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7 Reasons Kids Should “Wear Sun Blocking Clothing All Year Long”

While summer is when we most remember skin protection, all year in sunny parts of the world cause kids to need to have clothing between them and the suns rays.

In 7 Reasons For Kids To “Wear Sun Blocking Clothing All Year Long” your awareness of sun dangers will be increased. There will also be some suggestions about how clothing works through all the seasons for skin protection.

7 Reasons For Your kids To wear sun blocking clothing all year long  and safe sun habits.

Sun protection is crucial for all of us. However, for our kids, the importance grows because of their immature skin. Too many of us did not understand that our kid’s skin continues to mature as their growth and minds do.

Take any warning your doc shares for your kid’s skincare seriously. Sun Blocking Clothing for kids all year will prevent sunburns, protect from UV rays, reduce the skin cancer risk, keep them cooler, reduce reapplication necessity, better skin protection, and give full coverage.

Sun protection is crucial for everyone, but it is especially important for children. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that children wear sun protection clothing, in addition to using sunscreen, to help protect against the damaging effects of the sun. Here are seven reasons why kids should wear sun blocking clothing all year long:

1. Sunburn Prevention

Because sun blocking clothing is designed to be a physical barrier between your kid’s skin and the sun’s dangerous Ultraviolet Rays.

Ultraviolet rays are a type of radiation that is emitted by the sun. A little radiation is needed for vitamin D production in the skin. Too much exposure and you are in sunburn trouble. Sunburn increases the risk of skin cancer, especially when the skin is young and immature.

Our kids have thinner and more sensitive skin, at least when compared to adults. Their skin is still developing and maturing. By about 12-14 months the skin in most kids has all the layers and structural necessities, there is a toughening process to do.

The cells need time to get all the complex working parts going and producing for the skin to be able to be considered “done.” Our dermatologist says that about 20 years old is when the skin is actually mature.

Overexposure to UV radiation can lead to many health problems. These problems can include skin cancer, premature aging, and damage to the eyes.

When kids spend a lot of time outdoors without proper protection from the sun’s UV rays, they are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer later in life.

A loosely fitting shirt will help keep the sun off the skin. If it fits too tight your kid may get hot, and remove it. Loose fit is important in sun blocking clothing.

2. Risks for Fair Skin

The risk is even higher for children with fair skin, red or blonde hair, and blue or green eyes. They have less melanin, the pigment that helps protect the skin from UV damage.

Protection with sun blocking clothing, or clothing with known UPF is important for fair skin kids. Wearing sun blocking clothing, and hats with sunglasses will give these kids safer play outside time.

In the days my kids were growing up, we were not aware of the dangers of too much sun on our skin. We thought that because we healed up after sunburns, we were home-free. Now as an adult my green-eyed blonde son and blue-eyed strawberry-blonde daughter are paying dearly for their hours in the sun as kids.

Lifestyle habits can develop with attention to safety. Have play groups for your kids before 10 AM or after 4 PM. unless you have access to shaded areas for play. Allowing kids to expose their skin in the direct sun during dangerous times of the day regardless of skin color is not a reasonable risk.

Sorry, one more warning. too much UV radiation can cause damage to the eyes, leading to cataracts and other eye problems later in life. Sunscreen, sun blocking clothing, sunglasses, and sun hats are important.

7 reasons to wear sun blocking clothing all year long and watching the UVRay index

3. UV Ray Protection

Wearing sun blocking clothing you are getting UV ray protection that is made for the sole purpose of skin protection. This kind of clothing is an actual physical barrier between your skin and the sun’s rays.

If you are operating with normal clothing from your kid’s closet, you probably will be able to protect the kid’s skin by paying attention Discover The Sun Blocking Clothing Hiding In Your Closet? to the weave of the fabric the shirt is made of.

Sun blocking shirts are important because they cover a large part of the body’s skin. The torso encompasses a large part of vernable skin. The back and shoulders are often the first areas to sunburn. Right after the head, face, neck and ears. So that makes hats important. Sunglasses, yes even for kids.

The items your kids already have can protect them, if the hours they are out in the sun are safer hours. Wearing anything is better than nothing. So even a shirt that is not rated with UPF protection offers some protection.

Letting your kids play outside without a shirt, or girls with strappy tops that don’t cover their shoulders and back are not safe. They may look cute, and girly, but save the none protective clothing for times you will be able to keep them covered in sunscreen where the sun hits their bodies.

