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Another Reason To Wear Loud Colors

Do you need another reason to wear loud colors? If so, add helping to protect your skin from the sun to the list of reasons.

Another reason to wear loud colors in the sun

While the fabric is the first consideration for sun blocking clothing, color is a strong second reason for making your clothing of the day choice.

I am sure that you think about what is on the agenda for the day’s activities when you get ready for the morning. We all have garments in our closets that make us feel comfortable and safe.

Are you going to be out in the sun today? Do You Have Questions About Sun Blocking Clothing? Especially a sun blocking shirt? Do you consider the fabric of the shirt you are choosing for the day?

Most of the time we just want to wear the shirt we want to wear, and don’t give thought to the material making a difference in whether it can protect us from sunburn or not.

If you chose a tightly woven shirt in a louder color it will do a better job of protecting your skin even if it isn’t a UPF-rated shirt. If you know which regular shirts to choose from your closet you can have an extra boost for saving your skin from sunburn.

Have you made a point to figure out which ones qualify as sun blocking shirts? Will color help bridge the gap with your everyday clothing that is already in the closet? It can!

What Is A Loud Color?

According to Urban, a shirt is considered loud if it has very bright colors. It could be in a very large pattern that is bold. To sum people loud can be unsightly.

Oten I consider a shirt loud when it has bright, contrasting colors that match nothing. 

Today we are thinking about color when we say “Loud” shirt and not pattern. Yes wearing a loud shirt can be good for protecting your skin.

The fabric in your shirt can become better at sun blocking if it is a deeper color. Loud color shirts are more saturated with the dye. Loud colors are not pale colors. The color is bright, deep in tone, and will protect you better than a pale shirt.

Other descriptions for loud shirts according to

Gaudy Shirt

Flamboyant Shirt

Power Shirt

Flashy Shirt

Glow In The Dark Shirt

So now I think you get the picture. Maybe you aren’t the loud shirt type all the time, but having a tightly woven fabric that your shirt is made of can go a long way to keeping your skin safe from sunburn when you are out in the sun for longer than you intended.

Protecting your skin with a layer of clothing is the best way to start your skin protection from the sun. Add sunscreen, a sun hat and your sunglasses for better protection.

Single Color Loud Shirt

Now let’s take a minute for single-color shirts that could be considered “loud.” Red is a favorite color of mine, and some reds are bolder and “louder.” For the most part, this is a personal decision about the “loud” distinction.

My husband is not comfortable wearing a red shirt, and will only do so at my insistence. The rest of the guys in my family are quite happy wearing red shirts. So maybe it is a generational thing, I don’t know. However brighter colors can be a good extra layer for a good tightly woven fabric, making it protect your skin better when out in the sun.

A loud-colored shirt can be a good protection for your skin unless the sun can get through the fabric. Then, any color will be a liability. Your fabric choice will make more difference than your color choice for protecting your skin.

T-shirts from your closet without a UPF rating label consider the condition of the material in the shirt. Also if it is a blended fabric, cotton/poly on the label. These shirts can keep you probected if they are not worn out from washing and wearing.

Color Research Says That A Red Shirt Can Make You A Winner

Do you think wearing red can make a difference in your mood? Will wearing a red shirt make you a winner? Research from says that wearing red can have an effect on your performance with a higher rate of winning.

I do think wearing red can make one feel more cheerful and approach the day with more confidence. So with this in mind, I suppose Thursdays should find me in a red shirt as that is house cleaning day. The one challenging day in my lineup!

If it makes me feel more able to get things done and power through the “I don’t want to do this” attitude I seem to reach Thursdays with, this should become my red-shirt day! What about you ? Do you think color makes a difference for you in your mood or attitude?

Sami’s Take On 7 Risks Kids Face from the Sun “Just Because They Are Kids.”

There is one more risk, that parents need to keep in mind that can make their kids at higher risk for sun damage. Medication

Check the labels of the medications your kids need. Make sure they are not on the list to raise your kid’s risks.

List of drugs for young kids’ parents:

  1. Antihistamines: These are medicines that help with allergies and allergic reactions.
  2. Coal Tar and Derivatives: These are medicines that treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  3. Contraceptives, Oral, and Estrogens: Medicines used to prevent pregnancy and treat certain medical conditions.
  4. Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: These are medicines used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but should only be given under the supervision of a doctor.
  5. Phenothiazines: These are medicines used to treat mental health conditions such as schizophrenia.
  6. Psoralens: These are medicines used to treat skin conditions such as vitiligo.
  7. Sulfonamides: These are antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections.
  8. Sulfonylureas: These are medicines used to treat diabetes.
  9. Thiazide Diuretics: These are medicines used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure.
  10. Tetracyclines: These are antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections.
  11. Tricyclic Antidepressants: These are medicines used to treat depression, but should only be given under the supervision of a doctor.

It’s important to always consult with a healthcare professional before giving any medication to your child, as they can advise you on the proper dosage and potential side effects.

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Sami’s Take On Another Reason To Wear Loud Colors

Do you think the color you have on affects your mood? How you approach the day? If the same color that makes you in a more cheerful mood helps keep you safe in the sun, that is a double win.

I do know that I feel comfortable in black or navy blue pants or jeans. Hold over from when I was a kid? Navy and black t-shirts are a favorite too. Most days I love the invisible feeling it gives me.

However, given this information I may be selecting some louder colors for the spring and summer months. I will be out more in the spring and summer. There will be more times I could get too much sun, a risk I don’t need because of past skin cancer history.

What about you? Do you have a past skin cancer history? Do you need to be more careful? Have you become more aware that the small things we can do will help? Just paying attention to our shirt for the day choice can help keep your skin from sunburn. Do you know your sunburn risk?
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