Can I Get Rid of My Sunburn Quickly?

Uh-oh! Can I Get Rid Of My Sunburn Quickly, you asked? So, you forgot to bring your sunblocking clothing and sunscreen when you left for a fun weekend at the lake? How can that happen? Don’t you keep that sun blocking loose-fitting long sleeve shirt, sun hat, extra sunglasses, and sunscreen in a tote bag ready to go?

Can I get Rid of my sunburn quickly sunburned arm with peeling skin

Yes, you gave yourself away with your question, “can I get rid of my sunburn quickly?” Your week was fun at the lake but it is Sunday night and Monday morning you have to go to work wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a jacket. That will be miserable.

There is no quick remedy for getting rid of sunburn. A mild sunburn will typically heal on its own within a few days. Severe sunburn may require medical treatment.

However, from the looks of the arm in the picture you sent, you are healing up, just are faced with a work wardrobe after your days in the sun.

How have you been treating this sunburn the past few days? Have you been avoiding more sun exposure? Have you been wearing the loose-fitting long sleeve sunblocking shirt that you should have had on earlier? Preventing that sunburn would have been a better idea.

Have you been applying moisturizing lotion or aleoa vera? If not, do that before going to bed tonight. Rub the lotion in gently, try not to rub the skin off before it is ready. That will slow the healing.

You won’t be “well” in the morning, but your skin will feel much better.

Suggestions For First Day Back At Work

Apply another good amount of aloe vera or moistrizing lotion to your arm and allow it to kind of “dry.” Give yourself time to dress, and don’t jerk on the shirt, remember you have burned arms!

Another suggestion for what is good to put on your skin after peeling from sunburn is to shop for soy-based lotion or cream. We are after moisturizing with this suggestion.

Keeping the area moisturized with an aloe-vera or soy-based product will make the first few days back at work more comfortable.

Moisturizing will help soothe your sunburned skin, but be careful to avoid petroleum-based or other heavy oil-based creams. These may trap heat and make your sunburn even worse.

Save the heavier lotions for use after you have healed from this round of sunburn.

Healing Your Skin Once It Starts Peeling

Do you wonder just how long it takes for peeled skin to heal after sunburn?

Most mild-to-moderate burns will heal in anywhere from 3 to 5 days. However, if your sunburn is one that peels, the peeling may well last a week. There may be small amounts of skin that can continue to peel for days or even weeks after.

If you recieve a sunburn, you should avoid pulling off any peeling skin. The skin cells underneath that dry dead layer may still be vulnerable to infection. Even a small infection can leave scares when it finally heals.

Heal Quicker With Proper Hyderation

Hydration is important to healing sunburned skinheali

Did you realize that your sunburn is a form of radiation burn? This kind of burn affects living tissue, such as your skin. Sunburn occurs when your skin is overexposured to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This kind comes from the Sun usually. (according to Wikipedia)

During the healing time and the peeling time, it is important to practice healhy skin habits to help heal without experiencing problems.

Drinking plenty of water is important. Your body has been dried beyond what was healthy for you. Your skin cooked, and cracked! This same poor damaged skin is trying to get your attention by alerting you to the situation with an alarm. The pain you experienced was to let you know that you are in trouble and need to do something about what is happening with your skin.

Make sure you get some good sleep, and a healthy diet during this healing time. Take care of yourself, your skin, and your body as well. This healilng time is important to allow your skin to be healthy.

Suggestions To Gently Help Peeling Skin

Exfoliation is one means of getting rid of the dry top layers of yourskin. The emphasis is on gentle here. Remember that too much friction can actually strip your skin of your natural moisture.

Exfoliation through scrubbing isn’t always the best option. Occasional buffing can prove useful in removing the dry dead skin. don’t forget about other forms of exfoliation to take the dead skin off and restore your skin’s natural shine.

Opt for a gentle product, maybe some with jojoba beads or other gentler exfoliating product. One which will exfoliate without scratching and irritating your skin’s surface.

A Final Push To Keep Hydrated

The most powerful part of your skin care regimen starts on the inside. When you’re not adequately hydrated, it can affect everything from your energy levels to the appearance of your skin.

Doctors say that on average, you should drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day.

When you are out in the sun and heat, it may take more than normal. If you are being more active than normal it will take more water than you normally drink. Even in the wintertime if the environment is dehydrating like dry winds, your body needs more water to stay healthy and keep from becoming dry, scaly, and itchy.

As we are becoming more aware of the importance of water in our bodies and the ability to stay healthy, drinking another glass full gets easier to get down. Your skin health will improve.

Protect your skin

Sami’s Take On Can I Get Rid Of My Sunburn Quickly?

Our habits affect many parts of our everyday lives. Good skin protection sun blocking clothing habits will make fun in the sun days fun. It is important to protect your skin to avoid sunburn and skin cancer.

We have enough information now to make us positive that protecting your skin is important. We know that suntans are not that good for the overall health of your skin. In fact, sunburns can make you sick and miserable. Sunburn is the basic 1st step of skin cancer.

Protecting your skin is easier when you have a few habits that help with skin protection. A sun hat with at least a 3-wide brim should be where you start with your sun blocking wardrobe.

Next, come your sunglasses. Oversized lenses are good to keep the sun off more area of the skin around your eyes. Or you might try the wrap-a-round style that fits close to your face, protecting better.

The sun blocking shirt is the next item that will give you the basics in your sun blocking wardrobe. This shirt should be of tightly-woven fabric, denim is an example, with a very loose fit and long sleeves. A collar is important to help the hat brim protect the back of your neck.

Now put sunscreen on where you aren’t covered up and you should be safe. Stay aware of time, you will need to reapply sunscreen every two hours or more often if you are sweating a lot. Or in the water.

Keeping yourself safe from the sun will help prevent skin cancer. Pay attention to what you can do to protect yourself.

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