Remember, during the peak sun hours, between 10 AM and 4 PM, make sure your kid’s bodies are covered. The sun hits their heads first, so that is most important. A sun hat. Their sunglasses. And as the shirt covers a good part of the body, a sun blocking shirt will keep them safer.

Apply sunscreen where not covered, arms if the shirt has short sleeves, tops of the hands. At the front throat if it is a button shirt. Cheeks of face, nose. Where the sun hits the body is the sunscreen area.

4. Wearing Sun Blocking Clothing All Year Long Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

Steps in reducing the risks of skin cancer are important for the overall health of our kid’s skin. Just as you would address a health-related issue, so should you make an effort to keep their skin healthy.

The simple act of wearing protective clothing when going out in the sun can pay off for skin protection. Uncontrolled amounts of sun exposure are not advised for anyone, of any age, and surely not our kids.

The Skin Cancer Foundation tells us that just one sunburn during childhood can double the risk of developing one or more forms of skin cancer later in life.

Just wearing clothing on their skin, putting that physical barrier between their skin and the dangerous sun will lower the risk of overexposure.

Making sure they are dressed in sun blocking clothing when they’re playing in the middle of the day out in the sun. This includes hats and sunglasses.

5. Keeping Kids Cool is a Good Reason for Sun Blocking Clothing

Another reason for sun blocking clothing all year long for your kids is that it can help keep them cool while out playing. Often designed with breathable materials that can help keep kids safe from the hot sun on their bare skin. This keeps their skin healthy and able to cool itself as our skin is designed to do.

Protecting your kid’s skin with loose-fitting breathable protective clothing that covers their skin will keep them safer from heat build-up and developing heat exhaustion and heat stroke. These conditions often occur because the body can’t cool itself because of clothing that fits too closely.

Protecting clothing often is designed to breathe easily, allowing air to reach the kid’s skin and cool them down. They often have extra vents under the arms and across the shoulders and chest as well as down the sides. These extra features allow good cool down, and safer body temperatures.

7 reasons for kids to wear sun blocking clothing all year long to protect your skin

6. No Reapplication Required

Sun blocking clothing protects your kid’s skin as long as they wear the garment. Unlike sunscreen which requires reapplication often. This is important when the kids are on school outings or some other event away from the parent all day. You don’t have to wonder if they will remember to reapply.

Older kids need to be helped to be responsible for selecting a protective shirt for the day when there is an outside activity planned. This teaches independence in that your child is assuming responsibility for his own welfare, instead of looking to you.

7. Easy To Use Full Coverage

Sun blocking provides your kid with full-coverage clothing that protects the skin and is easy to use. We all know that kids are all about shortcuts. I don’t know how well kids are with sunscreen applications. There may be missed spots on their arms.

With sun blocking clothing, everything that is covered is protected.

How easy it is to put on a shirt? How much safer their skin will be. Talking to your kids about the reasons you are protecting their skin will give them a headstart in knowing how to take care of their skin.

How much easier for you when the kids are too young to help? Sun blocking clothing is a one-time answer for the day. Don’t run the risk of a dangerous sunburn for your kids of any age.

And, something between your kid’s skin and the sun is better than nothing.

Sami’s Take on 7 Reasons for Kids to “Wear Sun Blocking Clothing All Year Long”

Wearing sun blocking clothing all year long can protect kids from the harmful effects of the sun.

Sunburn, skin damage, as well as skin cancer risks, are high for kids who get too much sun

Sun blocking clothing provides full coverage reducing the need for sunscreen reapplication.

By providing full coverage, reducing the need for reapplication, and keeping kids cool, sun blocking clothing is an easy and effective way to keep children safe while enjoying outdoor fun stuff.

Some examples of sun blocking clothing for kids:


Wide-brimmed hats

Long-sleeved loose fitting shirts, with collars, are better

Long pants that are lose fitting

Lose hoodies

For the summer, light colors like white, light blue, or pale pink will reflect the sun’s rays and help kids stay cooler.

Darker colors will be safer from sunburn, but young kids will remove the shirt if they get hot, which can happen if the shirt isn’t very loose-fitting.

In my part of the world, the sun shines a lot, summer and winter. It is important to keep the kids covered from the sun. In winter you will want heavier shirts or layers, but even when the day starts cool, mid-day sunburn risks run high.

Keeping kids’ skin safe is important.

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