Protection From The Sun

Sun Blocking Clothing For Women

Protection From The Sun / Sun Blocking Clothing For Women has been a battle cry from skin savvy women for many years.  The women in the time period of the lady in the picture were aware of how the sun can age them.  Make them look older.  They were taught from an early age to take care of their skin.

Are we as careful as women were then?  My mom was kind of in the middle.  I think she envied my generation’s freedom to spend time in the sun.  Wear 2 piece swimsuits.  However, she was very unaware of the damage the sun was doing to my skin.  It wasn’t visible yet.  We didn’t lather on the sunscreen.  We might use baby oil with iodine in it as we thought that would stain our skin faster!

My Mom never really did away with the long-sleeved shirts to protect her arms from sunburn.

I had my family when I was fairly young.  The sun damage hadn’t shown up yet.  Actually, it was beginning to appear.  I think I just disregarded it. I was still safely somewhere in the middle of the pack. Not Young, but not really showing any real damage yet. 

I had the one big discolored place on my cheek removed when quite young, and promptly forgot the warnings from the dermatologist.  The old out of sight, out of mind thing. So- my words of caution fell on deaf ears when the warnings were repeated to our kids.  


So, let’s get down to the basics of how to protect our skin. When thinking about sun blocking clothing for women, you know that you need to consider style. You won’t enjoy wearing something that you feel isn’t attractive for you. Then what part of you will need sunscreen?

If you don’t think the sun blocking shirt is a pretty color, you’ll not be as faithful to put it on. You won’t make sure that you are wearing your shirt that keeps the sun off your shoulders and arms. Or apply the sunscreen to the parts not covered with clothing. So start with a color that is complimentary for you.

That puts us in the shadowy area where we have to decide what is attractive. I have finally come to grips with a shirt collar that comes up and protects my neck. Most women will have a V on their upper chest where the sun has repeatedly been allowed to shine on their skin. I do too. That needs to be protected. So protection from the sun, sun blocking clothing for women can be one and the same. How are you helping yourself?

Results Of No Sun Blocking Clothing

My Mom and Dad loved getting out and driving around in the farming area where they lived. They could go check to see if crops in the area were doing well. Was the cotton ready to gather? How a neighbors fence was coming along.

Dad always drove. Mom on the passenger side was exposed to many afternoons of sunshine through the car windows. Dad didn’t realize that he could, as the driver keep his side out of the direct sun a good bit. However, Mom was getting sun exposure. They didn’t play golf or do many of the other things that retired people enjoy. They liked to go.

And preferred going in the car. So many repeated exposures after retirement. Then added to the exposures she had while working and raising a family? They finally caught up with her.

Changing Perspective

I would not have considered taking Sunday drives most every day of the week dangerous. Not really an activity that required sun blocking clothing protection, but it is. This is something we have to give some thought to when we decide what we need to wear to protect ourselves from sunburn and too much sun exposure.

Then she also would have needed to consider that they stopped at the Dairy Queen for coffee or ice cream almost every day. So she wanted to look nice. This was their social outing quite often. She remembered her jewellery.

We are strange beings, those of us blessed enough to be a female. I am grateful to have spent more time with my parents as they got older, and have had time to reflect on some things that seemed strange at the time, but now see as very practical action.

I am very grateful they lived where they could have the freedom to get out and take that drive. Get out of the house a while. For them, it was better to live in the less populated areas for this to be possible.

The Results Show Up

The upper chest area is where my Mom had actual skin cancers to appear. Right where her blouses did not cover. That “V” on her throat and upper chest. She noticed them when they were small enough that they were easier for the dermatologist to take care of.

We all have differences of opinions about where our personal comfort zone is, regardless of exposure to the sun. Protecting your skin from overexposure to the sun will reward you well in the future. And therein lies the problems with getting people to be aware of how much the sun damages your skin. Why We Develop Skin Cancer

Like saving money for the future, it takes a while but after a while, you will see a benefit. You will be able to make a difference in your lifestyle because you have stayed out of debt and saved money. The result shows up but does often take a while.

So it is with protecting your skin from the sun. And avoiding the dry leathery look for your skin. You won’t have to deal with the wrinkles. At least not like that those who have not been so careful. Who said that you are old longer than you are young? That person was a wise soul.

Will You Wear Sun Blocking Clothing

Giving some consideration for your lifestyle will help you as you are planning your sun blocking clothing purchases.

I found that I really spend little time around water any more. I am in the yard and attending sports events for grandkids. Different life cycles call for different answers. Those who hike the trails. The golfers, and fishermen. So many different ways to take you out and in the sun.

Suggestions For Basic Skin Protection

For clothing that is not specifically woven or treated to be sun blocking: Tight woven fabrics like denim, or other tightly woven cloth and a darker color. Fibres can be 100% natural like cotton, linen, silk, wool. Or a blend with man-made fibres. How tightly they are woven, and how thick they are is what determines the protection from the sun.

Oddly enough the most important thing is to wear the item. So many people have what they need, but don’t wear those skin-protecting garments. Most people in this area have a denim shirt. A long-sleeved denim shirt. Jeans. Dark denim jeans.

Remember the old western movies? They depicted the cowboy with a long-sleeved shirt, a bandana around his neck, a wide-brimmed hat. Often gloves and always boots. He was properly garbed for a day in the sun, including the direct sun hours. How do you go out for a day in the sun?

Importance Of Being Attractive and Comfortable

As dressing as cowboys in old movies isn’t how we see ourselves, you can understand the necessity of attractive and comfortable. We want to enjoy our time when outside. So choosing appropriate clothing is important to make this happen. Making your sun blocking clothing purchases really work for you will need some consideration.

Putting a bit of thought in getting a comfortable garment, and one that is attractive will help you be more faithful in wearing sun blocking clothing, and remembering to put sunscreen on the areas you don’t have covered. You will find that your skin is not always able to recover from a sunburn. Help yourself by protecting your skin. You have more ways in today’s time than ever before, and you can look great doing it. Protection from the sun, sun blocking clothing for women can be a battle you win.

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