5 Tips For “Too Much Sun” Skincare

5 Sun Tips For “Too Much Sun” Skincare can help make the first few days after your overexposure more comfortable. Helping your skin start the healing process and figuring out how to prevent a repeat is important.

Sunburn dangers

When you notice you are overexposed, or your child has had a little too much sun on their skin, it is important to get out of the sun.

Get into a shade or home where you can take a shower, and get the sand off of your skin. A cool shower can help cool down the skin heat as well as your body temperature that has been rising. Applying healing and cooling moisturizers helps in healing.

While taking in the sun, your skin gets covered with sand, salt, and even chlorine, which will cause some dehydration.

Making use of publicly provided showers at the beach and pool is a good idea.

Tip # 1 Get Out Of The Sun

Even during the times of the year that you think would be most dangerous for your skin to be in the sun, be aware. Sunburns happen in the other months as well. All that is required for sunburn is the sun shining on skin that is unprotected for too long!

In our part of the world, the sun shines a lot, and often people are caught off guard at a daytime ball game. Football games in the fall and early winter. Baseball in the spring and early summer.

Your best protection is awareness. When you have a basic sun-blocking hat, sunglasses, and loose-fitting long sleeve shirt, you are ready for those times that you are sitting out.

It is more of a problem nowadays with some events not allowing you to carry in the larger purses and tote bags. In these situations, just put them on and wear them in. It is the sensible thing to do.

Protecting yourself and your family from skin cancer is a year-round job. With a little awareness and preparation, protection is easier to handle.

Tip # 2 Dry Skin Concerns

The sun robs you of the oils your skin naturally produces. These are called lipids. The sun also deteriorates your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production.

This fact alone will increase dryness. This increased dryness can leave you with skin that has a rough texture.

Another problem is that for those of you in your late 40s and 50s, these lipid levels are also affected by fluctuations in estrogen. This makes it important to be especially careful of your skincare after too much sun.

Fortunately, this won’t pose a problem for your kids, yet. For your kids make sure that the moisturizing lotion does not have petroleum in the formula. (Vaseline) This is not the time to use our old faithful.

The heat needs to escape from the kid’s skin, not held in as it would be in a heavier base formula. Even some aloe vera product would be good here. Just check the label.

A Fix For Adults

A Fix For You To Consider: (If you have more severe sunburn, allow that to heal before taking this step.)

Apply a chemical exfoliator like alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). This will help your skin to exfoliate the uppermost layers, the ones that are damaged and dry. The result will reveal smoother, younger-looking skin.

You can use Retinols or Retin-A can also correct rough spots by helping to cause dead skin cells to be easier to scrub off. These products also act as an antioxidant to help skin bounce back.

Just don’t forget to protect your skin with sun blocking clothing and some sunscreen. When you are using these products your skin will be extra sensitive to the sun.

Tip # 3 Drink Water

Re-hydrate your body with non-alcohol beverages. Even if you have consumed some water, your body has dried out while too much sun was happening.

When you are in the sun for extended periods of time, that will usually cause your body to dehydrate.

Take a cool shower, remembering to pat your skin dry. Then applying aloe vera, which is 99% water, helps to re-hydrate your skin.

However, remember to include the most important way to hydrate which is to drink plenty of water. Most fall short of drinking as much water as we need.

Being aware of prolonged physical activity and heat exposure. More activity will increase water losses and raises daily fluid needs.

Another Awareness Bulletin: About 80 % or more of the senior citizens who are brought into ER centers are dehydrated. That fact alone should make us aware of the need for liquids in our daily diet.

Tip # 4 Prevent Infection Or Irritation

Prevent irritation while your skin is healing. Be extra careful about protecting your skin from more damage and irritation.

Wear loose-fitting clothing to prevent chafing or rubbing your skin with your clothing.

Do you have blisters from your sunburn? consider placing dry bandages on the to lower the risk of infection, If you have to return to work, the rubbing of clothing may be difficult to control.

Don’t pick or pull at the skin or peel the skin around the blisters. This can cause infection.

Yes, the skin will itch during the healing time, and some help may be available. You can try using over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to help heal the skin inflammation and relieve itching during the healing time.

Over-the-counter pain medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, also can help ease discomfort.

Tip # 5 Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes

Don’t repeat your mistakes. Get your awareness self on alert and paying attention.

Avoid further sunburn. Take steps to protect your skin the next time you are in the sun. Use a combination of sunscreen and sun blocking clothing to protect yourself and your family from too much sun.

Getting sunburn once can have negative consequences, but it is not as dangerous as getting sunburn multiple times.

Actually, everything your skin cancers color after sun exposure, your risk of developing a sun-related ailment increases. Most all skin problems are accumulative cause conditions. Maybe not the first time you tan or get sunburn or even the fourth time.

Do you know how many safe times you have? How many times your skin can heal from too much sun?

No one knows this number. What if you are out of free time?

Wear clothing made from tightly woven fabric over sunburned skin when you’re outside. Your sunblocking hats, sunglasses, and other protective garments.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 about every two hours. Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Don’t let the sun win. Even if you’re sunburned, there are smart ways to care for your skin and prevent further damage.

Bonus Tip # 6 Pigmentation

Any tan is a bad tan. When you hear “sun-kissed” skin, it sounds healthy, but it’s not. The color change happens because our melanin is reacting to UV rays.

Your body is going into self-defense mode while trying to protect your skin cells from damage. No one is immune to this process.

According to research, darker-skinned people have more natural protection from the sun, they will still acquire sun damage without sunscreen protection.

You must protect your skin to prevent problems as you get older. I know, you will never get old! We all think that, but it will happen before we are ready.

Bonus Tip # 7 Wrinkles

Wrinkles don’t form on the surface of the skin. The skin collapses from underneath.

These furrows and lines are caused when the dermal layer is under stress from sun exposure and the lack of natural oils. This in turn can lead to collagen degrading.

Expression lines are great. They are a sign of health and beauty. but without sun protection, the nice smile lines around the eyes, for example, can become more pronounced and turn into crow’s feet.

Helping your skin to heal after a sunburn, or just a day out in the sun and wind is important. Your skin has a big job to keep you healthy. To keep away the skin conditions that can develop over time.

Keep yourself safe from skin cancer.

Learn How To Protect Your Skin
Sami’s Take On 5 Tips For “Too Much Sun” Skincare

We all have to become aware. Your family will learn from you. You can help them all develop good habits for protecting their skin.

As more research is done, hopefully, there will be less concern about skin safety in the sun. However, until that time, we will have to up our game for skin protection.

This shouldn’t be so hard with the increase in choices from the companies making sun blocking clothing. We should all be able to find a fit, something we like, and be able to keep our skin safe from the sun. To be able to enjoy being outside, doing fun things in all seasons.

However, for now, we must be aware. After reading about how to take care of your skin if you get too much sun, are you ready for getting those unblocking clothing items ready?

Get yourself ready to enjoy some safe fun in the sun?

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