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Do Grandparents Need UPF Clothing Or A Tan?

Do Grandparents need UPF clothing or a tan? Sometimes a person really has a time finding which is most important, sun or no sun!

Do Grandparents wear UPF or Get a tan?  Don't we need some sun?

There seems to be more information for why Grandparents need UPF clothing. But according to CDC we also need some sun to stay healthy. The kicker is that we don’t need but a few minutes of sun on our arms or legs is all it takes for health.

The real answer is to find a balance that works for each of us. And each of us is different. So 15 minutes for me in the sun before 10 A M 3 or 4 days a week is enough for keeping me healthy, but it may not work for you.

You may need 20 minutes 5 or more days a week. So it is important to find what works for you, and the way your body works, and your own skin risks from the sun.

Springs and summers that have me out in the yard more, will find me getting too much sun by summers end. I may not sunburn, but will have tan lines while observing safe habits of not being out after 10 AM or before 4 PM. I tan even though I am careful about the hours I am out.

This lets me know that my personal system does a good job of making enough Vitiman D in a shorter time than what it takes for others.

Why We Need Vitamin D

Sunlight exposure has been proven to decrease the incidence of depression for senior citizens. Depression is a risk factor resulting in mental health issues for grandparents. While the depression may slowly appear, after a while it ill affect your quality of life. Depressed seniors have a higher risk of early death.

When you have your life undercontrol enough with time to spend in the sun on a regular basis, will have enough vitamin D in their system. They generally have a better quality of life with better life circumstances, less stress, a healthier environment and better food. There is usually a more supportive family system.

The benefits of controlled sun exposure improves your life in all areas. It must be kept in mind with the change in the earths ozone layer, that with a thinner ozone layer, exposing the skin to the sun is mucher riskier for skin cancer.

When my kids were young, it was not quite the risk for most of us as it is now. The 30 years have made a difference. Grandparents do have to be more cautious about sun exposure. Paying attention to the hours of the day is important.

This is an extremely important factor for Grandparents as their skin has a lifetime of dangerous exposure to the sun. You have used up all your “get home free cards” for avoiding skin cancer from too much sun.

Balance Is Important For A Healthy Life

We all know that balance is the key to almost everything, right? At least for the things that come out to our benefit. As Senior Citizens, it is even more important. This is something we should have a learned by now. However, it is sometimes hard to always put balance in practice.

We want to stay healthy and have our skin stay healthy, but it is fun to be out with our kids and grandkids and participate in what they are doing. I will admit that most of my participation is the ‘watching them’ kind. I enjoy being part of their world.

Yes sunlight is a great source of vitamin D for us seniors, but too much sunlight can quickly become harmful. The need for sun protection is especially important for seniors who often have developed very fragile skin.

Often by the time we are senior citizens we are taking medications that increase sun sensitivity for our skin as an unavoidable side effect. Sunburn will happen more easily.

UPF Clothing Is Easy To Apply Skin Protection

UPF clothing make the skin protection an easy task that can be so complete.

Tip #1: Wear your sunglasses. Even out to the mail box if your mail box is in the direct sun, and the sun is shinning. We often go after dark as it has been so hot here in Central Texas this summer.

Tip #2: Remember your sun blocking hat as with your sunglasses. Your hat is an important part of your UPF wardrobe. It is second on the list because of it’s importance in keeping your head, face, neck, ears, and nose safe from the direct rays.

Tip #3: Wear a tightly woven long sleeve loosely fitting shirt to stay safe in the sun.

Tip # 4: Apply sunscreen on the parts of your body not covered in sun blocking clothing. Ipersonally apply sunscreen to my face every morning. I did not start this early enough to disregard the warnings. Also I have to admit I ama bit vane and don’t want to look any older than I have too.

Tip # 5: Covering your legs is also important if you are out in the risky time of day, from 4 AM until 10 PM.

Even if you are only going outside to water your garden or go for a short walk. Wearing light-weight breathing UPF clothing will keep them comfortable and protected.

The risk of developing or dying from skin cancer goes up every year. Being a grandparent or senior citizen is not a no risk time of life. Becoming dehydrated is also a contributing danger of too much sun and heat mix for seniors.

2nd Most Under Used Tool For Staying Safe In The Sun?

Are you aware of the safety that shade offers your skin? This often overlooked and accessible help for staying safe in the sun should be habit for all of us. We should all be watching for and making use of shade while outside.

If you are taking your morning walk, the shade is a better place to walk when possible than in sunny walk ways.

When watching your grandkids play sports, look for a set in the shade or carry an umbrella.

Seniors can remind the family that shady patches are better than direct sun spots for placing the lawn chairs.

When there is little shade to add to your UVF clothing will work to protect your skin. However, the UVF clothing won’t work if you leave it in the car, go get it! If it is slung on the back of your chair, put it on! You have a lot at stake with your skin. Stay safe and enjoy those grankids!

Do Grandparents need UPF clothing or a tan?
Sami’s Take On Do Grandparents Need UPF Clothing Or A Tan?

Grandparent have a lot to loose if the don’t cover their skin and protect it from too much sun. The15 or 20 minutes needed a few mornings a week to get the vitamin D level up is not enough to cause sun damage.

However, the accidental over exposure to the sun is very dangerous for senior citizens. It is important that you have a plan to protect your skin from the sun. Starting with an application of sun screen first thing every morning to at least your face. The light through the windshield or window pane can cause aging damage.

Then wearing your sunglasses, hat and sun blocking shirt are important to keeping your skin healthy. Accumulation of sun through a life time can make these senior years full of visits to your dermatologist.

It really isn’t worth the risk. Take better care of your skin health. It is important for your overall quality of life through these years. One person in five will develop skin cancer. Are you the one?

Remember, skin cancer can be prevented.

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