About Sun Blocking Clothing

 With so many choices in sun blocking clothing, and new ones hitting the market, do you have questions about how to protect yourself and your family from the sun?

Do you wonder if the specially constructed and treated garments are worth the price?   

Or are you already dealing with skin cancer and wondering what is so special about sun blocking clothing?

How can sun blocking clothing help prevent skin cancer?

I had those questions too. So that is when the journey began.

After long hard months of reading and researching, I have learned how much I didn’t know.   As well as how much I ignored the danger of too much sun on my skin.   

Awareness is my new motto for reminding myself about how I can protect my skin.  I can also help my family take better care of their skin as well.  

Sun Blocking Clothing.com Is A Place To Check Out Information For Protecting Your Skin

There are so many questions about how to keep your skin healthy and protected from the dangers of too much sun.

For some of us, we are on the side of the skin cancer battle that involves many visits to the dermatologist. We are learning to be more careful but we still make mistakes and get sunburned.

Do we already have something in our closets to help protect our skin from the sun, or do I have to buy stuff?

Everyday Help For Protecting Skin From The Sun

Your closely woven denim will also protect your skin from the sun, but will you wear it in the hot sun? The protection of sun blocking clothing can be comfortable, and should not be so hot to wear.

Face it, when you have clothing on your body, sometimes it is hotter. That means you need to get into the shade. Let your body cool a bit. If your sun blocking clothing gets wet, it loses a good bit of its ability to block the sun.

Sun Blocking Clothing Can Make A Difference For Your Skin Health.

Sun Protection Clothing

Finding the right risk levels for your skin, more comfortable clothing, and a better sun-healthy lifestyle will work together to make your life more sun-safe resulting in less skin cancer.

Safe Fun In The Sun-Times Includes A Sun Blocking Hat

From your sun blocking hat to your wraparound sunglasses to your sun blocking long sleeve loose-fitting shirt. Once you put them on, you don’t have to reapply sunscreen to protect your skin.

You will have to reapply sunscreen on your face and neck. There are so many things that reflect the sun. Your sun hat protects you from the rays coming down from above your head.

But the protection is not so good from the rays that are reflected from the ground. Water, snow, cement, the paint of your car or boat. Don’t take a chance. Protect your face with sunscreen often throughout the day.

Protecting From The Sun

When you are increasing your awareness of skin protection, you will soon find that it is automatic to remember sunscreen. That you remember your sun blocking clothing. Soon you are more careful with your young children. Scheduling the fun in the sun-times to mornings before 10 AM and after 4 PM is important and easier to do. Awareness is the first step for learning to live a safer skin life.

Preventing sunburns can slow down skin cancer, as well as early aging. (wrinkles)

Climate Warming Is A Fact

Your skin can be one of the victims of climate warming. Sun blocking clothing can offer you an easier way for protecting your skin. The climate is not as friendly as it was when I was young. My skin is showing the damage that I allowed to happen.

I have sunspots (freckles) and early aging (wrinkles). Then add to that, are several skin cancers. Uneven skin tones, and coarse skin pores that are difficult to work with when applying makeup. Do you want to find yourself old before your time?

I Am Now Aware  

Is it possible that my hours of reading and researching could help you become aware?

I thought this could be done in a month! Maybe by some, but not by me.  Being a writer, not a Doctor with a degree there has been terminology.  A late-arriving slow learner who wants to have some idea of how to help myself and my family.

It is boring and sometimes gross to read and research any cancer condition.  The terminology is hard to remember until it refers to you or your family.   

Click the link if you are wondering if the spot on your face or neck looks like melanoma or another kind of skin cancer.   Images of skin cancers 

Where are you in your knowledge of Protection From The Sun IQ?   

“I want a tan” phase?  Is this you?  Maybe you think “I don’t need to worry about the sun, do I?”   Or are you in the “what was I thinking” phase? 

Regardless of where you are in the awareness of your skin’s need for protection to avoid skin cancer, please pay attention.

Awareness Of The Need For Skin protection

What are you seeing in how your body reacts to sun exposure?

The first line of defense is to cover up!  Plain and simple! 

However in our society with the general public wanting our skin to be tan, we don’t cover up!  Everyone and their adopted cousin think they need a tan to look cool.

I know, because yes, I felt that way for years.  No, I couldn’t see what was happening.  Sure I knew people who were 10 years or so ahead of me in the game of keeping that tan look. 

And I saw what they looked like.  I was so sure my tan would only end up with the cool factor, not the wrinkled and dried-up look.  That wasn’t what I wanted! 

Awareness in your daily life

What do you want for your time in the sun?  Do you want to allow the sun to damage your skin until you look old and wrinkled and dried up?  Until the skin cancer forces you to make a change?

Or do you want to enjoy your time outdoors and have healthy skin with little if any skin damage that leads to skin cancers?  Arm yourself with awareness.

It is a choice we make.  Using sun blocking clothing along with sunscreen creams and lotions can help you keep your skin healthier.  However, sunscreen creams and lotions alone won’t do it all. 

You will need to help by adding sun blocking clothing. Covering your skin with clothing is the easiest and best way to protect your skin. Using sunscreen and clothing is double protection.

I am beginning to get my sun blocking clothing knowledge going.  Where are you on your journey?  Is it worth the price for the protection?  With more knowledge and awareness can you make a better decision?

Sunscreen Information

Protecting your skin from the sun can mean some changes in your lifestyle. How can you become more aware?

When you forget or get careless you will run the risk of sunburn. We must protect our skin. Sun blocking clothing can help, but sunscreen is important as well.

As you look in the mirror and see those little lines showing up on your face, you know that you need sunscreen. Did you know that wearing sunscreen every day can slow down your skin’s aging? Aging here is referring to wrinkles. Yes, too much sun can make your skin get old fast.

Sunburn Information

Sunburn is not to be disregarded or ignored. The quickest way to have your skin look old is to not protect your skin from the sun. The physical discomfort of a sunburn can make you sick for several days. What are your plans to make sure that you or your family are protected from sunburn?

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On Sun Blocking Clothing

With so much to learn about how to protect our skin from the sun, we have to sift out that stuff that was just made to sell us products

Yes, we need to know more about their products and more about how to take care of our skin. The sun is a dangerous element we can no longer ignore.

Your parents didn’t teach you differently because they didn’t know. There is so much that we just have to find out for ourselves. Learning about skin cancer continues to grow my knowledge.

I realize why my family has the problems it has with skin cancer now. However, we are correcting some of our careless behavior to improve how we take care of our skin.

We still goof up staying safe from the sun, but I do invite you to join us on our journey for better skin health.