You may be a bit slower to wrinkle, again because of the melanin in your skin. But you will wrinkle without some common sense protection to your skin. Just as fair skin people must protect their skin, so should you.

You can’t actually stop the wrinkling, but you can slow it down, regardless of your DNA. Sunscreen can help, and so can sun blocking clothing.

Using a combination of clothing and sunscreen to block the sun from your body will allow your to have more safe fun in the sun. No one wants to have their skin looking old, but that is what will happen. The sun can be brutal.

Are You Still A Tanner At Heart?

Do you still love the color the sun makes your skin? Even knowing how it is drying and aging you? Well, how about just a little tan? Not a sunburn?

The main thing to remember when going for a light tan is the timing. Just a few minutes a day of direct sun will do it. Don’t make your skin older by getting hung up on the deeper shades of tan.

You may have a tanning addiction if you can’t quit laying in the sun and allowing your body to be exposed to the sun. Even when you have completely covered yourself with sunscreen, that is not protecting you.

Sunscreen does slow down the sun’s action on your skin, but repeated tanning sessions turn into roasting sessions. Then burning sessions. Your skin can’t stay healthy. The early aging will set in. The sagging skin will show up, along with wrinkles.

So even if you have darker skin tones naturally, you may show damage slower than light tone skin does, but it will happen.

If the sun is important to you, get your tanning session in before 10 AM and after 4 PM. Use your sunscreen, applying enough for protection.

Wear your UPF clothing when in the sun for extended time periods. Take your breaks in the shade. Drink enough water to assure that your skin stays hydrated.

Your hat is covering your head and face, but remember reflections off water and cement and the side of your house or the deck of the boat. So be sure to add enough sunscreen to your face to help with the reflections.

A Lifestyle For More Color In Your Skin

Are you aware that eating tomato-based foods is one of the effective ways to darken your skin? I know this sounds far-fetched, but this is a fact. Regardless of your skin color!

Tomato-based foods help in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Yes, the results are slight but have that gold hue that looks healthy.

Carrots will also turn your skin a little. However, for very light-skin people, you are apt to turn more orange than gold. Getting a variety with lots of fresh vegetables, and varied colors will give your skin a very healthy glow.

Do know, that once or twice a week won’t make the change you are looking for. Go for 2 times a day for several weeks to see a change. As with all natural changes, it happens over time. Your body will appreciate the change to natural foods and the more you can eat raw, the better.

Emu oil has become very popular. With immense benefits, it has been doing wonders in people’s lives. Those who want to get golden skin can use this oil to encourage higher melanin production in your skin.

The regular use of natural oil increases the dark pigmentation, which makes the skin look tan. Since there are so many choices with natural oil, purchase trusted and premium products for the best results.

Don’t smoke! Smoking will cause wrinkles even when you are doing all the things to protect your skin. Stop if you are a smoker, for the sake of your skin as well as all of your body’s other organs!

Eating A Healthy Diet Will Also Slow Wrinkles

Staying healthy, protecting yourself from too much sun. Eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting your sleep. Drinking enough water. No smoking. All the habits that keep you feeling well will help with youthful skin, making you slower to wrinkle.

There is counseling available if your think you may have an addiction to tanning. This addiction can be as bad for your overall health condition as any high-risk behavior is. You may need to seek some help.

When looking at your parents for signs of how you can expect to wrinkle, pay attention to how the lifestyle of your parent is different from yours.

We aren’t as different from our parents as we think.

Protect your skin
Sami’s Take On Does Sunscreen Prevent Wrinkles?

Are you considering where you are in your life’s journey? And what you can do to keep from looking older? Are wrinkles a concern? Or have you come to grips with a plan to slow your skin from aging?

While it is difficult to make big changes to your lifestyle, smaller ones can help. This year you could make an effort to add a sun blocking garment or two to your wardrobe. Then wear it to protect your skin.

Reschedule your times of being out in the sun to before 10 AM or after 4 PM. Remember sunscreen or sunblock. Go to a bit of extra effort for making sure you have plenty of water when you are getting out.

Pick a habit or two and work on those for change. Next year, you can add another. Then another. Take care of yourself. We know too much about what happens with too much sun, and this article has not even touched on skin cancer.

We have only thought about slowing the natural wrinkling cycle for our skin as we age. Are you as surprised as I am about the part the sun plays in our wrinkling?

Awareness is the first step. We know some of the causes of wrinkling. As well, we know that some will age quicker in life than others. What can we do to delay this as much as possible?

Is prevention a cost-effective way to prevent any more wrinkling for you?

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